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Does news that Kansas secretary of state candidate Kris Kobach helped write Arizona’s new immigration law help or hurt his candidacy?

Response Percent Votes
55% 691
32% 399
8% 104
Not sure
4% 51
Total 1245


Maddy Griffin 8 years ago

Definitely HURT.While he's all busy doing "great" things for Arizona,what is he doing for Kansas? He should keep hi nose in Kansas' business.

woodscolt 8 years ago

read dolph's editorials, and see where the LJW really sits.

woodscolt 8 years ago

"semi conservative", wait till I stop laughing, oh I can't. Try "right wing"

bruno2 8 years ago

How about lunatic fringe wingnut?

davidsmom 8 years ago

Because of his reputation and his credentials, Kris is called upon to help out with things like this all over the country. I'm fine with that. I supported his candidacy last time and I will again.

CLARKKENT 8 years ago

maybe he will move to arizona, and get his crooked donkey out of kansas politics.

Fruity22 8 years ago

grammaddy have you been to Dodge or Garden City lately? All the illegals don't stay in Arizona once they cross the border.

fully_baked 8 years ago

Nothing can help his candidacy. He's out of touch and has no genuine interest in the office he seeks. He just wants an office. We can do better.

KayCee 8 years ago

The poll is as expected for Lawrence. The state of Kansas may be different. We will see come election day.

oldvet 8 years ago

Yep, come election day, when the legal residents of Kansas voice their opinions, we will see how many of them want to see the laws of the United States that are already on the books to be enforced in Kansas....

bd 8 years ago

Good job Chris!

Tea anyone???

John Hamm 8 years ago

but not "illegal." There IS a difference

1southernjayhawk 8 years ago

They "support this sort of thing" because the number of illegal immigrants in this country is part of an enormous cost to local and state governments particularly in Ariz and Cal for schooling, health care, police, etc. While we really depend on immigrants for much of the labor in many fields, we are in no position to carry the costs of illegal immigrants who do not pay into the system. All immigrants need to go through the process to become legal citizens and they need to be on the books.

Your reference to an Irish problem is not even funny(and I know there isn't one) and your point about Mexicans being in Arizona makes no sense and is not relevant.

Yoda51 8 years ago

I voted "neither" because Kris Kobach was a looser before he got involved with Arizona law-making and I believe he'll be a looser in the Nov. election. The taint of failed candidacy is all over him. The guy ran for Congress in the 3rd district a couple of elections back and lost bad. His stance on issues other than immigration is already well known around here. He's a hack for the right-wing birther crowd in the Kansas Republican party. He's a C Street kind of guy. His 07-09 chairmanship of the KS Republican party was especially noted for it's internal arguments between moderate & conservative GOPs. He created "loyalty committees" to sanction KS GOP members who worked with Dems. The guy is part of the problem in politics today. We have real problems which need fixing. We need people who will work with opponents to create a better Kansas. Not an evangelical partisan who adds more fuel to the political wrangling just to keep it going for ideology's sake. Go back to your radio show, Kris! Please!

sherbert 8 years ago

Whats wrong with asking people who are stopped by police for other offenses, to produce legitimate ID? Have you noticed all the people protesting in AZ are saying they are concerned for their families and relatives, does that mean they're worried because they know many are here illegally? That's all that's being questioned here, is a person here legally. I know when I travel to other countries, I expect to show ID and passport, whats the big deal?

ebyrdstarr 8 years ago

The law doesn't restrict itself to inquiries of people who are stopped by police for other offenses. The law allows officers engaged in any "lawful contacts" to inquire if they have reasonable suspicion. If a cop approaches you on the street and asks, "Mind if I ask you a few questions?" that is a lawful contact.

ivalueamerica 8 years ago

Oh my Gawd, ebyrdstarr,

what is wrong with you.

Please try not to confuse them with facts.

They have finally figured out how to ignore the parts of the law that are in violation of the 14th and 14th Amendments of the Constitution so they do not have to publically admit they are traitors to the most importand document in the United States, in fact teh very foundation of what we are supposed to stand for.

Now you have blown it and they will have to attack you deeply and personally so they can deflect from their own treason.

Bill Lee 8 years ago

Sherbert, I expect to carry and show ID in another country. I don't feel I should have to in my own country. The problem isn't asking for ID from those pulled over for other offenses. It's the cops being told, not just encouraged, by the new law to pull over people because they "look illegal." How do they do that without racial profiling?

Bill Lee 8 years ago

Sherbert, I expect to carry and show ID in another country. I don't feel I should have to in my own country. The problem isn't asking for ID from those pulled over for other offenses. It's the cops being told, not just encouraged, by the new law to pull over people because they "look illegal." How do they do that without racial profiling?

Boston_Corbett 8 years ago

davidsmom: "Because of his reputation and his credentials...."

Give us a break.

Example 1)

Kolbach to Kansas Legislature: "The bill you are considering regarding tuition is clearly unconstitutional"

Federal Courts to Kolbach: "Wrong"

Example 2)

Most attorneys seek to advise clients to minimize costs of litigation.

Kolbach gives his political advice pro-bono to small cities, and then turns around and makes hundreds of thousands of dollars off of the taxpayers defending his political views, as part of the millions of dollars some of these cities have been forced to shell out to "defend" Kolbach's advice.

What he does is what should be made criminal.

bad_dog 8 years ago

Yes, just like he provided his assistance drafting the statute pro-bono, then charges the Sheriff's Dept. $300/hour to teach them how to arrest suspected illegal aliens. I don't care how much he can charge those willing to pay him, but don't they have any law enforcement teaching resources available in AZ? Does no one there understand the Constitution? Guess not.

Build it Kris, and they will come...

DB Ashton 8 years ago

Fruity22... You are quite right illegals do not stop in Arizona. They go where American employers don't play fair -- don’t pay minimum wages, don’t make social security contributions, don’t provide health and other standard, statutorily mandated benefits and protections. Which makes those Americans illegals. Let's deport the enablers first... (Some do make social security payments, which will never be redeemed, which keep the system alive a bit longer -- illegal contributions we actually like.)

Sherbert... I live in a foreign (European Union) country. I show my passport and immigration card when I enter. The notion that I should haul them around for display to any random official 24 hours a day is ridiculous, outrageous and most likely an offense against civil rights provisions of the EU Constitution. Not to mention the cold water such behavior would throw on tourism vital to local economies. You believe the constant threat of harassment isn't a big deal? Tried some on lately? Ever imagined yourself guilty of being American? You'd have been right at home in 1933 Berlin. Your brand of xenophobic ignorance makes me very tired...

Yoda51 8 years ago

The poll asked if Kobach's role helped or hurt his candidacy for KANSAS Sec. of State. What other people in other states think about this law, here in Kansas we have no control over that. What we should care about is the creation of a police state in Kansas. And that means putting Kobach is the Looser column.

Yoda51 8 years ago

Ooooh ... got me! Score 1 point for you, Ms. Merriam Webster!

bruno2 8 years ago

Not bad to be "out of step" with the loony bin. “To be normal is the ideal aim of the unsuccessful.” - Carl Jung

Jaylee 8 years ago

It isn't the reprimanding of illegal immigrants that is upsetting to me. It's the path we take to come to the conclusion a person is an illegal immigrant.

This is gestapo $hit.

Steve Bunch 8 years ago

You notice he doesn't seem to be concerned about all the illegal Canadians sneaking into the country. Admittedly, they would be harder to spot, at least until they spoke, eh?

David Albertson 8 years ago

What would happen if Obama signed an Executive Order requiring all police officers to check the ID's of all people they pulled over? And, if you couldn't produce your ID (you accidently left it on your night stand) you would be arrested, thrown in jail and turned over to the Department of Homeland Security. All the Republican lemmings would be up in arms! Well, that is exactly what is going on in Arizona. The only difference is that white people won't have to worry because of the color of their skin. So somehow this bill is a good thing? In the United States of America, the government having Gestapo-like authority is a good thing? That is where the GOP is today. Quite scary isn't it? What's next? If you can't produce your GOP youth card you get hauled off to jail? The GOP has lost it's soul. Their anger and racism has consumed them. I can only hope this bill gets thrown out by the Supreme Court. This law does not represent the principles outlined in the Constitution.

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