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When is it the right time to put up Christmas decorations?

Response Percent Votes
The day after Thanksgiving
56% 642
Early December
25% 291
Now is a good time
9% 112
Keep them up all year
5% 65
Christmas Eve
2% 32
Total 1142


yoornotmee 8 years ago

Oh, the house on the corner of 21st and Louisiana (I call it the nipple house because the roof looks like nipples) is putting up it's lights. I LOVE their lights!! They're so elegant and beautiful. I'm generally not into Christmas decor but their lights are something I look forward to every year.

Maddy Griffin 8 years ago

I guess the "right " time differs with everyone. We used to do it the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Now that there are so many "wee ones" in the family, we like to wait a little longer to keep the tree looking nice until Christmas Some of the little ones are still at the stage where they like to pull ornaments off. And as each "wee one" outgrows that, another comes along to replace them. I just love the babies!

number3of5 8 years ago

Christmas Eve is the correct time to put up lights, tree, and any other decorations for Christmas. But we do not celebrate Christmas in America anymore. We celebrate the Holiday Season. It runs from October, through January. It encompasses Halloween and Thanksgiving. Stores hawk their wares to earn the sales that bring in "money". Parents try to shop early to get the monetary items on their children's list. Every one tries to outdo the others. How about a good old fashioned Christmas where all of the gifts were repurposed or hand made like they were in the past. Let's not let "Money" be what Christmas is all about. Let's have some love for our fellow man and peace in our hearts.

Leslie Swearingen 8 years ago

Hanukkah begins at sundown on Friday December 11.

Kwanzaa is a week long African American celebration observed from December 26 to January 1 each year.

November 29 - First Sunday of Advent • December 6 - Second Sunday of Advent • December 13 - Third Sunday of Advent • December 20 - Fourth Sunday of Advent In Western Christianity, Advent begins on the fourth Sunday prior to Christmas Day, or the Sunday which falls closest to November 30, and lasts through Christmas Eve, or December 24. When Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday, it is the last, or fourth Sunday of Advent.

I like the holiday season. Am I fired up? You betcha! Am I ready to go? You betcha!

labmonkey 8 years ago

I really hate the years where there are 5 Thursdays in November. It means an extra week of stupid commercials. I love giving gifts as much as anyone, but I hate the commercialism that goes with Christmas, the fight between the "liberals" who insist on saying "Happy Holidays" and the militant Christians who demand people tell them "Merry Christmas," and the Nutcracker ballet. Damn I hate the Nutcracker ballet. A note to advertisers out there, everytime a commercial with the Nutcracker ballet comes on, I turn the station. Everytime.

Zachary Stoltenberg 8 years ago

I won't lie, I got the strings on the roof put up last weekend, though they WILL NOT be lit until the day after Thanksgiving. Respect the turkey man! I have to start early, it takes a while to put up almost 5,000 lights. And yes, Marion, Christmas lights can be “green” if you use the right ones. Everything in my display is LED. They cost a bit more up front but use about 5% of the electricity of an incandescent. Last season my electric bill actually went down about $20 for the month of December. All in all, my entire display, if left on all the time, (it's not) would use roughly the same amount of electricity in a month as running a single load of laundry. Merry Christmas everyone!!!

ClaroAtaxia 8 years ago

yeah, why is Never not an option? Decorations are pointless and a waste of money. The implied social obligation to exchange gifts is bad enough we shouldn't have to waste time and money on lights and a tree too.

Christmas has become another capitalistic manipulation on the religious masses. Who's your God now? Consumerism.

Leslie Swearingen 8 years ago

zstoltenberg Thanks for the information. I did not know the savings would be that much. Of course, I do have the curley lights in all the light fixtures. You don't buy new lights every year, so a first year investment would pay off.

Ken Harris 8 years ago

I put 'em up early if the weather is nice; got mine on the house last weekend just like zstoltenberg. And I also won't light them until after Thanksgiving...

pace 8 years ago

I recommend putting them up now as the weather is good, but don't turn them on until after Thanksgiving

spiff 8 years ago

Every day. Up in the morning down at night.

Up in the morning down at night.

Up in the morning down at night.

Up in the morning down at night.

labbadabba 8 years ago

Uh, how about the 1st Sunday of Advent? It IS a Christian holiday right?

StirrrThePot 8 years ago

Traditionally, the Christmas season lasts from December 25th to January 6th, which is the Feast of Epiphany. This is 12 days long, and is the basis of the song "The 12 Days of Christmas".

Today, all of the retail marketing gurus have ingrained in us that the Christmas season is over as soon as the day-after Christmas sales take effect, after having gone on since November or whenever all the stores put their Christmas merchandise out for sale.

Peace on Earth, goodwill to men...except the day after Thanksgiving when you can mow over anyone in your path at 4:30 in the morning to get that early bird special at WalMart.

MeAndFannieLou 8 years ago

Alright! My favorite holiday, the War on Christmas, is upon us!

RKLOG 8 years ago

"Marion (Marion Lynn) says…

Are Christmas lights “green”?"

"RoeDapple (Anonymous) says…

Every fifth one, Marion"

Good heavens that was funny!

Leslie Swearingen 8 years ago

Well, I always look forward to the advent wreath, and the weekly lighting of the different colored candles. I like all of the decorations and the feel in the air is just so different, so wonderful, so expectant. Of course, in my family we also celebrate Kwanzaa. It is the rituals that bind a family together and take us from one season into another. Dena, may I ask what you look forward to?

parrothead8 8 years ago

ClaroAtaxia (Anonymous) says… yeah, why is Never not an option? Decorations are pointless and a waste of money. The implied social obligation to exchange gifts is bad enough we shouldn't have to waste time and money on lights and a tree too. Christmas has become another capitalistic manipulation on the religious masses.

Gift-giving is an implied social obligation? You must have had a crummy family life growing up. My family made or gave each other gifts because we loved each other. The gifts we gave were above and beyond the love we shared, and many of the gifts became family treasures or even topics of legendary (and sometimes comical) family stories. I don't see the harm in having given my little brother a huge Lego set in 1987, which he spent thousands of hours playing with over the next few years, fostering his imagination and creativity that he uses to this day.

Anyway, you can say that "Christmas has become another capitalistic manipulation on the religious masses." I would argue that organized religion has become another spiritual/emotional manipulation of the human masses.

RespectTheTurkey 7 years, 1 month ago

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