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Some have suggested making a donation to abortion-rights group in Tiller’s name. Would you make such a donation?

Response Percent Votes
52% 1308
44% 1118
Don’t know
2% 62
Total 2488


begin60 9 years ago

Offering an online poll poll like this so soon after Dr. Tiller's murder is a bit insensitive, no? Viewing ethics in stark blacks and whites could be in the first place one underlyling cause of violence like this?

kansasplains 9 years ago

I completely agree. This poll is completely out of place in this newspaper at this time.

goodnessgracious 9 years ago

I am prolife. That means for me, that I respect the life of EVERYONE, even those who choose to take life. George Tiller denied life to many, but, that doesnt justify the taking of his life in this way. An "eye for an eye" is old Testament law, not meant for Christians to live by anymore, since Jesus has come. There is now a better way! To violently take Tiller's life, even though he violently took the life of the unborn, is taking things into our own hands. Now that Jesus has come, we are to let love be our ultimate response, not revenge. When this world is no more, and we stand before God, He will set ALL things right. "Vengence is mine, says the Lord". My prayers to the Tiller family is that they can experience the comfort and love of Jesus, in this time of their loss.

jakelowen 9 years ago

Dr. Tiller was a strong advocate for reproductive freedom and a woman's right to choose. There is no better way to honor his legacy than to contribute to the very cause he gave his life for.

jlw53 9 years ago

First 2 posters are entitled to their opinions also. However, I do not believe it is out of line or disrespectful to Dr. Tiller's family to suggest such donations in this manner. It is very timely and in fact, very respectful to do so. This was clearly a reprehensible act, and though some posters on other related stories do not believe the public sentiments expressed by organizations and individuals who opposed his position, I feel that they are totally sincere, as none of them at any time acted in any way but respectful and peaceful towards the man who they believed should not be able to perform the services he offered. Only the nuttiest of cases held it against him personally. No doubt some fringe members of the organizations did, but that should not condemn the whole organization if the leaders acted otherwise. Most of us have belonged to some group where we did not agree with all members.

No matter how you feel on this issue, it is a sad comment on our society that this could happen at his church on a Sunday morning while he was serving the same God that this apparent murderer sought to serve in a very different manner.

Leslie Swearingen 9 years ago

Giving money to a murderer can never be called tithing. I think the man was a vicious idiot, and I do not have an iota of respect for him alive or dead. However, murder is wrong however you slice it. There are people and actions that I truly hate, but I believe what Dr. King said about changing the law if you don't like it. But, Dr. King marched and broke the law to change the law, but he did it in a non-violent way. You could debate this forever and come out even like the poll. My money however is going to other things.

tunahelper 9 years ago

what a stupid question! of course the leftists are gonna give! silly libtards.

George_Braziller 9 years ago

My mother is a nurse and has been for 48 years. I have three aunts who are nurses as well. My sister is a med tech. They are all conservative in their political views but every one of them believes in the right for a woman to have a right for control over their body.

bearded_gnome 9 years ago

this poll leads to the greater question: what will Obama and the other supporters of abortion on demand do, in using Tiller's death for their own advantage. many of the abortion promoters and providers will publish letters using Tiller's death to raise money.

another article online right now indicates that Obama and the democrats will use Tiller's killing to muzzle dissent on the nomination of a racist latina for the supreme court; if a white male had said that his experiences made him a better judge than a latina, he'd have been thrown out a long time ago, never appointed to the Supreme Court.

some want to make monday a "national day of mourning" for Tiller. Tiller made a lot of money, performed late term abortions far far beyond the intent of kansas law passed by legislatures and signed by previous governors. that is, he wasn't doing it to save the lives of mothers as abortion promoters would claim. this man deserves a "day of mourning?"

to be clear: his killing violates the exact commandment he was violating, neither is right.

crohan1978 9 years ago

Tiller was a murderer, plain and simple. I have respect for those who use abortion for special circumstances and situations, but am completely against late term (unless the mother's life is in danger) and use of abortion as birth control. What Tiller did was against the law, and he got away with it continuously thanks to enablers such as Sebelius and the new state attorney general. I condemn the man who killed Tiller, that was completely out of line and unnecessary and I'm glad to see so many pro-life groups come out and condemn this act as well.

kansasmom 9 years ago

Where will all the abortion groups and abortion candidates get money to fund their campaigns now!!?? Also, all these donations need to be added onto campaign finance reports with your name, address and vocation or it will be an ethics violation.

overthemoon 9 years ago

Boy, the proliferation of misinformation and wild assumptions are running wild here. Do any of you actually know, with certainty, that Tiller EVER performed a late term abortion for the convenience of the mother? It is usually a procedure only used when there is something terribly wrong with the baby and the mother is in imminent danger. Read through the condolences at the Wichita Eagle, and you will see great sorrow in losing a compassionate and trusted professional. Hardly a 'vicious idiot". Those who yell the loudest in the anti abortion screaming contest rarely have any grasp of facts or a single iota of understanding of the complex situations that might lead a woman to chose abortion. And the ugliness of the ranting belies any real, christian compassion and gives people with a loose screw or two the justification to threaten, harm or murder law abiding doctors.

labmonkey 9 years ago

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whome 9 years ago

What in the name of decency is wrong with this picture? A vigil for a man who murdered hundreds of babies? The "globs of tissue" that could have reached out and grasped his finger? I wonder how many did. How many of his supporters have bothered to research these late term abortions by which this man made his living? How many of his supporters scream about the rights of whales and even certain frogs or toads? Yet, they glorify the killing of infants. How many of Tiller's supporters are aghast at the killing of a pregnant woman such as Lacy Peterson. I hear you speak of the woman's health issues, but have you any idea what percentage of these patients' health was in jeopardy? And why was it necessary to kill that baby who could have survived on it's own? Now, ask yourself what kind of man makes a living this way. I guarantee you these late term abortion babies did not look like globs of tissue. They had eyes, ears, hands and feet. Please educate yourselves in what you are supporting and realize that being dead does not necessarily make a person a saint. I do not justify murder, but at the same time, I am thankful this man will not be the means of death for any more infants. Now, all you "intellectuals" out there, go ahead and attack me.

davidsmom 9 years ago

whome - A-men. Thank you for saying that.

oldvet 9 years ago

For Tiller-the-Killer, never...

but I will contribute to the defense fund, if one is established...

Left_handed 9 years ago

A tithe is ten percent of something. If one gives ten percent of his salary to a murderer it can indeed be called tithing. There's little intrinisic benefit to such an action, but it is what it is.

MadeInKS 9 years ago

I understand Fred Phelps and his group were already picketing the late Dr. Tiller in Wichita yesterday, and from the looks of this comment board, Fred Phelps has many more supporters than i ever imagined. It's a scary world...

motocross 9 years ago

No one here said they agree or like Fred Phelps. He is a racist jerk. He skews the Bible into his own weird fake Christianity. Real Christians do not believe as he.


Liberty275 9 years ago

There are better ways of spending my money than funding abortion groups or anti-abortion groups either one. Giving toys to needy kids, buying some homeless guy a bottle of cheap scotch, changing my cars oil.

I vote no.

and... OMG!! Fred Phelps and his band of weirdos were exercising their rights under the first amendment? That's an outrage! We need to burn the constitution so we can prevent such actions in the future.

Kirk Larson 9 years ago

motocross (Anonymous) says… "He skews the Bible into his own weird fake Christianity."

That's what anyone who uses the the bible to justify anything does.

G_E 9 years ago

"I hear you speak of the woman's health issues, but have you any idea what percentage of these patients' health was in jeopardy?"

Do you?

ClaroAtaxia 9 years ago

Don't like religion, don't go to church. Don't like alcohol, don't go to a bar. Don't like abortion, don't have one.

Being an overprotective mother is one thing, but being overprotective of another women's unwanted, undeveloped fetus is just plain creepy!

ClaroAtaxia 9 years ago


Are you seriously making fun of people who are intellectual? Does that mean you strive to NOT be intellectual? If you aren't striving for a sharp, logical intellect then what role in society do you hope to play? I hope you don't have children.

By the way, according to law ALL late-term abortions are performed when there is a health-risk! Oh, and a 22 week old (defined as late-term) fetus absolutely cannot survive on it's own, but you didn't know that because you're anti-intellectual.

kansanjayhawk 9 years ago

Remember this man was the inventor of the digoxin induction, in which heart medication was used to inject into the heart of a child, prior to dismemberment. He was a hero to only the most cold-hearted and anti-life among us. While those of us who are pro-life lament the anti-life method and oppose all such acts we realize what Tiller did in his life and what he will give account to God for.

zettapixel 9 years ago

I just made a donation to a pro-life group.

ClaroAtaxia 9 years ago


Again, did you miss the part about late-term abortions ONLY being done when there are health risks? IT'S THE LAW! So who the hell cares about "digoxin induction"? You can make it sound as heinous as you want, but it's only being done when HEALTH RISKS ARE INVOLVED! Get it?

Explain how abortion is anti-life? Murder is anti-life. Abortion is no more 'anti-life' than a condom or a morning-after pill (I'm not referring to late-term abortions, I agree with the law that late-terms should only be done when there are certified health-risks). Why does nobody stop and think what would happen to the female if she didn't have an abortion? You'd be ruining an already developed life, as well as hurting the development of the child. Hmmm, sounds like a lose-lose if you ask me.

Stuart Evans 9 years ago

IRISH: Giving money to a murderer can never be called tithing. I think the man was a vicious idiot, and I do not have an iota of respect for him alive or dead.

your opinions should remain your own. under the current law, he was NOT a murderer, yet you chose to use that term. I'm sure you never met the man, yet you refer to him as a vicious idiot. I would say that he must have had a lot of compassion for the women that he helped. and it's hard to believe that someone who's job requires so much skill could be considered an idiot. Once again, i think you should learn to think before you start pounding at the keyboard with your tiny brain.

Now, before you label me a murderer supporter, I'd like to let you know that I am not a fan of abortion. However, I understand that a lot of people get themselves into situations that they cannot deal with. It's very easy for us armchair quarterbacks to tell them the right thing to do. but we will never ever understand exactly what it's like to be in the other person's shoes.

Stuart Evans 9 years ago

motocross (Anonymous) says…

No one here said they agree or like Fred Phelps. He is a racist jerk. He skews the Bible into his own weird fake Christianity. Real Christians do not believe as he.

not a fan of Mr. Phelps, but you obviously have no really understanding of where Christianity comes from. All of Christianity is some skewed version of stories told hundreds and hundreds of years ago by people (yes people) who had never met Jesus or anyone else they wrote about. In fact, the story of Jesus is merely an amalgamation of a similar story that's thousands of years older.

Leslie Swearingen 9 years ago

I just write my thoughts. I have never, and will never, tell someone else what to do with any part of their life. I speak for me and me alone. I don't think anyone should allow themselves to be scared off of writing on these posts because someone doesn't like what they wrote. That is not the point of allowing people to write their comments in the paper. It is so everyone can voice their opinions, majority or minority, pro or con. Each of us has something to learn from the other and we can do it in a respectful fashion. I thereby apologize for calling the late Dr. Tiler a vicious, idiot, although that is what I was thinking in my emotion mind when I wrote it.

jumpin_catfish 9 years ago

Your jokin' LJW, hell no, double hell no! What's up with this poll.

rabbit 9 years ago

Not just No but "hell to the No"

Leslie Swearingen 9 years ago

I mourn the loss of Heath Ledger who was the best Joker ever and so helped to create the best Batman film so far. jumpin_catfish, thank you for your comment. This is getting really convoluted, like a huge spiders web, and you wonder where the spider is that crouches waiting for one of the stands to twitch. OMG, I watch way to much sci-fi. But, I love it.

phenommenom 9 years ago

I agree with an earlier poster to making a donation towards preventing unwanted pregnancies. Any town you go to you will see many grandparents taking care of their grandchildren. Many children are born but not taken care of. This then leads to troubled children. You would think that most of the conservative people would want their tax dollars going else where besides to the prisons and welfare programs that many of this children end up in. I wonder why all these people who are complaining are not volunteering to take in many of these unwanted children!

George_Braziller 9 years ago

Irish, Leslie or what ever name you're using at the moment. A woman has the right to have control over their body. Any time, anywhere, any how.

You made your choices which I respect. Why can't you do the same for others who don't fit into your vision of what you think is "right" or "wrong"?

Irish (Irish Swearingen) says… Giving money to a murderer can never be called tithing. I think the man was a vicious idiot, and I do not have an iota of respect for him alive or dead. However, murder is wrong however you slice it. There are people and actions that I truly hate, but I believe what Dr. King said about changing the law if you don't like it. But, Dr. King marched and broke the law to change the law, but he did it in a non-violent way. You could debate this forever and come out even like the poll. My money however is going to other things.

Cait McKnelly 9 years ago

How many of you people actually knew George Tiller? Were you aware that he helped set up adoption services for his patients that didn't want to abort? That he helped women that had late term abortions set up funeral services for their malformed babies that wouldn't have been born alive anyway? Do you care that he cared about women? Read this: This man cared about women! If you can read that letter and not care, obviously you don't.

cabella 9 years ago

Aw well, we all know how biased the LJWorld is so its no surprise to me. LJWorld just puts this kinda stuff on here cause they like to read our comments and stir the pot.

SassyGirl 9 years ago

Why can't people just Mind their own business when it comes to a woman having an abortion? No one knows what she is going through.

sinverguenza 9 years ago

whome says...

"I hear you speak of the woman's health issues, but have you any idea what percentage of these patients' health was in jeopardy?"

That'd be 100%. Otherwise, the late-term abortions would have been illegal. If they were illegal, we'd have some factual proof (i.e. medical documentation) of the illegal acts committed. Then the illegal acts would have been stopped along with all the non-factual ranting and raving.


  • Late-term abortions are at times medically necessary for the health of the woman supporting the pregnancy.

  • Late-term abortions are legal.

  • Tiller received so much business (and so much hate) because he was one of the small handful of womens' health providers in the nation brave enough to offer this necessary - and legal - service.

  • Late-term abortions are performed on women who wanted the fetus they carried more so than those who did not. It's a horribly sad and tragic ordeal to have to choose between a late-term abortion and carrying a non-viable fetus for months (nearly four months, in my aunt's case - a woman who had no access to late-term abortion), or to choose between your health and the health of a human that does not yet exist. The hate you spew toward these women is no more deserved than the hate you spew at women who terminate pregnancy during the first 10 weeks, yet it somehow makes me a little more sad because I acknowledge that most of the women who get late-term abortions didn't really want to give up, but had to make that choice anyway.

  • Libeling a dead man is in poor taste. There isn't a soul who can say with any factual knowledge that they have proof of any wrongdoing on Tiller's part whatsoever.

Thanks. That is all.

Richard Heckler 9 years ago

I do not know of an abortion rights group. In fact I've never met a family who supports or advocates abortion. I have met a ton of pro-choice /pro family people.

Reducing abortions can be done with the help of Planned Parenthood and education.

How about parenthood education in our public schools? In an effort to paint a positive picture of birth control and some hard facts of what is demanded of parenthood such as time,money,patience,lifestyle changes,time,time, time and the fact that careers may need to take a back seat.

Painting sex as this awful work of the devil is not true,has never been true and simply will never gather respect. Children are far more intelligent than that let's give them due credit.

Planned Parenthood just like parents talk about abstinence however hormones become active so why not offer candid discussion to our children.

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