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Would students be harmed if state universities cut their budgets by 10 percent?

Response Percent Votes
66% 380
26% 152
Not sure
6% 40
Total 572


LogicMan 9 years ago

Would "students be harmed" -- no, not physically.

If the question was better stated as "would their education be affected", then obviously yes. Fewer and larger class/course sections will result. Electives, etc. will be reduced. Employee morale will be horrible.

But it is an opportunity for K-12 and higher ed to look closely at their programs and to weed out those that aren't effective at producing the knowledge, skills, and graduates that the Kansas economy needs.

c_dubya 9 years ago

Yes, because they won't apply the cuts to overpaid administrator salaries. They will cut the most important programs first as an example so they can scream "Look at how awful things are! We need more money!"

You see the same tactic at the state and local level as police and fire crews are the first things on the chopping block when budget cuts are announced. It helps when you want to push through the next tax increase.

persevering_gal 9 years ago

Maybe not so much in the classroom for the students, but definitely I could see some harm in regards to price increases as well as less student employment in the future.

I know some colleges are actually forcing some of their full-time employees to take at least 5 days off before a certain date without pay and is saving the universities millions of dollars. The same is with state businesses around the nation.

MHL50 9 years ago

HELLLLOOOOOO? The students would NOT be "harmed"! They might be "affected" if they actually earn the cash and pay their own way, which we all know they don't.

Dad, on the other hand, will have to buck-up the 10% shortfall along with ALLL of the new tax increases to come as is standard operating procedure.

But, no the students will not be "harmed" at all. Too many students voting in this poll and for Obama! Get in the REAL world!

labmonkey 9 years ago

No, because you can cut 10% pork out of any business.

lovenhaight 9 years ago

Someone sounds bitter about people being in college...not everyone who is a student is a trust fund baby. 10% of KU's budget is a big chunk of money, and of course it would have a negative effect on students. It would also have a negative effect on KU in the long run. If students aren't interested in your school, you don't get their tuition money. At the university that I work for, 7% cuts are being tossed around and are absolutely devastating to faculty, staff, and students.

Kryptenx 9 years ago

The level of animosity towards college students from some on this board is amazing. Maybe they never had the drive or mental capacity to attend college; maybe the animosity comes from their own parents not being able to pay for college.

Either way, your assumptions are false. There are plenty of students who work full time jobs in order to pay for school, all while going to school full time as well. To suggest that deeper cuts would not hurt students is incredibly ignorant. You know nothing about higher education.

kusp8 9 years ago

If the state wants to take more funding away from the state Universities then why not let those Universities set their own admission standards and tuition? After all, presently KU receives less than 50% of its funds from the state, but yet it is still called a 'state-funded' school. How can that be? In addition, there is all of the deferred maintenance which is piling up at all of the state schools and with the recession facilities are crumbling and being ignored.

What I propose is something similar to the pay cap for companies who receive money from other stimulus/bailout bills. Cap the salary of the upper-administration (Vice Provosts and up) to twice the average salary of tenured professors.

labmonkey 9 years ago

This sounds harsh, but you can get rid of degrees that have no bearing in the real-world. That Women's Studies professor who complained about the rise of Community Colleges ( ) would be a nice start.

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