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Would you drink water packaged in paper boxes instead of plastic bottles?

Response Percent Votes
68% 465
31% 209
Total 674


Chris Ogle 9 years ago

That darn milk man did it again.

John Hamm 9 years ago

What about,"I don't waste my money on bottled water" as a response?

Adrienne Sanders 9 years ago

Oonly, I think that would be a "No". There's just no option to distinguish between "No, I have something against paper boxes" and "No I don't drink bottled water to begin with." I also fall into the latter category.

Maddy Griffin 9 years ago

I drink water from a Pur pitcher in the refrig. I use the same glass all day. I would only use a paper box if it were made from hemp fiber.

LA_Ex 9 years ago

Why do people read so much into these questions? It's pretty simple what they are asking. If you were to buy bottled water, would you drink it out of a paper box or plastic bottle?

KansasVoter 9 years ago

I wonder how many people would still buy bottled water if they knew that the most popular brands are simply tap water?

Left_handed 9 years ago

oonly, I agree. BABBOY, I find it disturbing that you've tasted piss.

booyalab 9 years ago

I think the LMH green task force is bad for the environment. The members are emitting harmful carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and neither of those ladies' clothing looks organic to me.

Chrissy Neibarger 9 years ago

I can't drink Lawrence's tap water.. I taste all the chemicals in it. I don't buy bottled water either. I usually drink from the water jug at work, or if at home, just don't drink water. I use tap water to make other liquids (ie. OJ, Koolaid, Tea, etc..) but can't STAND the taste of plain tap water.

Back to the question, I did vote yes, because if i wanted to drink plain ol' water, i wouldn't hesitate to try it outta a box.

Chris Ogle 9 years ago

Would you drink water packaged in paper boxes instead of plastic bottles?

Can I call my lifeline??

Jennifer Forth 9 years ago

Is it organic? Cause I only drink organic water, with no trans fats or cholesterol. Otherwise, it might not be natural.

mom_of_three 9 years ago

The last time I looked, the bottle holder in the car wasn't square.

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