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Will picking Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate help or hurt Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign?

Response Percent Votes
It will hurt.
55% 920
It will help.
33% 561
Not sure.
10% 171
Total 1652


JohnBrown 8 years ago

Palin is against abortion for any reason, including rape. Which means, Palin supports the rights of rapists to choose the mother of their offspring.McCain has lost all credibility as a maverick. He has lodged himself squarely in the arms of the extreme right wing of his party by choosing Palin.

Tom McCune 8 years ago

Palin will help solidify the theo-fascist right-wing of the party. That is why she was chosen. They were uneasy about McCain. They wouldn't have voted for Obama, but they might have just stayed home on election day. Any notion that she will bring over Hillary supporters just because she is a woman is wrong. Her anti-choice, creationism stands are just too far right for that.It remains to be seen how she will hold up under the pressure of a hard-ball national campaign. If she can avoid embarrassing herself with too many gaffes, the theo-fascists will come out to vote for her, but she won't attract any centrists or moderates.

VTHawk 8 years ago

And his mother is 96 and out on the campaign trail. Some of you people need to get lives and stop getting entertainment from bashing the 17 (17!) year old offspring of politicians.

Scott Drummond 8 years ago

In light of this pick, can we expect Brownie, Harriet Mier, Alberto Gonzales, et al. will reprise their roles as inexperienced, underqualified hack alongside the VP?

Randall Barnes 8 years ago

McCain wants in office soooooo bad he had to pick a hot looking woman to even think about getting in but not enough for my vote

christie 8 years ago

Trailer trash. Her 17 year old girl is pregnant. Her husband has what, a GED ??? Can you imagine this guy at State Dinners - discussing the one that got away?And if McSame dies - we want HER to go head to head with Putin and the like??WHAT A JOKE.

christie 8 years ago

Asbestos:No - but I'm not surprised by your response.The point is, my wife had to have more qualifications for her job as a professor than this lady has. This lady attended 3 colleges before she finally got a degree in journalism. Not even a masters.She can't compete with a Harvard Law School graduate, and she can't compete against heads of state.Her qualifications?Female, anti-science, pro-life, pro-oil, mayor of a town of 7000, Governor of a State that has less people in it than the City of Chicago.I'm not impressed. This was a knee-jerk selection from what is being sold as a solid candidate - the man is slipping.

beatrice 8 years ago

"And his mother is 96 and out on the campaign trail."In other words, just based on gene analysis from here, he has a 50-50 shot at longevity. Not the type of "maverick" chance I care to take for a president. I agree that we shouldn't be judging the daughter. However, her mother is someone worth asking real questions of, as is her mother's 72 year old running mate.

David Albertson 8 years ago

Senator McCain has a severe lack of judgement. First he screwed around on his wife. Then he pushes for a war based on lies and deceptions. Then, he picks a ditsy model to be his VP. The one issue he could really use against Obama, he now has to defend against (inexperience). What an idiot.

VTHawk 8 years ago

bartstop,I presume that you do not have any children of your own, or you would know how hard it is to keep children "in-line" once they reach a certain age. As Barack has already stated, family is "off limits". His mother gave birth at 18 and managed to raise a pretty successful child of her own, after all.

Polly_Gomer 8 years ago

RestoreReason (Groenhagen) says:"The Messiah is a smoker whose parents are both dead (one from cancer and the other from being an idiot). "If being an idiot was fatal, you would've been gone a long time ago.

BigPrune 8 years ago

She is a brilliant pick that has energized the conservative base AND she took the wind right out of the sails of the "money is no object" democratic national convention. Loved that Greek/Roman/German Temple thingy and the fire works.Plus she has more experience than Obama.

zbarf 8 years ago

Question? Who out of the 4 has executive experience?Answer? Palin is the only one!Being a Governor is the most like being a president...and she is the only one with that experience.I love the squirm going on...people are really scared because their wicked little liberal world is falling apart (winning in Iraq, economy rebound, loosing the culture war, and to top it off, an ars woopin in the white house)

beatrice 8 years ago

Asbestos is right. We shouldn't be investigating Palin and her family. We should just accept the stories about her we are given as fact. Who cares if the abstinence only ideas she supports don't fully work in her own family, or that she was mayor of a town of 6,500 people, or is governor for the past 1.5 years of a state with the population of Austin, Texas, that is experience, just as being the head of the PTA is experience. It shouldn't concern us that she was originally for the "bridge to nowhere" before she was against it. Darn it, she likes guns, she likes babies, and John McCain likes her after meeting her once, so that should be good enough for the rest of us.The fact that McCain, who has a history of cancer, is 72 and his father died of a heart attack at the age of 70 shouldn't be a concern. It isn't like being President is stressful or anything.

Scott Drummond 8 years ago

"However, her mother is someone worth asking real questions of, as is her mother's 72 year old running mate."Like, what the heck were you thinking? DId you do any homework at all on this woman before nominating her? I guess this is what you get with the C- student. Myself, I had enough incompetence during the gwb Presidency.

TopJayhawk 8 years ago

So, all of you dems are admitting that experience is important? Hmmm. If our VP candidate does not have enough experience for you, your Pres. candidate sure does not have enough exp. Biden should be at the top of your ticket. Lets wait and see how she does in the political debates. What kind of degree does Obama have? Does he have a Masters? In what?

Kookamooka 8 years ago

Zbarf, She's only been governor of AK for 2 years. Are you counting her PTA experience as executive? The fact that her 17 year old daughter is pregnant and unwed is just proof that maybe she was too busy running the state to pay attention to her family. She also has a baby with Down's syndrome. If I were her, and my family was in such need, I would be on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Now put her under the microscope that is National Politics...if this woman doesn't crash she's made of iron. It's a good thing she's got a God she can put all of her troubles on. That faith will be what saves her. Will it save her family?

beatrice 8 years ago

"But as for that VP talk all the time, I'll tell you, I still can't answer that question until somebody answers for me what is it exactly that the VP does every day?" Sarah Palin, Aug. 1, 2008

Chris Ogle 8 years ago

the Alaska pipeline..... enough said

VTHawk 8 years ago

johnadavies:She was 2 years away from being governor when the conflict over her brother-in-law transpired, and didn't fire the person in charge until after taking office and having a budget spat with him. For a more in-depth analysis: yes, you read that correctly: HE TAZERED AN 11YEAR OLD, his stepson.

morganlefay 8 years ago

Sarah Palin believes in abstinence only eduction. Now, she confirms her 17 year old daughter is pregnant. Proof that her conservative values don't even work in her own home. This is hilarious!

David Albertson 8 years ago

Zbarf, what world are you living in?"winning in Iraq" - We lost 21 troops in August, 15 in July, 30 in June, 20 in May. If we're winning why are we still taking so many casualties? Kids that were born when this war started are now going to Kindergarten. How long must this go on?"economy rebound" - This is a quote from an AP news article. "In its first national labor scorecard, the Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations said more than 10 percent of Americans are unemployed, discouraged from seeking work or underemployed. That is a nearly 25-percent increase from one year earlier." - That doesn't sound like a rebounding economy to me."loosing the culture war" - Have you watched TV lately? Have you listened to any pop music recently? Not very Christian Conservative is it?"an ars woopin in the white house" - The largest crowd McCain has drawn was 17,000 near St. Louis. Obama, on the other hand, his largest crowd so far was 75,000 in Portland Oregon. Of course 84,000 showed up for his acceptance speech. But we won't count that ;) Oh and the word "woopin" sounds like something your wonderful president would use. It shows his intelligence level, and yours.

ASBESTOS 8 years ago

"Sarah Palin believes in abstinence only eduction. Now, she confirms her 17 year old daughter is pregnant. Proof that her conservative values don't even work in her own home. This is hilarious!"I guerss it is "gloves off" for all politicians nowYour Pdicks fired the first salvo, it won't be the last!You had better hope the Obama's do not win this election with thics crap going on, because he has 2 little girls that will be hounded for "payback">Remember just whom started this involbement of the children of politicians.

Scott Drummond 8 years ago

"As a huge animal lover, i was appalled by the fact that she wanted to remove the polar bears from the extinction list just because they were in the way of her hubby's job of drilling for oil."Wait till you hear about her love of wolf slaughter via airplane "hunting." Yeah, she's a real bundle of love and joy. Notice the way her poor daughter has paid for Mom's desire to advance in the Republican Party. Nice!

labmonkey 8 years ago

My first, knee-jerk reaction is to defend McCain...but I really can't. I have liked the guy for 8 years and was frustrated when W beat him in the 2000 primaries. I was actually excited to vote for someone I actually liked and thought would make a good president....but now I am back to grudgingly voting for the lesser of two evils (still McCain). I mean....did McCain do any research before picking Palin? It does bring into question his judgement.That being said....even if Palin is one heartbeat away, we at least have that heartbeat protecting us if we elect McCain. With Obama, you have the liberal version of George W. Bush in there the first day (and hell, even Bush had more experience than Obama and Palin combined).

David Albertson 8 years ago

If Gov. Palin can't keep her own daughter in-line, how in the heck can she run the country?

KEITHMILES05 8 years ago

McCain selected her as he always has eye on the good looking women. He'll probably make another move to her side...........if you know what I mean.

compmd 8 years ago

Yeah, well we shall see how well Palin goes over with the hard-line conservative Christians since her 17 year old unmarried daughter got knocked up by her boyfriend. That whooshing sound you hear is the result of conservative family values flying out the window.

ASBESTOS 8 years ago

Anmd what a nice anti white racist statment that Christie makes.You hate whites and all women are sluts? Is that your message?

David Albertson 8 years ago

One more thing. The average life expectancy for American males is 73.6 years. John McCain just turned 72 and has a history of melanoma, a very aggressive form of cancer. If he were to die in office, which is a real possibility, Sarah Palin would become President. How well do you think she could deal with Ahmadinejad, Putin, Kim Jong Il, Chavez, Castro? They would walk all over her.

Jeff Barclay 8 years ago

Judging by the results of this Dem dominated poll, McCain has made a superb choice. Dems have reason to be nervous.

Flap Doodle 8 years ago

Jumping deity on a pogo stick, how many threads did you post the same drivel on, coltrane ?That's the kinda of thing the unlamented cool/metta/spiderham used to do.

coltrane 8 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

beatrice 8 years ago

"The Messiah is a smoker ..."Jesus smokes? What brand?fleeba, she also keeps a bear hide on her sofa. However, I don't know her position on baby seals.

KEITHMILES05 8 years ago

What woman in her right mind would want to run for national office after having a new born baby who has Down's Syndrome. Talk about not taking care of business at home.

Richard Heckler 8 years ago

Isn't John McCain the one running for president? Isn't this the guy adopting the policies of GW Bush as his platform?That's the problem. 8 years with GW Bush and McCain did not learn a thing. So much for experience.

JohnBrown 8 years ago

It's not "experience" that counts so much as CHARACTER. McCain's character is that of a fighter pilot, a risk-taker. Part of that risk landed him in the Hanoi Hilton, and he showed great character in doing his duty. As a 'Nam vet I thank him and congratulate him for that service. The story of him leaving his first wife is obscure to me, with only a few possible facts emerging. It seems, essentially, he left his first wife, possibly while still recuperating from a severe auto accident, for unknown (to me ) reasons, but this is a negative for me. He finished his military career and jumped into politics. he ran for president in 2000 (I supported him) and was smeared by the Rove/Bush/Cheny Lying Machine. Come the 2008 race I am leaning towards McCain, but then, he starts flip-flopping and pandering. He lost me when he backtracked on torture.O'Bama is a FNG in Army slang (f***ing new guy). he started at zero for me. In a study of his biography I was much impressed with his CHARACTER. He achieved much in school, but opted to help others instead of taking a high paying lawyer job. He has been on that road ever since. Tho I disagree with many of his tenants, I perceive him as an honest man who is in politics because he sees a need, not b/c he wants personal power. I feel he will be held accountable, unlike Bush/Cheny and the Republicans who failed to do their duty to reign in the Bush/Cheny Constitution chipping.

David Albertson 8 years ago

Nervous? This is like shooting fish in a barrel.

jaywalker 8 years ago

"or that she was mayor of a town of 6,500 people, or is governor for the past 1.5 years of a state with the population of Austin, Texas, ..""The fact that McCain, who has a history of cancer, is 72 and his father died of a heart attack at the age of 70 ..."Squuaaawwk!! Pretty bird! Pretty bird! I'm just bettin' you've turned in 500 word essays with 'the' repeated 499 times followed by 'end', huh bea?

Chrissy Neibarger 8 years ago

As a huge animal lover, i was appalled by the fact that she wanted to remove the polar bears from the extinction list just because they were in the way of her hubby's job of drilling for oil. I've heard many spin doctors on CNN and MSNBC saying over and over that "this is a woman that other women will be able to relate too." Well, this is one woman that can't relate to killing of innocent animals just because we want to demolish the place they lived. They were there first. I also can't even remotely relate to the fact that she wants me to have no to right to choose to not have a baby by a rape, that she wouldn't mind an AK47 out in the park where my children play, that she has no sense of separation of church and state nor that she's a self proclaimed "Hockey mom". Can't relate to that at all.

feeble 8 years ago

  1. Flip flop on BTN2. Active support of earmarks while Governor.3. Support of pet projects in her home town:3a. Matanuska maid3b. Funneling 8% of the state budget to a place with 2% of the population.4. Troopergate5. Long involvement with a separatist movement, AIP. 6. Was director of Ted Steven's 527 group. Stevens is facing 7 felony corruption counts: candidate is done. Drop 'em and try for two.For added "chuckles" toss in the following:7. Anti-environment: 7a. Palin hates polar bears. Palin is pro ANWR drilling.7c. The AIP, to whom Palin used to belong, and continues to view favorably (see her address at their 2008 convention, on YouTube and on the AIP homepage) is against all federal regulations and protections regarding the environment. She's anti- Clean Air, Clean Water, etc.

ASBESTOS 8 years ago

BTW, this has been sent nationwide, and to Michelle Malkin.

johnadavies 8 years ago

I think it's interesting that just before she was officially brought out people were trying to keep you from learning about her beauty queen past and the little problem she had in trying to get her former brother-in-law fired! I think the important thing isn't that she hunts moose it's that she is going to be literally a fading heartbeat from being president; fun times with the spin doctors!

davidnta 8 years ago

I'm disappointed with McCain's choice for VP because of her arch-conservative policies towards women, LBGT/Q people, and sex education.

Trobs 8 years ago

"Palin has to be a great pick just judging by the ramped up vile comments being made by the far-left loons. When the loons get mad, they turn up the trash-talking, disgusting, mean-spirited behavior several notches."They are scared because Palin has more Executive experience then Obama.

chet_larock 8 years ago

"They are scared because Palin has more Executive experience then Obama."Hardly! Keep bringing up experience, wingnuts, cause it's gonna bite you in the a**! 20 months as governor in a state with of total population about the same as Austin, TX? Super, no I mean really, that's perfect. What else could you want? According to John McCain, that's what makes her the most qualified person to run as his VP. Obama has 8 years in the Illinois state legislature, and 2 years in Congress -- more than Abraham Lincoln when he was elected president. Coupled with Obama's tremendous educational background and achievements, we're happy to talk about experience.

Polly_Gomer 8 years ago

RestoreReason (punk) says:"Only a true idiot could have offered the statement you just shared with us. The irony is you're not bright enough to understand why it is an idiotic statement."Purporting to know what someone else knows. You are every bit the a-hole I believe you to be.

looza 8 years ago

I think she is smoking hot! She can be my V.P. anytime!

Bossa_Nova 8 years ago

this is gonna be a close race and both candidates are less than appealing, but at least, whoever wins, it will definitely be history in the making. if obama doesnt win this, we will at least be able to say that he forced us to change our status quo profile of the pres/vp ticket

jerry2a 8 years ago

"You had better hope the Obama's do not win this election with thics crap going on, because he has 2 little girls that will be hounded for "payback">Remember just whom started this involbement of the children of politicians.".Ooh! Ooh! I know the answer! It was John McCain in 1998:"Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?Because her father is Janet Reno."Stay classy, John.

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