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Austria is giving 16-year-olds the power to vote in elections. Is 16 too young to vote?

Response Percent Votes
71% 895
25% 322
Not sure.
3% 43
Total 1260


LeslieJeanne 8 years ago

I remember when I was sixteen and John Kennedy was running for president. All the kids my age were very excited about this and followed events very closely. I worked on the school paper and campaigned in the neighborhood for Kennedy.

Flap Doodle 8 years ago

Don't talk about bozo like that, gw.

kseagle 8 years ago

I think we need to go back to the days of where only persons who owned real property in this country were allowed to vote. That way people with a real interest in this country are being heard.

gwjayhawk 8 years ago

I would rather have a 16-year-old who is up-to-date on current events voting for our leaders than a 50-year-old who thinks they know it all....but don't.

oldvet 8 years ago

"I would rather have a 16-year-old who is up-to-date on current events voting for our leaders..."So would I, if we could find both of them...

eagle1 8 years ago

reading the blogs above I would say that 99% of you have the IQ of a monkey and should not have the power to vote or even have a computer to post such stupid remarks. You people sound like Sara Palin, when asked what she thought about the G W Bush doc. bill pased in 2002.

davidnta 8 years ago

This shouldn't matter because it's not our country.

buckledup 8 years ago

the brain finally finishes developing at age 25...let's move the drinking age to there as well.

tangential_reasoners_anonymous 8 years ago

At 16, they're more likely to confuse the "lever" with a joystick.

Eddie Muñoz 8 years ago

Yes, davidnta, nothing matters that happens outside the US.

tangential_reasoners_anonymous 8 years ago

eag; "reading the blogs above I would say that 99% of you have the IQ of a monkey and should not have the power to vote or even have a computer to post such stupid remarks."Nevertheless, there are MILLIONS of us typing away, so eventually we will reproduce ALL the great works of literature!

beawolf 8 years ago

"So I also agree that the voting age should be more like 25."..Then we could force all 18-25 year olds into the miltary, tax the hell out of them, deny any political or social equalities, pay them minimum wage regardless of occupation and throw them in jail if they complain.

Victor Dawson 8 years ago

I think 16 would be ok. What is the big fear that they wouldn't take it serious. How many 18 years in the US are rushing into the booth to vote right now? Not too many. Actual how many people over with voting rights are going to the the booth to vote? Again, not too many. My point is most people who are given the right to vote don't even actually vote, and I have found that most young people are generally more informed than some of the so-called more experience, even when they know right will still vote down the party line.Another point, this is why I like mock processes like "kid voting" in the elementary schools. We have an obligation to teach kids that as they grow they need be able to challenge information that is being put out to them.

fan4kufootball 8 years ago

Most individuals are not even interested in politics nor do they keep themselves informed on what is going on in our country or the world. So I also agree that the voting age should be more like 25.

OnlyTheOne 8 years ago

Too young to vote? Yes in the US, no in most of the rest of the world. Sometimes I'd put the voting limit in the US at 40 or so and even then - ooopppppppssssssss! just saw blog about "amputated penis" gotto go see what happened there.

purplesage 8 years ago

Too young to vote and too young to drive. Also too young to drink - but nobody should do that anyway.

tunahelper 8 years ago

you should have to pass a test before you can vote. if you are illiterate, you fail.

davidnta 8 years ago

murphy59 - I don't know whether or not you meant your comment to be mean spirited, but I don't mean it doesn't matter as in "Our country is super awesome, and everyone else sucks" type of speak, but that Austria going to do what it feels best for its country and our opinions don't really matter to them, just like if we were to do something, and if they object or have an opinion, we would tell them to butt out.

davidnta 8 years ago

I was happy to be able to vote at age 18. My parents were Republicans and I grew up conservative, but when I read the Democratic platform and saw what they did in office versus what the Republicans have done, I started voting Democrat.

XEPCT 8 years ago

Most of you guys are completely out of touch with the world ... do you know how many responsibilities a 16 year-old has in say... India, China or sub-Saharan Africa. Well they aren't worried about waking up in time for zero hour, that's for sure. Just because something might not fit for us doesn't mean the rest of the world is crazy for doing it.

jumpin_catfish 8 years ago

While I think most 16 year olds are too young to vote, I also think many adults are too dumb to vote but there is no law against stupid or brainwashed by extremist from the left or right.

Clinton Laing 8 years ago

davidnta, what is your problem? you think we shouldn't interfere with political matters in other countries? while Obama is raising millions in England, as foreigners feel no compunction whatever in doing it to us?

jonas_opines 8 years ago

I suppose that 16 year-old are, in the end, just as capable as the rest of us of picking a side, stubbornly sticking to it, falling prey to confirmation bias, and rationalizing away everything else as the rest of us. Why shouldn't they have the right to vote? It's not like some of our older people are really making wise political decisions.

Strontius 8 years ago

None, I think you might have missed that this is taking place in Austria, not the U.S. It's not on the ballet here, though in some places in the U.S., 14 year olds can vote in local elections. However, I find many of your arguments to be deeply flawed. We all have responsibilities no matter what our age. I've seen 16 year olds working full time in addition to school so that they might be able to attend college in a few years. So in effect, they are working more than 80 hours a week when you include school and homework in the mix. To say that 16 year olds don't have responsibilities is just plain not true. They have just as many responsibilities as an 18 year old college student. But none of that matters. Voting isn't based on responsibility. It's based on creating representational government so that people who are bound to the law have a say in making the law. Maybe voting shouldn't be based on age at all? Maybe it should be based on being knowledgeable about your government, laws, and history? Regardless, it's an important discussion that shouldn't be casually dismissed because you think people need to be more responsible. P.S. 17 year olds can enlist in the military and go to basic training in the summer before their senior year of high school, but they need to graduate high school before they can be completely enlisted. By the time this happens, they are 18 and can vote. Vote, but not drink legally....

davidnta 8 years ago

XEPCT - Yes I do know how much responsibility someone in a developing country has. I've been to Vietnam three times, and stayed with people who have children under 18.

Sean Livingstone 8 years ago

The more responsibilities you take away from the younger generation, the less matured you'll make them. Let them make their own decisions, even when they're wrong, and let them learn their lessons in life. It may mess up this country a little bit, but it's definitely good in the long run. There are countries that don't ban drinking for teenagers, and they don't have teenage drinking problems (real problem like getting drunk). Why? One advice given for parents is "Never keep cookies or candies away from your toddler, because the more you limit them, the more your child want them". It's reverse psychology.

Kaiser 8 years ago

Definitely should be a test, too many idiots are allowed to vote themselves more entitlements.

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