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Who was the Jayhawks’ MVP in the 35-33 victory over Iowa State?

Response Percent Votes
Jake Sharp (79 yds rushing, 107 yds rec., 2 total TDs)
50% 1055
Kerry Meier (125 rec. yds, 2 TDs)
26% 555
Todd Reesing (18/26, 320 yds, 3 TDs, INT)
21% 441
0% 19
Total 2070


skyharbor44 9 years, 3 months ago

As a follower of anything KU related, I felt saddened by the response I was given by a couple of other fellow Kansans @ the KU /Iowa State game Saturday. It was a tremendous win and I had attended the game alone. As we were leaving the stadium I thought it would be fun to have a photo of myself and a couple of other Kansas fans . I asked another fellow Kansan as we were exiting the game if she and her friend would like to take a picture together. If looks could have killed I would been a dead gal! Kansans are so well known for their kindness and wonderful spirit. I only hope that she is kinder to others that she meets as to not spoil our wonderful reputation. Looking forward to the day we are living in Kansas again.

umpinaslump 9 years, 3 months ago

I feel your pain, Skyharbor. Shades of my riding an elevator with ony a mother and her 3 year old daughter for only 4 floors. The little daughter looked up at me and then asked her mother, "who is that, Mama?" Matter of factly she repllied "oh, nobody, he's just a stranger."

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