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Would you ever consider training to compete in a marathon or a triathlon?

Response Percent Votes
41% 139
38% 127
I’ve already competed in a marathon and/or a triathlon.
19% 65
Total 331


oldvet 9 years ago

Although my old knees won't take it any more, I have completed 2 marathons, about six 20-milers, dozens of half-marathons and more 10Ks than I can remember. My favorite distance was the half-marathon. My most memorable runs include a 10K where Bill Rogers ran, a 10K (Bolder Boulder) with Frank Shorter, and the Peachtree 10K in Atlanta.

eddiez 9 years ago

Why would you get off a perfectly good bicycle?... --Bob Roll

Flap Doodle 9 years ago

With an Iron Man suit I might be able to survive the process.

Evan Ridenour 9 years ago

I've already competed in a marathon and/or a triathlon.

Jeff Barclay 9 years ago

Win or lose. Nothing like stretching yourself past yourself.Like life, a long obedience in the same direction!

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