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What do you think of the Douglas County Fair antique tractor pull?

Response Percent Votes
Never been.
45% 167
Sounds like fun.
24% 90
Sounds like a drag.
16% 61
Wouldn’t miss it.
8% 30
What is it?
5% 20
Total 368


consumer1 5 years, 8 months ago

This question is a trick question. The animal section of the fair is really quite charming. To see the young entrants working with their animals and learning the value of raising and taking care of an animal teaches responsibility,something badly missing in most city adults. The Fair/section where the rides are is nothing more than a hang out for wanna be thugs/rip off artist and other useless ilk. So, why aren't the squeaky lefts making noise about banning these dangerous rides? Where one is likely to get ripped off, assaulted, or have their car burglarized?


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