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Do you consider the term “babe” to be insulting?

Response Percent Votes
69% 796
23% 271
Not sure.
6% 74
Total 1141


mom_of_three 9 years ago

cdomino1 - get a grip. They didn't mention specifics, and yes, my kids read the online paper, too. I can't censor what they read, because they hear worse stuff at school. If my kids read the above comment, they will probably roll their eyes, and say gross. get over yourself.

LadyJ 9 years ago

"Call him/her another person's name and it will be used against you for the rest of your life:"I don't know which is worse, that or when he gives me my birthday present a month early on his ex-wife's birthday. They were only married a couple of years, you would think after 17 yrs of being married to me he would get it right.

Trobs 9 years ago

Anything said during sex cannot be held against you later, in my opinion. I love American politics. The issues don't matter, only gaffes.

dontcallmedan 9 years ago

For Ryan out loud! Jim's got his running shorts in a bunch.To paraphrase Sonny & Cher: She got you, Babe

hobart 9 years ago

Why doesn't Rothchild write about the fact that Jim Ryun lied about his votes on amnesty, wasteful spending and the gas tax. I checked out Jenkins website and it is fairly clear that Ryun lied. That's a real story, especially since it's a pattern because he lied about Foley the last time around. Come on LJWorld, act like a real newspaper.

oldvet 9 years ago

"Anything said during sex cannot be held against you later, in my opinion."Call him/her another person's name and it will be used against you for the rest of your life...

Boeing 9 years ago

Multi - thanks for the Thursday morning image. Greatly appreciated ;)

Boston_Corbett 9 years ago

I agree with Hobart.But Multi made me laugh.

alm77 9 years ago

I hope not! I say "thanks, babe." all the time. I say it to my husband, I say it to my friends (both male and female) I think I probably say it to my kids. It's just a term of endearment. Professionally speaking, I often say "Thanks dear!" But I wouldn't be surprised if I've said "thanks, babe" to a coworker that has become a good friend.

Jeanne Cunningham 9 years ago

uhhhh - he didn't say it was "insulting"...He said it was "childish".But, then "he said/she said" - that, of course, is not childish at all....

BigPrune 9 years ago

I wouldn't think anything about it if I was ordering at some greazy diner. Some southern style waitress saying, "I git you some coffee in a sec, hon, you want them sunny side up, Babe?" Of course the waitress would have big teeth and big hair, too. So, think nothing of it. But the politically correct would be going ape sh*t if Ryun said it to her, since it's a man's world and all, and if a man said it, it would be sexual or insulting in a pig kind of way or it would be taken that way and women wouldn't put up with it but if a guy criticisizes some big haired big tooth woman over it, it is being blown way out of proportion by the guy.

Charlie Dominguez 9 years ago

Some of you need to realize that readers of all ages are permitted to read newspapers on-line. Is it appropriate to mention such personal situations involving intimacy in the same realm where my children are permitted to view and reseach? The first thing that came to mind after reading such "comments" was how different social norms exist within our community. Too much television, equates lack of judgement with regards to level of acceptable decency. What you do is your own business, but please discuss it in the appropriate chat areas. Thanks

fu7il3 9 years ago

At this point in life, I'd just be happy someone is taking notice.

torcia 9 years ago

Who cares if some broads get their panties in a bunch. Lighten up.

Charles L. Bloss, Jr. 9 years ago

She won't get my vote, babe! Thank you, Lynn

mom_of_three 9 years ago

It depends on who is calling you babe, and in what circumstances. Multi - LOL!!!!!!

hobart 9 years ago

what is offensive is Jim Ryun getting away with lies about his voting record, talking down or being rude to a bald faced liar is OK by my book, Ryun shouldn'tv "run" from his own record

TheOriginalCA 9 years ago

Jenkins was talking down to Ryan, which is more rude than insulting. Kind of like when Lloyd Benson talking down to Dan Quayle. Very rude

born_to_run 9 years ago

It depends on who is saying it. If it's a good friend, or someone I'm dating, then I'm usually fine with it. I'm not really insulted by it ever, but if it's said to me at work (more than once by the same person), then I just politely tell them not to call me that and I let it go. There are definitely worse things to be called. I definitely agree with mom_of_three and acg in their comments about Multi's post. It made me laugh! And so did cdomino's complaints about Multi's post.

acg 9 years ago

Nah, babe's not insulting. I don't find words offensive, generally, though. Multi, you cracked me up, btw. And, cdomino, get over it. If your children are old enough to understand that post, then they already know all you know, if not more, about sex. What's the big deal if they do? Be honest with them about stuff and maybe they won't grow up as repressed as you are.

KEITHMILES05 9 years ago

Maybe they should talk about the issues? I know....that's a novel idea.

Flap Doodle 9 years ago

No, cupcake, I don't find 'babe' offensive.

janeyb 9 years ago

Ryun should be thrilled. I don't think anyone has considered him to be a Babe for a long time. Unless Lynn's reference was to Babe the Pig. "That'll do pig" does kinda make you think of Ryun and his time in office.

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