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How will you handle rising gas prices?

Response Percent Votes
I’ll drive less
45% 304
I’ll pay more
31% 207
I’ll cut out extras
11% 79
I’ll take the T
5% 38
5% 37
Total 665


Camron Flanders 11 years ago

Ethanol gets worse gas milage per gallon, due to it containing MUCH less potential energy than gasoline. It also costs a TON more to produce than gasoline (you also use ALOT of fossil fuels just to produce it), and once it becomes less subsidized by the gov't, it will cost way more than we are paying now for gas.

Priuses screw up our environment with it's production (chemicals used to make the batteries are VERY bad for Mother Nature).

Every current "buzzword" in saving the envirionment or saving money per mile driven are all causing us other problems, and/or just not a real answer to the question.

Currently, the best fuel to power transportation is diesel. Look at the new BlueMotion diesels coming from the European car companies, they ALL make 40+ miles to the gallon. VW offers TDIs with this new BlueMotion diesel that will get close to 60 mpg, that is WAY better than the milage a Prius will get you, and it produces something like 60% less emissions than current diesels and gasoline engines.

Of course, the best way to get around is consumption and pollution free. Get a bike. Not only will you get thinner and healthier (gasp), but you will get places in roughly the same amount of time, save lots of money, and feel better all at once. I started riding a bike around town and I am saving 50-65 dollars a week on gas. (I still have to drive to KC a couple days a week).

johnadavies 11 years ago

I began carpooling to Topeka last summer and have continued that; I probably won't be going anywhere I don't have to go! I'm also going to try to pretend my car doesn't go any faster than 70mph. I spent my lunch hour today in looking over a car show at Kaw Valley Technical School and appreciating the beauty and power of all of those old dinosaur-burning pinup cars. It was almost like saying goodbye to old friends and bad habits!

latinlab 11 years ago

I ride a motorless vehicle. It runs about 0 miles to the gallon. But after riding down O'read, I can't drive back up to campus. No emissions...but no car either now...bummer

Richard Heckler 11 years ago

Coming from the westside of Iowa on a bike I say share the sidewalks all of the way down sixth or find your way over to campus on Stratford or University and bike through campus to town. Also 21st is a great way for a bike route. 17th/18 Streets are also good bike routes coming from campus. Share the sidewalks on Iowa as well.

A mile and a half walking is something like from 13th and Hasklell to 13th and Mass to Free State Brewery or Local Burger/Library which requires about 20-25 minutes of no dilly dally walking. Fun no matter what. Biking of course is bit quicker.

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