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Should Gov. Sebelius sign the bill allowing casino gambling in Kansas?

Response Percent Votes
64% 80
35% 44
0% 0
Total 124


cutny 11 years ago

Gambling is for losers...ha ha...get it? Save your money and stop looking for an easy way out of your financial problems.

Uhlrick_Hetfield_III 11 years ago

Yet another regressive tax on the poor.

thanksforcoming 11 years ago

Those 68% probably say there isn't anything to do in Kansas. Here is and idea, go play catch with your kids. Its spring time, teach your kids the American Pastime, instead of gambling away the money that should pay for their futures. If you don't have kids, go be a Big Brother or Sister and teach them the game. Hours and Hours of fun right there.

Karolyn Kinsey 11 years ago

Absolutely NOT! Is anyone in Kansas in their right minds these days? First the concealed weapons, then the polluting coal-fired plants instead of wind farms, now this gambling bill! I guess you all must be millionaires who won't hesitate to shoot anyone who looks at you cross-eyed, have second homes somewhere far away from the pollution, and have money to burn for taking care of those who are addicted to gambling, or are so poor they think that gambling will make them rich.

You are all a bunch of fools! But then anyone knows that since you put the criminal administration into power and have kept them there this past 6 years. Apparently democrats in Kansas are no different than the ethically challenged republicans.

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