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Four years after the Iraq War started, what is your opinion?

Response Percent Votes
It’s time to leave.
58% 64
We must remain until the job is done.
37% 41
3% 4
Total 109


big_major_pain 7 years ago

We need to finish them off or just get out of there.


50YearResident 7 years ago

This is a lame poll.

"We must remain until the job is done"

Define what the job is. The job might last 500 years like other conflicts involving Muslums.


Agnostick 7 years ago

It's time to get out of the civil war crossfire, and start going after Bin Laden and his henchmen. One of the most effective ways to kill something is to chop off its head.


Isaac McPheeters 7 years ago

It grieves me that we as Americans do not have the stomach for a real war anymore. I wonder what will happen when the day comes that we will need a long drawn out war to survive.


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