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Barry Bonds is less than 10 home runs away from breaking Henry “Hank” Aaron’s career home run record of 755. But what power hitter do you consider to be the best?

Response Percent Votes
Hank Aaron
47% 119
Babe Ruth
40% 103
Barry Bonds
8% 21
Mark McGwire
3% 10
Total 253


BullSmitty 11 years ago

Consumer1, while it's probable that he used steroids (never heard any allegations about corked bats) there has yet to be absolute proof supplied as of yet.

Even if his numbers were boosted a little here and there by some performance enhancers, an objective view is that no amount of drugs can make a player good. They can improve a good player, but they can't make you a good ballplayer (note: 99% of the Royals). Bonds has one of the best baseball swings in history and is one of the game's best players ever.

Evidence: Bonds is a 7-time MVP and 13-time All Star. Bonds has won 8 Gold Glove awards for his excellent defense. He is the only player in history with both 500 home runs and 500 stolen bases in history (possibly suspect if it's proven he's used steroids--which is likely). He had the best batting average in the National League in both 2002 and 2004. Bonds has been walked the most times in history. Bonds is one of only 7 players in history to reach base over 5,000 times. His on-base percentage was a MLB record .609 in 2004 (next best in history is Bonds again and the next best after that is .553 from Ted Williams in 1941), stats. Slugging percentage: 3 of the top 5 seasons in history are Bonds (the two others are Ruth), stats. And, as evidence of incredible consistency, Bonds hit over 30 home runs in a MLB record 13 consecutive seasons. Lastly, look at his batting average: between 1986 and 1989 (his first four years) he batted below .300, the last three full seasons (2005-2007) he has hit below .300 (barely). Aside from that he has only hit below .300 four other times and most of those were just a few point shy of .300. His highs came in 1993 (.336), 2002 (.370), 2003 (.341) and 2004 (.362), none of which came the year he hit his 74 home runs. I personally believe had he not hit the 74 home runs but 44 home runs and eclipsed McGwire, Sosa, Ruth and Maris then the furor over his record (albeit likely in 2008 than in 2007) may not be nearly as ferocious.

Yeah, the guy's a d!*k (but so was Ty Cobb, Ruth was an alcoholic and supposedly beat women, Mays was kind of a @ss and so was Ted Williams) and yeah he probably did use steroids, but you have to be able to be talented enough to make contact with the ball and put it into play. Does he deserve the record, probably not but I would have to say he is likely one of the best if not the best power hitters of all time and likely one of the top five best (if not top 2 or 3) baseball players of all time. Hell, and I don't even like the guy.

JerkStore 11 years ago

Ruth dominated his league like no one else. He invented power hitting.

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