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Should Kansas allow more destination casinos?

Response Percent Votes
You bet
73% 62
No dice
23% 20
I’ll sit this one out
2% 2
Total 84


KWCoyote 11 years, 5 months ago

Casino gambling doesn't produce anything except wasted time. Those who enjoy casinos often look at them as a place for social contact, an alternative to senior centers and bars. The hope of winning is not rational, and I don't think it's good to encourage people to be irrational.

Yet I support casino gambling on RURAL reservations as RURAL economic development. In or near urban areas, there already are jobs available. Casinos don't make more jobs, because the money spent on them would be spent on something else if they didn't exist. It's a zero-sum game in an urban area. Casinos in underdeveloped rural areas are the one tool Native Americans and their neighbors have to bring jobs to rural areas. THAT is the angle legislators and the governor should look at as they think about casino gambling.

Members of the public should not be such indiscriminate goofs as to think that casinos create jobs. They MOVE jobs from urban stores, bars, movie theaters, and maybe even church bingo nights to wherever the casinos are. Put in too many casinos and the public will get burned out on them. Then you will have killed the golden goose for the rural communities that benefit from them and don't have alternative employment opportunities.

whistlestop75 11 years, 5 months ago

As long as the revenue is used to reduce taxes in the state of Kansas why the moaning and groaning? Give me a break...the people of Kansas are gambling and revenues are either going to the state of Missouri, the state of Oklahoma or to the Indian Nations. This is not a projection, but a reality. Why shouldn't monies spent at Casinos benefit the people of Kansas? Morality sin? Is is going to really make the poor poorer? Do you walk over to help the less fortunate spend their money and put them on a budget? ... Let the people of Kansas vote on the issue and either pass it or don't...

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