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What do you think about the KU-MU football game being at Arrowhead Stadium the next two years?

Response Percent Votes
I couldn’t disagree more
59% 1584
I think it’s a great idea
25% 684
Doesn’t matter, I’ll go anyway
7% 212
Doesn’t matter, I won’t be going anyway
7% 202
Total 2682


jayhawks71 11 years, 5 months ago

This is the ULTIMATE IN LAME. Why not just sterilize all the games completely; KU-Nebraska; KU Oklahoma; KU-Kstate will all be next... no worry about having a home game anymore. If I recall, students won't be getting a ticket to this game, right? As an alum, I will admit that in general, alumni at games are relatively lame; it is the students that make the noise and keep the excitement level up for most, if not all of the big games.

This is a 100% money move, which is all Big Lew has been about since he got here.

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