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What do you think of a consultant’s proposal to guide city planning?

Response Percent Votes
We paid $250,000 for that?
76% 386
It’s an insightful vision of Lawrence’s future
20% 102
3% 18
Total 506


Meatwad 11 years ago

you people who voted against this, I'm guessing you know nothing about it.

Jeanne Cunningham 11 years ago

Man, just think how many scanners, computers, microfilm to CD converters, etc. all that money could have bought!!! Not to mention wireless access points and/or laptops for kids who don't have one.

What good does it do to have a fancy building full of wonderful stuff if the people who need/want it most can't get to it when they need it????

del888 11 years ago

I wonder what makes the city think that a single smaller neighborhood can support a neighborhood business. It costs a small fortune to run a business in this town and a neighborhood cannot produce enough traffic to make a business successful. In a few years these neighborhood businesses will all be closed. That little shopping center at 19th and Haskell is pretty well vacant. Paying a consultant $250,000 won't make people shop there. Also, what's the deal with "less traffic because people will walk". Are you kidding me? When was the last time you walked to a store? It's not going to happen. These consultants my be good at planning for the future, but they have no common sense. If you want to know about a small neighborhood business, ask one.

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