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Should City Hall settle the Wal-Mart lawsuit?

Response Percent Votes
59% 140
39% 92
0% 2
Total 234


Michael Capra 11 years ago

yes and the city needs to pay doug 5 million and expose boogy,schauzner,and roodles for what they have done

texburgh 11 years ago

The neighborhood has said NO to big box development there. Wal-Mart should settle by leaving - why not show a little respect for the community? Of course, they have no respect for community. And neither do our own greed centered local developers.

MJFarmermac 11 years ago

Everyone in Lawrence should be against this simply because an outside corporate entity is suing our town for making its own decisions. Whether or not you like Wal Mart, we have the right to determine what happens in our own town. This is Wal Mart's M.O. Sue when you don't get your way. Thank goodness we live in a town big enough to afford the lawyers, 'cause when they do this to small towns they have no choice but to roll over and let big brother Wally do what it wants

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