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What will the election results mean for the future of Wal-Mart in west Lawrence?

Response Percent Votes
The lawsuit will end and the store will be built
83% 91
The lawsuit will continue
15% 17
0% 1
Total 109


lostandfound 11 years, 1 month ago

We lost American Eagle and Walmart Distribution and who knows what else. The average pay for these companies exceed 11 bucks an hour. Far above the rate mandated by our silly living wage law. Lets face it the living wage law was designed by our previous city commission to keep out jobs and growth in Lawrence so that it wouldn't attract labor away from those six-seven dollar an our jobs so common in Lawrence. Social justice, environment, green spaces, are simply phrases used to attract the elite. If you are a plummer, house builder, maid, service person, we love, you and you can come here by day but be gone by dusk. Lawrence will however open our arms to lawyers, doctors, professors, and other so called professionals and the educated who can afford to live in this city on the hill. The city is interested in those not so educated people as long as they live as homeless. The progressives are so proud of how they fight for the little guy and protect old east Lawrence with all of it's historical value. But in reality they have closed Lawrence off to the little guy and have closed part of Lawrence off to the needed affordable redevelopment that it seriously needs as it crumbles before our eyes. Best of luck to our new city commission.

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