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What do you think of Judge Paula Martin’s decision to give a 60-day jail sentence, plus probation, to two 19-year-old men convicted of raping a druken 13-year-old Lawrence girl?

Response Percent Votes
The judge was wrong. How can a drunken child — who can’t consent to sex even when sober — be a willing participant in sex?
70% 221
I agree with the judge, but the sentence should have still been heavier. This sends the wrong message to rape victims about coming forward.
9% 30
The sentence seems too light. But the judge knows all of the facts in the case, so I defer to her decision.
8% 25
I agree with the judge that the men shouldn’t receive the presumed penalty of 13 years of prison because the girl was “an active participant” in her own rape.
6% 20
5% 16
Total 312


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