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What Tech N9ne is sizzlin'

25 January 2006

If you ain't sizzlin' <a href="http://www.lawrence.com/bands/tech_n9ne/">Tech N9ne</a> by now, you have been seriously sleepin.' For more than a decade, Tech has been the biggest and baddest that Kansas City has to offer. With a rapid-fire delivery and an uncanny ability to bare his soul and his chest in one breathe, Tech is an enigma on par with stars twice his stature. That could all change in 2006, as he drops his long awaited third album "Everready: The Religion" and unveils his contribution to the "Alpha Dog" soundtrack (a Nick Cassavetes film that comes out this spring). Tech N9ne phoned in to discuss all this, his <a href="http://www.lawrence.com/events/2006/jan/28/12480/">show this week</a> and more while laid up "deathly ill" in Kansas City. Featured tracks include:
1. "Jellysickle" (new)
2. "The Beast" (new)
3. "It's Alive"
4. "Slither"

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Tri Point Paradox

18 January 2006

What band in their right mind would mix "Kokomo" and "Regulate" covers into a set of original power ballads and jam-influenced rock tunes? Why, Lawrence's <a href="http://www.lawrence.com/bands/tri_point_paradox/">Tri Point Paradox</a>, that's who! The band celebrates the release of its third album "Pictures of the Journey Home" <a href="http://www.lawrence.com/events/2006/jan/20/11988/">Friday at The Granada</a> with The Brody Buster Band. Pianist/singer "The Professor" and guitarist/vocalist Mike Shull stopped by to preview the new record, explain how to rock a crowd and divulge The Professor's Air Jordan shoe fetish.

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Seensters: Flee the Seen reps KC hardcore to the headbanger nation

11 January 2006

<a href="http://www.lawrence.com/bands/flee_the_seen/">Flee the Seen</a> is frightening, and we're not just talking about screaming banshee frontwoman Kim Anderson. The band's prog-hardcore tightrope act is also frighteningly good - one of the tightest in the business, presumably the reason this fledging Kansas City band recently signed to Southern California's Facedown Records (also home to Nodes of Ranvier, No Innocent Victim, Inked in Blood). Anderson and guitarist/vocalist R.L. Brooks stopped by to preview the band's upcoming album "Doubt Becomes the New Addiction" and <a href="http://www.lawrence.com/events/2006/jan/13/11987/">show at the Granada</a>.

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Best in Music, 2005

3 January 2006

Steve Wilson of Kief's Downtown Music and Kelly Corcoran of Love Garden offer up their store's five best records of 2005. Listen to tracks from the chosen albums and commentary from Wilson and Corcoran.

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