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Global game growing
June 12, 2009
It’s still called the National Basketball Association, but International Basketball Association would be a more fitting name considering the league long ago went global. Young basketeers trying to make the jump to the pros after one year in college must beat out not only collegians such as Blake Griffin, Tyreke Evans and Stephen Curry, but international stars such as Spain’s Ricky Rubio.
K-State in dickens of a mess
June 5, 2009
The Kansas State Ron Prince-Bob Krause football agreement makes the Wildcats look bad.
Schaake paved the way
May 30, 2009
The late Elmer Schaake shouldn’t be overlooked when former Lawrence High and Kansas University sports stars are recalled.
Financial figures startling
May 22, 2009
Maybe it didn’t surprise you, but a March 23 article in Sports Illustrated by Pablo S. Torre astounded me.
Packer deserves credit
May 14, 2009
Billy Packer, the semi-retired college basketball analyst, has encountered floods of critics in his long career. A goodly number of them are Kansas-oriented. But local folks shouldn’t be quite so harsh with the former Wake Forest guard since he was a key man in bringing Larry Brown here to inaugurate an unparalleled run of Jayhawk success.
KU web extends all over
12:00 a.m., May 8, 2009 Updated 09:05 a.m.
They’re 1-2-3 on the college basketball victory list: Kentucky at 1,988; North Carolina at 1,984; Kansas at 1,970. But the best story is who propelled them to such lofty heights. Think Kansas University.
KU roster could be best ever
May 1, 2009
UCLA has not been kind to Kansas basketball, so it’s exciting that KU will go to Los Angeles come Dec. 6 with a loaded arsenal that can hibernate the deadly Bruins in their home den. Working further in KU’s favor is that the legendary Ukes are losing three of four of their top players to the pros and may be down a notch or two.
No stunts needed by ‘Dippy’
April 25, 2009
Barbdip13. How could there be a more appropriate e-mail handle for the devoted sister of the late Wilt Chamberlain?
Recruits won’t work miracles
April 17, 2009
Chamber of commerce-type promoters are always on the prowl for new businesses and industries to broaden a tax base, bring in socially productive executives and provide lots of high-paying jobs. Yet the good ones also know it’s even more vital to keep nurturing proven, established entities, those that got them to the picnic — “dance with the ones who brung ya.”
KU, UNC deserve credit, too
April 10, 2009
Anniversary years in sports have a way of distorting the overall picture and awarding near-sainthood to events and people which may not deserve quite that level of reverence.
NBA offers tempting
April 3, 2009
In all the discussion about whether Kansas University basketball stars Cole Aldrich and Sherron Collins will bypass pro status and return for KU’s 2009-10 season, a human side of the equation too often is swept under the rug.
Born first to triple double
March 27, 2009
B.H. Born unofficially recorded Kansas University’s first triple-double, long before Cole Aldrich made it offical.
KU needs Collins at his best
March 19, 2009
It’s D-Day-, Battle of the Bulge- and Iwo Jima-time for Gen. Sherron Collins. As he goes, so, probably, will the Kansas basketball team go in the NCAA Tournament.
KU history filled with dynamic duos
March 19, 2009
This season’s Kansas basketball team has easily one of the best 1-2 punches in the Jayhawks’ illustrious court history. Ultimately it might even lay claim to being the best. Guard Sherron Collins and center Cole Aldrich can measure up to about any KU Dynamic Duos you can name. Fortunately, they’ll have even more chances to cement their potent-pair reputation as the 2009 Jayhawks try to defend their 2008 NCAA championship.
Ex-players can help recruiting
March 12, 2009
College sports coaches often cite the need for glitzy facilities to help them procure the best athletes.

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