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August 29, 2015

Saturday Column: KU and city need to hire the best and brightest
Kansas University officials currently are looking for a new dean for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The Lawrence City Commission is seeking candidates to become Lawrence’s new city manager and working to fill a vacancy on the commission.

August 26, 2015

Opinion: Honors students inspire teacher
This past Sunday, I attended the opening Honors Convocation at Kansas University. I did so because, for the first time in many years, I will be teaching an honors freshman seminar. The official festivities were pretty much what I expected: uplifting speeches by various faculty members and administrators. But what I found most interesting — and uplifting — was that this was the first chance for me to meet the 10 young people who would be in my seminar this fall. I was impressed and amazed.

August 22, 2015

Your Turn: Just Food still filling an important need
After I retired as a corporate attorney in June, I had retirement all planned out: Work in the yard, see the grandkids, travel, do mediations in lawsuits and relax. After about two months, the yard looked OK, the grandkids were back in day care, the first trip was over, no one was calling for a mediation, and I was bored. So, the volunteer bug came calling when I saw a notice that Just Food was seeking individuals to serve as “drivers.” Since I had been commuting out of town for 37 years, this sounded like a piece of cake. I called the office and was told to come in for a volunteers’ orientation. The day I was to come in was Tuesday, Aug. 11.

August 12, 2015

Opinion: Hemenway made KU better
Bob Hemenway was my boss. He was also my friend. He touched my life and made it better as he did for thousands of people during his career. He was a man of principle who did not hesitate to take a position he believed in, even if it meant that he might suffer for it.

Syndicated Columns

September 3, 2015

Opinion: Law puts child’s race above welfare
“It is a sordid business, this divvying us up by race.”      — Chief Justice John Roberts Sordid, always. And sometimes lethal, as some Native American children could attest, were they not, like Declan Stewart and Laurynn Whiteshield, dead. They were victims of the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA), which as construed and applied demonstrates how identity politics can leave a trail of broken bodies and broken hearts.
Opinion: Unselfish acts part of human survival
Why should people care about the past or the future? That may sound like a perverse question, but it’s at the center of two recent stories — one involving the Islamic State’s destruction of antiquities at Palmyra in Syria, and the other a presidential warning about damage to the planet decades hence

September 2, 2015

Opinion: Where is U.S. tipping point on guns?
You frequently find fortune cookie aphorisms, yes, but it’s not often that you find searing insight within Twitter’s 140-character confines. Which is why a June tweet from one Dan Hodges — his profile describes him as a British political commentator — stood out.

September 1, 2015

Opinion: South American economy suffering
Listening to the business-as-usual speeches by the leaders of Argentina, Bolivia, Venezuela and other South American countries in the wake of China’s economic slowdown, it seems like they are living on a different planet. They are still bragging about their countries’ abundant natural resources and raw materials, as if that mattered much in the new world of Google, Apple and Uber.
Letters to the Editor

September 3, 2015

Letter: Kasold ‘diet’


I really think the “diet” plan for Kasold Road is absurd. It was built as a four-lane road from Peterson ...

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September 2, 2015

Letter: Kasold changes


I live a block from Kasold between 13th and 14th streets and use it extensively to enter and exit the ...

Letter: Homeless children

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As our children settle back into school routines, I remember an encounter I had three years ago with a girl ...

Letter: Right to kill?


This letter responds to George Will’s Aug. 30 column about the “right to die.” No one needs to be guaranteed ...

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August 31, 2015

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August 28, 2015

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