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Editorial: KU outreach
A KU program that seeks to pair retiring business owners with potential buyers for their businesses is a nice example of the university providing a direct benefit to the residents of K
April 24, 2014
K-State Research and Extension pretty much sets the standard for university outreach in Kansas. Just about everyone in the state is aware of the agency’s work in agriculture, horticulture, community development and youth activities.

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April 23, 2014

Opinion: Law erodes teachers’ rights
Of all of the legislation passed by the current Legislature, House Bill 2506, signed by Gov. Sam Brownback on Monday, may well be the most controversial. That bill, the main purpose of which was supposed to be supplemental funding for K-12 schools in Kansas to comply with an order of the Kansas Supreme Court, also makes additional non-financial changes in Kansas education law.

April 19, 2014

Saturday Column: Faculty are loyal but concerned about KU’s future
As the 2013-14 school year at Kansas University nears an end, what’s the mood across the campus? Are faculty members excited and enthused about the future — their futures as well as the university’s — or are they worried and concerned?

April 15, 2014

Your turn: Board of Regents can learn from social media work group
In the months since the Kansas Board of Regents passed their widely derided social media policy, many have wondered why they would create a policy so at odds with higher education. One answer is that the regents are political appointees, all but one of whom lack professional expertise in higher education. (Four of the nine are lawyers.)

April 12, 2014

Your turn: Former editor earned community’s respect
It doesn’t seem that long ago when we Lawrence Junior High kids were jamming into the Congregational Church “recreation area” for those church-sponsored Friday night dances. You “old-timers” remember when Pastor Dale Turner in the 1950s opened his heart and church to us Lawrence “Happy Days,” barely teenage, boys and girls. Times change, people grow, and our wonderful Lawrence community continues to thrive. Many people through the years have contributed immensely to local progress. Today I remember a fellow Jayhawk, Bill Mayer.
Letters to the Editor

April 24, 2014

Letter: Pedestrian concern


They’ve been reading Street Engineer magazine again. We are now to be treated to a roundabout at 19th and Naismith. ...

Letter: School praised


I’m writing in appreciation of the incredible eighth-grade teachers at South Middle School. As a former home-school mom, I was ...

Letter: Elderly devalued

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Recently, the Kansas University retirees were informed that the fee for a parking permit would be increased yet again (some ...

Letter: Great volunteers


There aren’t enough words to thank all the volunteer firefighters of the Douglas and Osage county fire departments. Thanks to ...

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April 23, 2014

April 22, 2014

April 19, 2014

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