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Editorial: Taxing food
Kansas should make sure state lawmakers don’t back out of their promise to lower the sales tax rate on groceries.
July 3, 2015
Sales tax, even more than other taxes, seems to move in only one direction: up. And it just happened again.

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June 27, 2015

Saturday Column: Key leaders promote excellence at KU Hospital
“I doubt if there is any other hospital in the country which can match the turnaround the Kansas University Hospital has achieved in the past 15 to 20 years. It’s amazing, and its regional and national reputation gets better year after year.” This was the opinion of a senior KU Hospital doctor following last week’s KU Hospital Hall of Fame dinner and awards celebration.

June 22, 2015

Your Turn: Influence of Hispanic voters will grow
The 2016 elections have moved into high gear. Candidates at all levels, along with their political parties, are jockeying for position.

June 20, 2015

Saturday Column: Don’t let 9th Street project divide the community
It’s time for a genuine, honest conversation about the Ninth Street arts corridor project. Name-calling, questionable interpretations of past comments or statements, egos, some of those involved being two thin-skinned, questionable motivations, behind-the-scenes maneuvering, threats and other actions relative to what now is known as the East Ninth Project have created a dangerous situation that could have lasting and damaging consequences for Lawrence. Now is the time for honesty, trust and transparency.

June 13, 2015

Saturday Column: Legislative session an embarrassment for Kansas
The long, embarrassing 2015 Kansas legislative session has come to an end. Early Friday morning, members of the Kansas House agreed to a tax plan that broke the deadlock between the House and Senate, and now, the measures will be sent to the governor for his signature.

Syndicated Columns

July 4, 2015

Opinion: U.S. lost in fantasy world on Iran pact
The devil is not in the details. It’s in the entire conception of the Iran deal, animated by President Obama’s fantastical belief that he, uniquely, could achieve detente with a fanatical Islamist regime whose foundational purpose is to cleanse the Middle East of the poisonous corruption of American power and influence.

July 3, 2015

Opinion: Judiciary shouldn’t be political branch
In 1824, in retirement 37 years after serving as the Constitutional Convention’s prime mover, James Madison, 73, noted that the 1787 “language of our Constitution is already undergoing interpretations unknown to its founders.” He knew that the purport of the text would evolve “with the changeable meaning of the words composing it.”

July 2, 2015

Opinion: Greece spurs eurozone reality check
Many commentators have seen the Greek financial crisis as an exercise in stupidity. Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, for example, likened it last week to the First World War, about which historians “are still, a century later, incredulous that it happened.”
Opinion: Obama acknowledges value of grace
“This whole week,” said President Obama, “I’ve been reflecting on this idea of grace.” That was the turning point of Friday’s eulogy for Clementa Pinckney, the Charleston, S.C. minister who was, with eight of his congregants, murdered by a racist terrorist two weeks ago. It was the moment a memorable speech became a speech for history.
Letters to the Editor

July 4, 2015

Letter: Judicial bully


The USA Today report on the Supreme Court’s Obamacare decision cites Justice Antonin Scalia’s reference to “the discouraging truth that ...

Letter: Room to reflect


Kansas University has recognized a need and has set up a location (to be improved) for students to have a ...

Letter: Climate strategy


Citizens’ Climate Lobby recently sent 800 volunteers to visit more than 500 House and Senate offices in Washington. I was ...

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July 3, 2015

July 1, 2015

June 29, 2015

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