Marsha Henry Goff

Elections are meaner than they used to be
October 3, 2010
October is a great month … in off-election years. Unfortunately, this year isn’t one of them as evidenced by the ubiquitous, and often vicious, political commercials that cause us to gnash our teeth and mute our TVs.
Managing a summer of surprises
September 5, 2010
“Have you seen our little squirrel?” asked Ray, brow furrowed with concern. In a summer of surprises, his question was one of the biggest. My husband contends he hates that squirrel for its thievery of the birds’ sunflower seeds and because he recently observed it eating the leaves of hibiscus plants on our deck.
Jest for Grins: For the love of Mike
March 21, 2010
I was reminded that life isn’t always full of grins when my sister Bette, in a late-night phone call, gave me the news I had been expecting, but dreaded: “It’s over.”
Jest for Grins: Plumber flushes out household wear and tear
March 7, 2010
When Jerry, my friend and former geometry teacher, introduces me to someone, he invariably follows my name with, “You should see her toilet!”
Jest for Grins: Valentine’s Day brightens February’s gray days
February 7, 2010
Ah, February, the month of freezing temperatures, gray days, heavy snowfalls … and LOVE.
Jest for Grins: Dear Santa, I want to report some naughty children
November 29, 2009
Dear Santa, I want to report some naughty children who stole our reflective green and white driveway sign. You might remember that I bought it for husband Ray several Christmases ago…
Jest for Grins: Household odor spurs great mouse hunt
November 8, 2009
When we moved to the country, I was warned to watch out for field mice looking for a warm place in the house to winter.
Jest for Grins: Reader comments: Angry, funny, educational
October 4, 2009
Writers don’t write for money alone. It’s true: If writers had a theme song, it would be “Reach Out and Touch Someone.”
Local job growth, loss reflects choices
October 4, 2009
“New federal numbers that measure the overall size of a city’s economy found that Lawrence in 2008 ranked last among 34 cities in the Plains region in terms of per capita gross domestic product.” — Journal-World, Sept. 25
Jest for Grins: Absolute truths for travelers
September 6, 2009
You might say husband Ray and I have itchy feet and — whether we scratch that itch by air, sea or land — as long as our money holds out, we plan to travel.
Frustrated husband trying to outsmart raccoons
August 2, 2009
“This is the alarm company. May I have your name and password?” As I complied, I grinned in anticipation of the next question: “Is everything all right?”
Here’s the skinny on our city’s claim to fame
April 5, 2009
According to the Internet, there must be a lot of skinny, wrinkleless women walking around Lawrence … well, at least a couple of them.
Husband has penchant for rehabilitating raptors
March 1, 2009
On a recent drive down a county highway, I saw something that made me think my imagination was working overtime.
Wii Fit brings out couple’s competitiveness
February 1, 2009
Husband Ray and I spent the month of January skiing.
New car must prove itself before becoming family
January 11, 2009
Ol’Blu was a good car and, while I didn’t shed any tears when we traded her for a newer model, the lump in my throat confirmed that I wanted to.