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12:00 a.m.
Paul Selden, director of the University of Kansas Paleontological Institute, was among an international team of scientists that recently discovered this ancient spiderlike creature. The 100 million-year-old arachnid had fangs, male pedipalps, four walking legs and silk-producing spinnerets at its rear, in addition to a long, whiplike tail. KU researcher part of international team that discovered ancient spiderlike creature with tail
February 12, 2018 in print edition on 1A
The idea that an ancient spiderlike creature with a tail longer than its body once roamed the earth might seem a walking nightmare to some. Not for University of Kansas researcher Paul Selden, whose writings on the recently discovered 100 million-year-old species were recently published in the scientific journal Nature Ecology & Evolution.
9:12 a.m.
Douglas County Jail As voters consider $44M expansion, report finds some changes could reduce overcrowding at Douglas County jail
February 12, 2018 in print edition on 1A
From something called a “rocket docket” to relying on technology newer than a fax machine, a new report has 10 recommendations to speed up Douglas County court cases and perhaps alleviate overcrowding at the jail.
11:06 a.m.
Lawrence police officers are pictured outside 2013 W. 27th Terrace, the scene of a fatal shooting shortly before 10 p.m. Sept. 19, 2017. Was Lawrence man’s fatal shooting of intruder self-defense? Judge considering
February 12, 2018 in print edition on 1A
A judge is now mulling whether a 21-year-old Lawrence man acted in self-defense when he fatally shot a man who refused to leave his home.
8:24 p.m.
Syed Jamal, left, visits with U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, right, during the congressman's visit Saturday to the Texas detention center where Jamal is being held. Jamal, a Lawrence scientist and father of three, is facing deportation after more than 30 years in the U.S. Board of Immigration Appeals grants new stay of removal for Syed Jamal
12:04 p.m., February 12, 2018 Updated 9:29 a.m. in print edition on 1A
In what Syed Jamal’s attorney has called an “extraordinary” turn of events, the Lawrence father, whose deportation arrest and subsequent legal battle has made national headlines over the last several weeks, has been granted another temporary stay of removal.

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Editorial: Incentive policy should stand
As long as commissioners exercise good judgment in awarding incentives, the written rules don’t need to change.
February 12, 2018 in print edition on A5
Lawrence city commissioners should take into account developers’ tax histories in determining whether to grant tax incentives; however, it isn’t necessary to change current policy.