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Opinion: Trump is turning and turning in widening gyre

October 16, 2017


Washington — With eyes wide open, Mike Pence eagerly auditioned for the role as Donald Trump’s poodle. Now comfortably leashed, he deserves the degradations that he seems too sycophantic to recognize as such. He did Trump’s adolescent bidding with last Sunday’s pre-planned virtue pageant of scripted indignation — his flight from the predictable sight of players kneeling during the national anthem at a football game. No unblinkered observer can still cling to the hope that Pence has the inclination, never mind the capacity, to restrain, never mind educate, the man who elevated him to his current glory. Pence is a reminder that no one can have sustained transactions with Trump without becoming too soiled for subsequent scrubbing.

A man who interviewed for the position that Pence captured, Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker, is making amends for saying supportive things about Trump. In 2016, for example, he said he was “repulsed” by people trying to transform the Republican National Convention from a merely ratifying body into a deliberative body for the purpose of preventing what has come to pass. Until recently, Corker, an admirable man and talented legislator, has been, like many other people, prevented by his normality from fathoming Trump’s abnormality. Now Corker says what could have been said two years ago about Trump’s unfitness.

The axiom that “Hell is truth seen too late” is mistaken; damnation deservedly comes to those who tardily speak truth that has long been patent. Perhaps there shall be a bedraggled parade of repentant Republicans resembling those supine American Communists who, after Stalin imposed totalitarianism, spawned the gulag, engineered the Ukraine famine, launched the Great Terror and orchestrated the show trials, were theatrically disillusioned by his collaboration with Hitler: You, sir, have gone too far.

Trump’s energy, unleavened by intellect and untethered to principle, serves only his sovereign instinct to pander to those who adore him as much as he does. Unshakably smitten, they are impervious to the Everest of evidence that he disdains them as a basket of gullibles. He understands that his unremitting coarseness satisfies their unpolitical agenda of smashing crockery, even though his self-indulgent floundering precludes fulfillment of the promises he flippantly made to assuage their sense of being disdained. He gives his gullibles not governance by tantrum, but tantrum as governance.

With Trump turning and turning in a widening gyre, his crusade to make America great again is increasingly dominated by people who explicitly repudiate America’s premises. The faux nationalists of the “alt-right” and their fellow travelers like Stephen Bannon, although fixated on protecting America from imported goods, have imported the blood-and-soil ethno-tribalism that stains the continental European right. In “Answering the Alt-Right” in National Affairs quarterly, Ramon Lopez, a University of Chicago Ph.D. candidate in political philosophy, demonstrates how Trump’s election has brought back to the public stage ideas that a post-Lincoln America had slowly but determinedly expunged. They were rejected because they are incompatible with an open society that takes its bearing from the Declaration of Independence’s doctrine of natural rights.

With their version of the identity politics practiced by progressives, alt-right theorists hold that the tribalism to which people are prone should not be transcended but celebrated. As Lopez explains, the alt-right sees society as inevitably “a zero-sum contest among fundamentally competing identity groups.” Hence the alt-right is explicitly an alternative to Lincoln’s affirmation of the Founders’ vision. They saw America as cohesive because of a shared creed. The alt-right must regard Lincoln as not merely mistaken but absurd in describing America as a creedal nation dedicated to a “proposition.” The alt-right insists that real nationhood requires cultural homogeneity rooted in durable ethnic identities. This is the alt-right’s alternative foundation for the nation Lincoln said was founded on the principle that all people are, by nature, equal.

Trump is, of course, innocent of this (or any other) systemic thinking. However, within the ambit of his vast, brutish carelessness are some people with sinister agendas and anti-constitutional impulses. Stephen Miller, Bannon’s White House residue and Trump’s enfant terrible, recently said that “in sending our [tax reform] proposal to the tax-writing committees, we will include instructions to ensure all low- and middle-income households are protected.” So, Congress will be instructed by Trump’s 32-year-old acolyte who also says the president’s national security powers “will not be questioned.” We await the response of congressional Republicans, who did so little to stop Trump’s ascent and then so much to normalize him.

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Bob Summers 5 months, 1 week ago

Will is the classic Liberal with the fantasies he creates.

Good job George!

David Klamet 5 months ago

George Will a liberal? As Larry the Cable Guy would say, "I don't care who you are, THAT's funny right there!"

Calvin Anders 5 months, 1 week ago

Bob, just because Trump is losing traction among institutional Republicans doesn't mean you get to pawn off pseudo-intellectual ideologues like Will on liberals. I generally see Will's ravings as exercises in defense of the conservative status quo through facts, rationalization and often creative sophistry. He often misleads and is never willing to concede an argument no matter how compelling the opposing view might be. And with Trump it is the same. Will is defending the conservative status quo. In this rare case, though, I think Mr. Will is pretty much accurate and insightful in his assessment. Trump is perverting the Republican party. He is turning it into something more malignant, ugly and corrupt than even institutional Republicans can stomach.

Bob Summers 5 months, 1 week ago

You're still in denial of science. Party affiliation is a "choice".

Liberal genetic condition is not.

Trump may have the condition to a degree as well. Only aminocentesis will give confirmation to the degree of the fettle.

Heck. I like butterflies. I'd be interested in the degree of my Liberal condition as well.

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 5 months, 1 week ago

Kind of like what Brownback did. More and more I see him doing exactly the things Brownback did, including targeting sane Republicans who don't follow lock step. That's why he let Bannon go, to fight those Republicans who don't agree with Trump. Sound familiar? Party before country. Look what it did to our once great state.

Scott Burkhart 5 months, 1 week ago

@Calvin Anders - Trump never had traction with traditional Republicans. They are ALL "never-trumpers"! Will is just b*tthurt because it isn't business as usual in Washington D.C. anymore. Your assault of Trump are the same words I used on Obama, sub liberal for conservative. Additionally, like you really give a rat's behind what "institutional" Republicans think, anyway!

Brock Masters 5 months, 1 week ago

Breaking News - Obama and his supporters are upset that Trump is destroying his legacy. A legacy will stand the test of time and cannot be undone with a few strokes of a pen. Obama left no legacy.

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