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KU Student Body president: Fieldhouse seat change-up ‘unfortunate’
June 7, 2014
After the Kansas University athletics department moved some choice seats from student territory to donor seating, KU’s student government leaders took the department to task. The seating chart rearrangement follows a vote by the Student Senate this spring to eliminate a fee paid to the department.
Lawhorn’s Lawrence: Camp Lawrence, and a season of Panzers to peas
June 7, 2014
One year after the bloodiest of battles — D-Day — a group of Germans numbering a few hundred were in our community. It was not without some delight to note that they had gone from Panzers to peas. They were German prisoners of war, and you might be surprised to learn how many of them ended up in Kansas. By Chad Lawhorn
Robinson switches parties in run against Gaughan
June 7, 2014
Greg Robinson switched his voter registration from Republican to Democratic 10 days before filing to run against Democratic Douglas County Commissioner Mike Gaughan in the Aug. 5 primary for the First District. By Scott Rothschild
Dar Williams shares her honest transformation 20 years later
June 7, 2014
Renowned pop-folk singer-songwriter Dar Williams will take the Liberty Hall stage Wednesday to perform present-day renditions of songs from her debut album “The Honesty Room” in honor of its 20th anniversary.
KU wants to offer degree in human sexuality
June 7, 2014
To understand the problems of human trafficking, family violence, and even the recent killing rampage in California, it is important to gain a knowledge of human sexuality, according to Kansas University Professor Alesha Doan.
KU professor spotlights pair of influential filmmakers in new books
June 7, 2014
Douglas Fairbanks and Peter Weir are two filmmakers who have fascinated Kansas University film studies associate professor John Tibbetts for a long time.
Kansas City Connection: A legendary burger
June 7, 2014
As I walked aimlessly south through downtown Kansas City into the Crossroads, I came across the iconic signage of a building I’ve seen hundreds of times but never actually visited: Town Topic.
Faith Forum: Why do you think so many young people are more comfortable now identifying as non-religious?
June 7, 2014
David Berkowitz, Lawrence Jewish Community Congregation, answers.
Analyst says her Kansas tax revenue research misrepresented to blame federal government
June 7, 2014
A senior policy analyst in New York says state officials misrepresented her research into unexpected drops in tax revenues in April and May so they could blame the federal government for poor performance and dismiss it as a fluke.
More than 150 kids participate in Ironman fun run
June 7, 2014
This morning’s rainstorm stopped just in time for several dozen kids to participate in a fun run at the site of the Ironman competition at Clinton State Park. UnitedHealthcare sponsored the event to reduce childhood obesity by raising awareness about the importance of kids leading active, healthy lifestyles. By Giles Bruce
Kansas inmate disputes lawyer’s claims on death penalty trial strategy
June 7, 2014
A Kansas prison inmate awaiting a new trial after the Kansas Supreme Court reversed his capital murder conviction and death sentence is firing back at the attorney who represented him when he was convicted in 2005 of killing two women and trying to kill a third.
Three injured in weather-related crashes near Lawrence
12:22 p.m., June 7, 2014 Updated 04:38 p.m.
Three people were injured in two weather-related crashes this morning on Interstate 70 near Lawrence. By Giles Bruce
Déjà viewing: ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ and Liberty Hall’s classic music film series
June 7, 2014
Scene Stealers: “Edge of Tomorrow” is a sci-fi actioner with the mechanics of a video game, where the protagonist gets another life and another chance every time he dies, but retains the knowledge and skill of all past lives. What helps the movie rise above a superficial level, however, is that it successfully dramatizes both the emotional drain and the core moral dilemma of experiencing the same situation over and over again.
25 years ago: City Commission to keep old quorum requirement
June 7, 2014
The proposal would also have allowed pairs of commissioners to meet privately, without notifying the public, to discuss city business.
40 years ago: No more textbooks: Lawrence schoolchildren to study science via kits
June 7, 2014
The kits were designed to give students a “hands on” experience with scientific principles.
In the hunt: Ex-Firebird Lewis part of College World Series push
June 7, 2014
This week, former Free State standout Tim Lewis shrugged off his 15-game hitting streak — a huge accomplishment for the transfer from Allen Community College — as his team remains one of 16 in the country in the hunt for the College World Series. By Benton Smith
Lancers surge past Lawrence Raiders, 9-3
June 7, 2014
The Lawrence Raiders American Legion baseball team dropped its opening game of the MidAmerica tournament, 9-3, to the Shawnee Mission East Lancers, Friday at Kansas City Kansas Community College.
100 years ago: Kansas pool hall managers to enforce stricter rules
June 7, 2014
“The State Pool Hall Managers have adopted a set of rules that restricts their patrons and will make the pool halls a wholesome place of amusement for those who will go and behave themselves.”
KU recruit Mykhailiuk garners 5-star rating
June 7, 2014 has awarded future Kansas University basketball player Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk a five-star rating, the website reported Friday. Basketball notes by Gary Bedore
KU football’s Dineen speaks in memory of late rival
June 7, 2014
Kansas University freshman Joe Dineen’s quest to honor the late Andre Maloney — a fellow KU football recruit and Sunflower League standout — included another memorable stop on Friday. By Matt Tait
Letter: Climate concern
June 7, 2014
We are Kansans and members of the clergy, from many different religious traditions. Together, we raise our voices in support of new standards to put stricter limits on climate pollution from power plants. We call for this action due to threat posed to all of God’s creation by human-induced global climate change. 
Letter: Climate, meat
June 7, 2014
I am delighted that the Environmental Protection Agency has finally moved to abate the disastrous impacts of climate change by regulating carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. But, given the adverse reaction from the coal industry, the agency should have issued parallel regulations on emissions from meat industry operations. Each state could than determine its own optimal strategy for curbing greenhouse gases.
Opinion: Prisoner swap was very close call
June 7, 2014
What is it with Susan Rice and the Sunday morning talk shows? This time she said Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl had served in Afghanistan “with honor and distinction” — the biggest whopper since she insisted the Benghazi attack was caused by a video.