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12:00 a.m.
North Lawrence resident Mary Drouin shops for green beans at Checkers Foods, 2300 Louisiana St. Drouin, who is low-income and limits how much she drives, lives in one of Lawrence's four federally designated food deserts, where a combination of low income, lack of supermarkets and lack of transportation makes it difficult for some residents to access healthy food. Extra steps to eat: Creating oases in Lawrence’s ‘food desert’ an ongoing challenge
January 20, 2014
At the grocery store, Mary Drouin will probably be in the outermost aisles, selecting the healthiest fresh produce, milk and eggs she can afford. But sticking to her healthy goals is a challenge for Drouin because of where she lives (North Lawrence, which has no supermarket) and how much money she makes (not much). Drouin is one of nearly 18,000 Lawrencians living in a federally designated food desert, four adjacent census tracts that blanket the northeast part of the city. By Sara Shepherd
10:00 a.m.
A welcome sign greets drivers entering Lawrence along North Second Street in North Lawrence. Many in North Lawrence say the entryway into the city is better than it used to be but admit that there's room for improvement. City Hall: Lawrence streets are getting better
January 20, 2014
Lawrence shoppers pay a little bit more, but Lawrence motorists get a little smoother ride. That was the idea behind a three-tenths-of-a-cent infrastructure sales tax approved by voters in 2008, and now a report out of City Hall says motorists are starting to feel the benefit. By Chad Lawhorn
12:00 p.m.
Baldwin City native Adam Guss opened Summit's Steps Minerals, 17 W. 9th St., last month. New downtown shop selling gems, minerals sourced from around the world
January 20, 2014
Tucked inside a humble space downtown are enough gems and minerals to give the illusion of stepping into a cave rich with geological diversity. By Stephen Montemayor
2:00 p.m.
The Blue Valley school district's Center for Advanced Professional Studies, located at 7501 W. 149th Terrace in Overland Park. Blue Valley career training center inspires Lawrence chamber, school district
January 20, 2014
Lawrence Chamber of Commerce representatives saw a typical afternoon at the Blue Valley school district’s state-of-the-art career training center during a tour envisioned to glean inspiration for their own program and facility in Lawrence. By Sara Shepherd
4:46 p.m.
The Kansas legislature has violated its constitutional duty to provide suitable funding for public schools, a three-judge panel ruled Jan. 11. The panel ordered the legislature to fund public schools at $4,492 per-pupil rather than the $3,838 per-pupil schools are currently receiving. Kansas working on new plan for accrediting schools
January 20, 2014
Kansas education officials are making plans for sweeping changes in the way public schools are graded and accredited. It would be the first comprehensive overhaul of school regulations since Quality Performance Accreditation, or QPA, was introduced in 1992. By Peter Hancock

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