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12:15 a.m.
Tents on the ice at the CReSIS Subglacial Lake Whillans field camp on the Siple Coast, Antarctica. Photo courtesy of KU CReSIS Deputy Director, Carl Leuschen. At the world’s top and bottom, KU’s CReSIS breaking new ground
January 13, 2014
Several teams from Kansas University’s Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets have been gathering data from the world’s polar regions. From a massive aquifer and canyon to a trip that narrowly survived a government shutdown, the research season has been full of milestones and discoveries. By Ben Unglesbee
10:36 a.m.
MAD Farm's Dan Phelps harvests some heads of lettuce in a hoop house garden in this file photo from January 2012. Tunnel project aims to help farmers lasso economic potential of specialty crops
January 13, 2014
The Kansas Rural Center this month announced the creation of its Tunnel to Table project, funded by a Specialty Crop Block Grant from the Kansas Department of Agriculture. With workshops kicking off in spring, the project aims to provide information and networking for Kansas farmers considering or already growing specialty crops in polytunnels. By Sara Shepherd
12:36 p.m.
Paul Corcoran, who teaches sixth-grade math and language arts at Lawrence's West Middle School, wears kilts to school most days of the week to celebrate his Irish heritage. Teachers in kilts not out of the ordinary at Lawrence middle school
January 13, 2014
Paul Corcoran, a sixth-grade teacher in Lawrence, started wearing kilts in the early 2000s, when he was at Deerfield Elementary School, to celebrate his Celtic heritage. He continued the tradition when sixth-grade classes moved two years ago to West Middle School, where he has influenced a colleague into wearing them as well. By Giles Bruce
2:26 p.m.
Windmills are seen behind blades of grass blown by the wind at the Invenergy Wind Development wind farm near Judith Gap, Mont., in this April 17, 2010, photo. Kansas officials are looking at ways to better manage transportation of massive wind turbine parts on highways. Transmission lines would send Kansas wind power to eastern U.S.
January 13, 2014
A Texas-based energy company hopes to build a high-voltage transmission line across the entire state to deliver Kansas wind energy to the eastern United States. But the plan still needs approval in other states, and some Kansas landowners still hope to stop it. By Peter Hancock
4:19 p.m.
These spiders were about the size of a human hand and lived 165 million years ago, during the Middle Jurassic period. The male, Mongolarachne jurassica, and female, Nephila jurassica, were similar in size. Photo courtesy of Kansas University and Paul Selden. Jurassic spider: KU scientist discovers largest known arachnid fossil
January 13, 2014
A Kansas University researcher recently identified the largest known fossilized spider, a relic of the Middle Jurassic period. The discovery, described in the journal Naturwissenschaften, was of a male spider about the size of a hand.By Ben Unglesbee

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