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In your opinion, the sex-ed curriculum in Lawrence schools is:

Poll results

Response Percent
Appropriate for middle schoolers and high schoolers.
Incomplete in its depiction of human anatomy and reproduction.
Too graphic in general for use in a classroom.
Inappropriate for middle schoolers and high schoolers.
Total 97

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12:22 a.m.
Anna Kimbrell, Lawrence, a third-year KU law student, studies in the law school library Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2014. The University of Missouri-Kansas City and the University of Kansas are in a border war of sorts as they vie for law school students. KU law school courting Missourians with new scholarships
February 18, 2014
The Kansas University law school is hoping to recruit Missourians from the Kansas City area using new scholarships that reduce tuition to in-state rates. The scholarships come at a time when fewer people are applying to law school and regional schools are vying to increase their footprint in Kansas City. By Ben Unglesbee
12:00 p.m.
Nick Krug/Journal-World Photo KU drops legislative request for bonding authority to build fieldhouse apartments
February 18, 2014
Kansas University on Tuesday dropped its legislative request for bonding authority to build a $17.5 million apartment building for basketball players. By Scott Rothschild
2:00 p.m.
Lelia Hayden, Topeka, holds a sign promoting equality as she and other demonstrators gather on the south steps of the Kansas Statehouse for a group photo by organizers in protest to House bill 2453, a measure approved by the House that would have allowed people to cite religious beliefs in denying services to same-sex couples. The demonstration, which drew several hundred members was organized by the Topeka non-profit group Planting Peace. Debate over religious beliefs, gay rights will continue
February 19, 2014
Some legislators say they want the issue to go away, but it won’t. Last week, the Kansas Legislature was the object of political scorn across the state and nation after the House approved a bill that critics said would allow Jim Crow-like discrimination against gays and lesbians. But even though House Bill 2453 has been buried, the conflict between gay rights and the religious beliefs of some will rise again as early as next month. By Scott Rothschild
5:06 p.m.
Wilson Arnett, Lawrence High School senior, talks to Stacey Lamb, Lawrence, at the "Chance" station Wednesday during the "Reality U" program at the school. Reality U is a financial literacy program providing students with a projected profile of their lives and monthly expenses at the age of 26. Teens visit life booths including insurance, housing, utilities, child care and charitable giving. Teens — and reporter — get dose of financial reality at LHS
February 19, 2014
Back in high school, this was not the reality I pictured for my 26-year-old self. Posing as a student to go through a financial literacy program called Reality U Wednesday at Lawrence High School was a reminder for me — and an eye opener for the real teens around me — of some key truths. One: Life is expensive. Two: It doesn’t always happen like you planned. By Sara Shepherd

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