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Royals reward Yost with two-year extension
October 1, 2013
The vast rebuilding job that Ned Yost inherited as the manager of the Kansas City Royals was strikingly similar to the one he took on when he was hired by the Milwaukee Brewers. The difference this time is that Yost will have a chance to stick around.
City delays action on $40 million bond issue for Rock Chalk Park
October 1, 2013
The Lawrence City Commission will wait until Oct. 8 to cast a first-round vote on $40 million worth of industrial revenue bonds to finance a portion of Rock Chalk Park. The bonds would enable the developer to receive property tax and sales tax exemptions. By Peter Hancock takes first place in 2013 Best in Digital Media Contest
October 1, 2013 took first place for best overall news site in the Local Media Association’s 2013 Best in Digital Media Contest, the association announced Tuesday.
Hospitals complain of delays in new Medicaid system
October 1, 2013
Hospitals are complaining about delays since the state switched to a new managed care plan for Medicaid.
West Middle School students serve state leaders lunch straight from their garden
October 1, 2013
Kansas Agriculture Secretary Dale Rodman and Education Commissioner Diane DeBacker ate lunch today at West Middle School, where much of the food was grown in the school’s own vegetable garden. The garden is one of many ‘Farm to School’ programs around the country that strive to teach students about health and nutrition, and to support local agriculture. By Peter Hancock
Fifteen years into its new life as a nonprofit, KU Hospital making strides in patient care and growth
October 1, 2013
Fifteen years ago the KU Hospital Authority was created, breaking the organizational and financial ties between the hospital and the university and state. Since then, markers for patient satisfaction, mortality, and staff turnover have improved greatly. By Ben Unglesbee
Two Lawrence men in jail facing charges of indecent liberties with 15-year-old
October 1, 2013
Two Lawrence men are being held in Douglas County Jail facing multiple charges including aggravated indecent liberties with a 15-year-old. One man faces an additional charge of prostitution.
Kansas officials on new health exchange: Be patient
October 1, 2013
The online insurance marketplace for Kansas could not fully handle the crush of consumers who hit the federally run exchange when enrollment opened Tuesday, but the technological glitches were not unexpected as not only the website but the program itself tried to keep up with demand.
Finalists for Ex.C.E.L Award named
October 1, 2013
Ten Kansas University seniors have been named finalists for the 23rd annual Excellence in Community, Education and Leadership Awards, with the two winners to be named at halftime of the Kansas-Texas Tech game Saturday.
KU to hold public forums on master plan for Lawrence and Edwards campuses
October 1, 2013
Kansas University will hold a final round of public forums on Thursday to discuss the new master plan for the development of its Lawrence and Edwards campuses. Presentations from KU will look at facilities and projects, land use, research, student life, sustainability and resource management, and transportation and access.
Ottawa man to serve majority of sentence on probation in accidental shooting of 4-year-old
October 1, 2013
An Ottawa man will serve three years probation following 60 days in the Franklin County Adult Detention Center after being found guilty in the accidental shooting of a 4-year-old boy in January.
Meetings in Lawrence to explain new health care law
October 1, 2013
Lawrence-area residents will have a chance to learn more about the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, at a series of meetings scheduled to take place in the community over the next several weeks. The first meeting is set for Wednesday.
Kansas City, Kan., man arrested in Lawrence on suspicion of federal drug charges
October 1, 2013
Federico Castro Mongeau Samuel was booked into the jail a little after 7 p.m. Monday after a Lawrence police officer arrested him in the 1300 block of Kasold Drive.
Endowment provided nearly $120 million to KU in 2013
10:17 a.m., October 1, 2013 Updated 06:58 p.m.
The Kansas University Endowment announced today that it provided $119.4 million to KU for fiscal year 2013, which ended June 30. That figure is up very slightly from last fiscal year. Support for the first quarter of the current fiscal year are already up 19 percent over the same period last year. By Ben Unglesbee
Horoscopes for Oct. 1
October 1, 2013
For Tuesday, Oct. 1 This year you will alternate between being the extreme extrovert and the recluse whom no one can find. You will network and expand your horizons. If you are single, meeting people comes easily; however, learning to choose the right person is a different issue entirely. If you are attached, enjoy the closeness that the two of you create as a couple.
25 years ago: Lightning causes unplanned sounding of tornado sirens
October 1, 2013
“The only way to guarantee they don’t go off is not to have them.”
40 years ago: Clinton Parkway to cost more than originally planned
October 1, 2013
Structural steel had risen from one to two cents a pound in the past two years.
100 years ago: Two KU students suspended over tango story
October 1, 2013
“‘We are going into the whole matter,’ said the Chancellor. ‘I am dead opposed to all of these suggestive dances….’”
Letter: Academic issue
October 1, 2013
I find it fascinating to see the School of Journalism and the anthropology department support David Guth claiming freedom of speech and academic freedom. This makes me wonder if they really understand these concepts. 
Letter: Dismayed Kansan
October 1, 2013
I am a fifth generation Kansan, the product of Kansas public schools, including Kansas University. It is dismaying to find my home state has become a synonym for the ignorant and foolish. The most recent evidence that, regardless of my dismay, apparently that comparison is apt is the behavior of the university administration, the dean of the William Allen White (!) School of Journalism and certain Kansas legislators with regard to the activities of Professor Guth.
Dental care is an often overlooked part of the medical system
October 1, 2013
William Welch didn’t always take the best care of his teeth. But he never had dental insurance, either. “I remember always thinking I wish I had the money to go to the dentist. It’s so expensive,” said Welch, 43. But in 2010 he moved from Detroit to Lawrence, where he works as a waiter at a downtown restaurant. That’s when he heard about the Douglas County Dental Clinic, which provides dental services to uninsured residents making up to 200 percent of the federal poverty level. By Giles Bruce
Editorial: Honored alumni
It’s always great to honor and hear from outstanding Lawrence students who have gone on to accomplish great things.
October 1, 2013
Sunday’s Lawrence High School Hall of Honor inductions are another reminder of some of the outstanding people who have moved through the Lawrence public schools.
Opinion: Behavior is test for Iranian moderation
October 1, 2013
Now that President Obama and Hassan Rouhani have had their historic phone call — the first contact between U.S. and Iranian leaders since 1979 — one has to ask whether the United States has finally found the Iranian “moderate” it has sought for years.
Neighbor questions church’s use of school
October 1, 2013
Liberty Memorial Central Middle School is routinely used on Sundays as a place of worship by a local church. School district officials say they make buildings available to all community groups on a non-discriminatory basis. By Peter Hancock