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12:15 a.m.
Rep. Jerry Moran, R- Kan., talks with constituents in his Capitol Hill office in Washington, D.C. Moran has been hinting to key GOP supporters that he may soon be ready to launch a statewide bid.   Jerry Moran, not a gambler, bets on taking back Senate for the GOP
July 21, 2013
Jerry Moran has never been a big risk-taker. Known as a cautious, state-oriented legislator, the 59-year-old Republican senator from Kansas has been dogged by a reputation for indecisiveness over the years. So when Moran volunteered to lead his party’s fight to take control of the U.S. Senate next year, his eagerness to tackle such a high-profile, high-pressure job ran against type. Now, in his new role as the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Moran has stepped into the spotlight to make an uncharacteristic gamble: If the GOP can pick up six seats to regain the Senate majority for the first time since 2007, he’ll get credit for the victory. If Republicans fall short, he’ll take the brunt of the blame.
10:44 a.m.
Lawrence resident Michael Wilson 55, has been the janitor at Liberty Hall for more than two decades but has a second job, as the deacon for a Serbian Orthodox church in Kansas City, Mo. Lawrence man’s journey from Rastafarian to Serbian Orthodox deacon
July 21, 2013
Lawrence resident Michael Wilson’s transformation from a Rastafarian to a Serbian Orthodox deacon isn’t as much of a stretch as one might think. By Giles Bruce
12:54 p.m.
Heidi Burke, 9, checks the donation box outside her home in Shawnee on July 8. Heidi, a quadrilateral congenital amputee, used PayPal to raise almost $9,000 to help a friend from England attend a convention with her. Girl has super power: attracting positive results
July 21, 2013
When Heidi Burke sets her mind on something, nothing’s going to stand in her way. So when the 9-year-old Shawnee girl recently launched an epic fundraiser ­— needing almost $9,000 in less than a week ­— there was no doubt she’d somehow make it happen. She wants to help her friend Ellie May Challis, who lives in England, visit America. The two girls share a powerful bond. “We both are 9,” Heidi says. “We both have blond hair, we both have about the same color of eyes, and we’re both about as tall as each other. And we both do not have hands or legs.” By Jason Kendall

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