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Fire destroys house in Eudora
July 7, 2013
A house in Eudora was destroyed by fire Sunday morning.
100 years ago: Autos on cross-country tour pass through Lawrence
July 7, 2013
“Eighteen passenger cars and two trucks are with the party which is on a six weeks’ tour from Indianapolis to Los Angeles.”
Horoscopes for July 7
July 7, 2013
For Sunday, July 7 This year will get better and better. Don’t allow the unexpected to bother you; instead, use it to confirm that you are on the right path. If you are single, you could meet someone in the most surprising way. If you are attached, the two of you will opt for a special trip together that adds to the caliber of your marriage.
25 years ago: KU coach search narrows to three candidates
July 7, 2013
In the wake of Larry Brown’s departure for the NBA, KU was still searching for a new men’s basketball coach.
40 years ago: KU Faculty Club makes plans for new facility
July 7, 2013
The new plan offered a better location, a new structure, and a pleasant view.
Lawhorn’s Lawrence: A different round of golf
July 7, 2013
They play the game with special clubs, special balls, special tees, but most importantly, with a special attitude that isn’t seen in abundance either in fairways or classrooms. By Chad Lawhorn
Editorial: Care act delay
The delay in implementing one of its key provisions could be beneficial for the Affordable Care Act.
July 7, 2013
Obamacare. Did administration officials blink — or did they wink?
County begins crafting 2014 budget
July 7, 2013
A slight increase in property values may help Douglas County commissioners avoid a tax hike next year. But several outside agencies are asking local taxpayers to help fill in gaps that resulted from state budget cuts. By Peter Hancock
New law allows restricted driver’s license for unpaid traffic tickets
July 7, 2013
Motorists who have lost their license because they haven’t been able to pay off traffic fines can now get a restricted license. By Scott Rothschild
Opinion: After coup, can activists lead Egypt?
July 7, 2013 in print edition on A7
The Arab Spring has come full circle. Two years ago, huge crowds in Tahrir Square called for the removal of a military-backed dictator and for democratic elections. Today, opposition crowds in the same square are cheering the military’s ouster of an elected government. So much for the popular appeal of electoral democracy!
Lawrence school board eyes other sites for career and technical education center
July 7, 2013
The Lawrence school board had planned to use $5.7 million in bond money to develop new space for career and technical education at its Holcom Center. But city, county and business leaders are urging the school board to consider other locations. By Peter Hancock
Behind the Lens: Go with the flow of your photo subject
July 7, 2013
To quote a line from the movie “The Truman Show,” “We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented.” That’s appropriate for photojournalists.
LHS students bring home National History Day honors
July 7, 2013
One team placed 13th nationally for a group website exploring the impact of Chinggis Khaan. Another team won a special prize for a documentary film about the San Francisco earthquake and its impact on Chinese immigration. By Peter Hancock
Young musicians to show talent at piano competition at KU
July 7, 2013
The talent of some of the country’s best young piano players will be on display this week in conjunction with the International Institute for Young Musicians International Piano Competition.
Master plan will shape future of KU’s campus
July 7, 2013
It’s a tough enough task to guess how Kansas University’s campus might need to change to teach future students who are now in high school, or even perhaps middle school. But how can KU plan for future Jayhawks who are still toddlers? That’s a question on the mind of consultants forming the first new master plan for the KU campus since 1997. By Matt Erickson
Neighborhood pool acts as a ‘community within a community’
July 7, 2013
About 10 kids tossed around a beach ball in the shallow end of an east Lawrence neighborhood pool one afternoon last week while those a bit older took turns doing canonballs off of the diving board. A few parents sat on loungers applying sunscreen, watching their kids, and talking through the noise of the radio playing in the background. At 2119 Maple Lane, the pool, named the County Fair Swim Club, acts as a gathering spot for those who live in the area near Kennedy School. By Nikki Wentling
Collaborative exhibit seeks to reflect on Quantrill’s raid through art
July 7, 2013
Some themes of Quantrill’s 1863 raid on Lawrence, and its lasting effects on the town, can be challenging to fully explore through words alone. The Percolator and the Watkins Community Museum of History are inviting Lawrencians to tackle those subjects with art.
Please add your piece to the display, but don’t cross the line
Ceramist-in-residence highlights tactile nature of clay in solo exhibition
July 7, 2013
There are two entrances to Monika Laskowska’s solo ceramics exhibition at the Lawrence Arts Center. To touch, or not to touch?