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Heard on the Hill: NCAA makes changes to $2,000 stipend for athletes proposal; Jayhawks get some love on ‘Wheel of Fortune’; KU looking for new accessibility and ADA education post

February 10, 2012


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• The NCAA is considering a tweak to a proposed $2,000 stipend for student-athletes that I reported on earlier.

That’s according to the Chronicle of Higher Education.

The proposal would mean fewer athletes would be eligible, the Chronicle reports, because athletes would have to prove financial need before they would qualify for the extra cash.

KU, if you remember, was generally supportive of the idea but had a few concerns relating to recruiting and gender equity.

That concern is addressed in the new proposal. You’ll recall (and if you don’t, you can go click that link up there and see for yourself) that Jim Marchiony, an associate athletic director at KU, told me that athletes on partial scholarships weren’t eligible for the stipend.

That created a bit of a gender-equity issue, as many more male athletes have full scholarships than female athletes.

The new proposal from the NCAA would allow athletes on a partial scholarship to be eligible for a proportional share of the money, the Chronicle said.

The plan would need the approval of the NCAA Division I Board of Directors before going into effect. If approved, don’t look for it before the 2013-14 academic year.

• I heard that KU got a shout-out on “Wheel of Fortune” earlier this week.

A tipster told me that Melissa Templeton from Camp Pendleton (which is really fun to say out loud), appeared on the the show’s military spouses week.

She’s originally from Kansas and is married to Marine Corps Capt. T.J. Templeton, preparing for his second tour in Afghanistan.

She apparently gave a nice “Go, Jayhawks!” on the way to winning two cars, a trip to New Orleans and cash.

To my knowledge, KU does not offer a course in solving “Wheel of Fortune” puzzles (I’m looking at you, linguistics department), so she must have picked up those skills somewhere else.

• Three finalists have been named in KU’s search for a new director of accessibility and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) education.

Jamie Lloyd Simpson is disability program coordinator at the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. Teresa Haven is supervisor of Alternative Format, a disabilities services program at Arizona State University. And Jaclyn Anderson is the director of the Academic Resource Center at Kansas City Kansas Community College.

They’ll all be on campus soon for public forums, and you can see the details here.

• Seriously. How cool would a class on “Wheel of Fortune” puzzles be? Tell me about that or anything else on your mind at


begin60 6 years, 2 months ago

KU should take the lead from Missouri on this one. Lee Henson, their ADA Director, is a compassionate and principled advocate for equal rights. He goes to bat for people and does his best to ensure they can earn their degrees. He's not part of the southern-justice officialdom and abuse of power at Mizzou, even though that exists, if not quite so illegally and brutally as at KU. Locals in Douglas County are way too immured in a backward culture of mountain people to be very effective or hold decent standards of professionalism.

Southern culture sucks as far as singling out those with the even most minor physical limitation for second-class treatment. This adds up to being blind to every other aspect of a person's spirit and abilities and beauty. It is an incredibly mindless script apparently programmed into Kansans from birth. .Absolute strangers approach you on the streets and behave in hugely offensive and intrusive ways. They give themselves way too much credit by the clueless way they define"help" and make insulting assumptions about who needs it and why.

Given this hostile environment and total disregard for privacy and the value of independence It seems impossible to get a fair shake at KU, even if as former and future a UCLA and Berkeley community member people were alert enough to respect your brains and treat you like a human being.

Actually, staff dealing with KU 's adherence to civil rights laws should have an advanced degree in most cases.

Just the other day a woman called in to KCUR Central Standard to a show on workplace law and said she had to retire from a local school admissions office due to being mistreated on the basis of an arthritic knee. The dumb KU Med shrink on the show stated her co-workers were just showing they cared by getting up in her face. Haha! That's the poor level of awareness most people stoop to in this town. They are completely presumptuous, insincere, and treat you like a museum object all so they can put on a self-serving public drama about what helpful souls they are. That you feel insulted and abused not "helped" fails to register with them.What they really need to do is respect others' privacy and space.How dare hicks act like they are God's gift!

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