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Heard on the Hill: Swarm of bees invades Monarch Watch building; KU earns another social media mention; Student Senate elections go KUnited’s way again

April 15, 2011


Your daily dose of news, notes and links from around Kansas University.

• Chip Taylor and his team over at Monarch Watch found a bee swarm outside their home at Foley Hall on KU’s West Campus earlier this week.

It was different than the bees they generally keep in the building. And so Chip — being Chip — decided to do something a lot bolder than I would, and “scraped” (his verb) the large clump of bees into a bucket.

I know this because they made a video of their experience, and shared it on YouTube. The bees are quite docile during this process, apparently.

It all reminds me of the time last June I got sent out to a house in the southern part of town to witness this process firsthand.

Some fine folks from Anthony’s Beehive came out then, and got rid of some bees congregating in a resident’s front yard.

This is the second video I’ve noticed that popped up lately on Monarch Watch’s blog.

You can watch the program’s other videos at its YouTube channel.

• KU has received another recognition for its social media efforts, ranking No. 17 of the top 100 Social Media Colleges according to

It praised KU’s virtual tour (which features the steam whistle from yesterday’s post, by the way). Here’s a look at the methodology behind the rankings.

You can even apply right on the page, pointed out.

Harvard University — home of Facebook entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg — ranked No. 1. Its Harvard Social group meets regularly to discuss all kinds of social media-related matters.

• Student Senate elections were last night, and they’re done.

Libby Johnson and Gabe Bliss will become the new president and vice president, and their KUnited Coalition won a majority of Student Senate seats, too. That coalition has had a pretty good run of success in many of the elections in recent years.

Here’s where you can find the complete results from last night's election.

As always in these smaller-turnout races, your votes count. One vote, for example, separated Sean D. Galloway and Adam Mark Orosco in the race to become a School of Law senator.

I hope this year’s slate of senators can do the things they set out to accomplish — it can be difficult sometimes to work within the system and get administrators on board and funding sources identified. But KU has all kinds of cool things on campus that started with Student Senate ideas — fall break, for one, and the Ambler Student Recreation Fitness Center, for another.

So good luck to all the winners next year, and do something spiffy.

• Keep sending your tips for Heard on the Hill to It’s even more fun than knocking bees off a branch.


LJD230 6 years, 7 months ago

Wouldn't it be nice if this "recognition" blazed trails to an enhanced ACADEMIC reputation for KU?

Wouldn't it be nice if some degree of intellectual rigor were required in pursuit of a KU undergraduate degree? Isn't exercising the brain in a learning endeavor as important as tapping one's finger on a mobile and/or destop device?

When I was an undergraduate KU was known as "Harvard on the Kaw". And now?

MyName 6 years, 7 months ago

Back in my day, we walked up hill, both ways, in 10 feet of snow...

Eghh, what was the question again?

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