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12:00 a.m.
Kansas University athletic director Lew Perkins smiles as he is approached by media members Thursday in the parking garage adjacent to Allen Fieldhouse. On Thursday, Perkins announced his intention to resign from his position after the 2010-11 academic year but did not comment. Lew Perkins set to retire as Kansas University’s athletic director at end of 2010-11 school year
3:33 p.m., June 10, 2010 Updated 10:24 p.m. in print edition on 1A
Kansas Athletic Director Lew Perkins, the man who saw KU’s athletic budget more than double, will retire Sept. 4, 2011.
10:00 a.m.
Sacred Journey owner Natalie McAnulla leans her head against the wall outside her store in 2010 while law enforcement officials conducted an investigation inside. McAnulla purchased the store in 2009 and sold K2 there. Federal officials again raid Lawrence store at center of K2 controversy
1:46 p.m., June 10, 2010 Updated 8:08 p.m. in print edition on 3A
Law enforcement officials have again raided a downtown Lawrence store that was once at the center of the K2 controversy.
2:00 p.m.
A Kansas fan gets pumped up after a stop by the Jayhawks during the second quarter Saturday, Sept. 26, 2009 at Kivisto Field. Kivistos fall behind on donations pledged to Kansas Athletics
June 10, 2010 in print edition on 8A
Two of the most generous donors for Kansas Athletics Inc. in recent years did not fulfill their pledge for the past year, money that had been expected to help finance KU’s new football practice facility.
6:00 p.m.
Carlin Francis, who graduated Lawrence High School in January, is this year’s ArtStar scholarship winner. ArtStar trek: Carlin Francis boldly embarks on mixed-media career
June 11, 2010 in print edition on 1C
Carlin Francis can barely contain her enthusiasm.

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Former Farmland Industries property likely to be in city’s possession within the next 90 days
June 11, 2010 in print edition on A1
After years of haggling, the former Farmland Industries property likely will be under city ownership within the next 90 days.
Dan Beebe LIVE: Big 12 Commissioner answers questions via teleconference
04:20 p.m., June 11, 2010 Updated 05:19 p.m.
With the loss of two Big 12 schools in the past two days, Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe spoke to reporters via conference call Friday, regarding the future of the conference and whether or not it can move forward with 10 members. Here is a paraphrased version of that conference call. The complete audio will be available at and shortly.
Historic private Lawrence swimming club struggling to open this season
June 11, 2010 in print edition on B1
For the past eight years, Missi Pfeifer has managed to open the County Fair Swim Club pool in time for Memorial Day weekend.
Jenkins has the upper hand in 2nd District race
June 11, 2010 in print edition on B1
U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins, R-Topeka, faces varied and underdog challengers in her re-election effort.
State insurance plan members will no longer be able to fill prescriptions at Walgreens
June 11, 2010 in print edition on B8
About 100,000 Kansas residents will have fewer places to get discount drugs because Walgreen Co. won’t do business with the firm managing the prescription drug program for state employees.
KU athletic department records third-highest GPA in school history
June 11, 2010 in print edition on C3
Kansas University student-athletes recorded the third-highest grade-point average in department history, the school announced Friday, with a combined 3.01 GPA for the spring semester.
Noted Oral Historian to speak at KU
June 11, 2010
An oral historian will be at the University of Kansas next week to discuss the challenges of the field.
Only Republicans file for Insurance Commissioner post held by Lawrence’s Sandy Praeger
June 11, 2010
Voters in Kansas’ Aug. 3 Republican primary will probably decide the insurance commissioner’s race.
World Cup kicks off with Mexico vs. S. Africa
June 11, 2010 in print edition on B2
Not only will South Africa try to keep up with all previous home teams and advance out of the first round, but it will attempt to raise the profile of soccer in this country.
Rescuing oiled birds: Poignant, but some argue it’s futile
June 11, 2010 in print edition on A2
Rescuers gently washing the goo from pelicans make for some of the few hopeful images from the disaster on the Gulf of Mexico, yet some scientists contend those efforts are good for little more than warming hearts.
Army: Mix-up at Arlington Cemetery
June 11, 2010 in print edition on A2
An Army investigation has found that potentially hundreds of remains at Arlington National Cemetery have been misidentified or misplaced, in a scandal marring the reputation of the nation’s pre-eminent burial ground for its honored dead since the Civil War.
Creative thinking
The Lawrence Arts Center is a treasured local tradition but it also needs to have a dynamic vision for the future.
June 11, 2010 in print edition on A9
After 35 years of fostering local arts of all kinds, wonderful to see the Lawrence Arts Center not only celebrating its past but also looking to the future.
Big responsibility
The pending retirement of Lew Perkins puts even more pressure on Kansas University Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little.
June 11, 2010 in print edition on A9
Thursday’s surprising announcement that Kansas University Athletic Director Lew Perkins would retire in September 2011 has placed KU and Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little in a difficult and precarious position.
Pork ‘Other White Meat’ no more
June 11, 2010 in print edition on A2
For more than two decades, pork has been known as “The Other White Meat.” Now industry insiders think it’s time the meat got a new reputation.
ArtStar trek: Carlin Francis boldly embarks on mixed-media career
June 11, 2010 in print edition on C1
Carlin Francis can barely contain her enthusiasm.
Defining faces of KU: Perkins, Gray-Little and Self exposed in spotlight
June 11, 2010 in print edition on B1
On one of the biggest news days in the history of Kansas University, a spotlight shined on the three defining faces of the institution and exposed them for what they were Thursday. Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little: out of touch. Athletic Director Lew Perkins: out of time. Basketball coach Bill Self: out of this world.
Hundred of kids have benefited from language program
June 11, 2010 in print edition on A4
The Kansas University Language Acquisition Preschool (LAP) will celebrate 25 years of service on Saturday. Its theme: “Once a LAPer always a LAPer.”
Obama’s greenhouse gas rules survive Senate vote
June 11, 2010 in print edition on A6
In a boost for the president on global warming, the Senate on Thursday rejected a challenge to Obama administration rules aimed at cutting greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and other big polluters.
Jayhawk vaults to title
June 11, 2010 in print edition on B3
It took more than 41⁄2 hours to complete, but Kansas University’s Jordan Scott won the NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships pole vault title on Thursday.
NCAA hits USC football hard
June 11, 2010 in print edition on B2
The NCAA leveled Southern California with stinging penalties Thursday, issuing a two-year bowl ban and declaring Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush ineligible dating back to the Trojans’ 2004 national championship.
Police track down suspect, 20, in Shawnee shooting
June 11, 2010 in print edition on B10
Some old-fashioned police work combined with an age-old criminal misstep — returning to the scene of the crime — led to the arrest of the man now charged in a shooting June 4 in Shawnee.
Americans rebuilding wealth slowly, unevenly
June 11, 2010 in print edition on B9
The rebuilding of Americans’ wealth is proceeding in steps rather than strides.
People in the news
June 11, 2010 in print edition on B8
People in the news for June 11, 2010.
100 years ago: J.D. Bowersock allows nomination
June 11, 2010 in print edition on A9
J. D. Bowersock at last yielded to the solicitation of his friends and today permitted petitions to be circulated to place him in nomination as a candidate for the legislature subject to the votes of the Republicans at the primaries.
25 years ago: Local business may close doors
June 11, 2010 in print edition on A9
Attorneys for Culture Farms said that a recent cease-and-desist order would probably force the business to close its doors. The attorneys asked a district judge to block the order.
Sad discovery
June 11, 2010 in print edition on A9
I made an unpleasant discovery the other day. It occurred during my lunch break where I work. I had occasion to sit with some co-workers, all of whom were younger than me. As a curiosity item, I asked if any of them had read the U.S. Constitution in its entirety. To my surprise and dismay the answer was universally negative. Each of them had read some part of the Constitution but none of them had ever read the entire document.
Something lost
June 11, 2010 in print edition on A9
As a former student-athlete at KU, I’ve noticed little discussion of the impact the “super conference” transformation will have on non-revenue sports.
Another comeback for Bill Clinton
June 11, 2010 in print edition on A2
Bill Clinton’s back.
Gold medalist emphasizes value of college sports
During Haskell visit, Billy Mills says athletics brought him focus and emotional stability
June 11, 2010 in print edition on A3
A 1964 Olympic gold medalist returned to Haskell Indian Nations University on Thursday where he encouraged Haskell and other universities to maintain vibrant sports programs.
40 years ago: KU turmoil affecting art camp
June 11, 2010 in print edition on A9
Residents of many Kansas counties and cities were skeptical of their preliminary census figures.
Innocence lacking in ‘Karate Kid’ remake
June 11, 2010 in print edition on C2
Let’s put the shortcomings of the new “Karate Kid” in perspective.
Pacific Northwest should love realignment
June 11, 2010 in print edition on B2
Who would have thought that this seismic shakeup would have started in the once-stodgy, old Big Ten? This is the conference of Bo and Woody and Joe Pa. It is the Three-Yards-And-A-Cloud-Of-Dust Conference. The Big Ten used to stand for Midwest sensibilities and conservative policies.
Self not shocked by Perkins’ decision
June 11, 2010 in print edition on B1
Bill Self is sure of one thing in this time of great uncertainty: He does not want to succeed Lew Perkins as athletic director at Kansas University.
Colorado jilts Big 12 for Pac-10
June 11, 2010 in print edition on B1
The school with the second-most skiing championships in NCAA history will spend its future competing on the sunny shores of the West Coast.
Mother finds abducted daughter on Facebook but gets no happy reunion
June 11, 2010 in print edition on C10
Prince Sagala searched for her son and daughter for 15 years, fearing she had lost them forever to the estranged husband who took them to his native Mexico.
Cuomo, TV host form unusual power couple
June 11, 2010 in print edition on C10
He battles Wall Street fat cats, wants to drain New York’s political swamp and is the favorite to be the state’s next governor. She makes chili dogs on the Food Network, dispenses recipes for “semi-homemade” meals and has clutter-free closet tips.
Refs take a crash course in cursing
June 11, 2010 in print edition on C10
Watch those mouths, boys. Same for fingers, elbows, fists and anything else that could be construed as, uh, universal gestures.
Rec calendar
June 11, 2010 in print edition on C5
Lawrence Bicycle Club Various rides Tuesday through Sunday. Call Paul Corcoran at 842-5273 or e-mail
Bank of America simply did the right thing
June 11, 2010 in print edition on B9
It’s an all-too-familiar Washington story. Officials call a news conference to pat themselves on the back for righting a wrong they shouldn’t have let occur in the first place.
Rocket exploded soon after liftoff
June 11, 2010 in print edition on A2
A South Korean rocket carrying a climate observation satellite apparently exploded 137 seconds into its flight early Thursday, the country’s second major space setback in less than a year.
GM backs off memo against ‘Chevy’
June 11, 2010 in print edition on B9
Relax, Chevrolet fanatics. Turns out you can take your “Chevy to the levee” or any other darn place you please.
12,000 nurses launch 1-day walkout
June 11, 2010 in print edition on A2
More than 12,000 nurses walked off the job Thursday for a one-day strike at 14 Minnesota hospitals, a show of force being watched by many across the country as a test of how fiercely a new national nurses’ union can flex its muscle.
Analysts: BP can still cover Gulf oil spill costs
June 11, 2010 in print edition on B9
Wall Street analysts continue to believe that BP can pay for its Gulf mess, although their confidence level has been dinged by the company’s inability to stem the spill.
Will Americans watch World Cup?
June 11, 2010 in print edition on B8
Much like our embrace of the metric system, or Oprah’s engagement to Steadman, America’s love affair with soccer has never really reached the torrid zone.
Horoscope for June 11, 2010
June 11, 2010 in print edition on B8
This year, you become even more expressive. Do be careful how much you say when triggered, especially with a family member or roommate. A key relationship plays a strong role in your choices. If you are single, you draw many different types of people. Ask yourself what type of relationship you want before choosing your sweetie. Another Gemini is intrigued with how different the two of you are!
KU football lands commitment
June 11, 2010
Olathe North High junior Victor Simmons has committed to Kansas, according to
Kids labeled ‘Gen next’ early
June 11, 2010 in print edition on C10
They aren’t even out of grade school. But already, people are trying to name the youngest up-and-coming generation, and figure out who they might be and how they might be different from their predecessors.
Betemit’s shots save Royals, 9-8
June 11, 2010 in print edition on B3
Wilson Betemit’s first homer as a Royal got Kansas City rolling toward a lead that seemed too big for even their struggling bullpen to lose. His second gave that embattled pitching staff just enough of a cushion to hold on against the hard-charging Minnesota Twins.
‘Big Baby’ plays big for Celtics
Boston wins, 96-89, evens series at 2 games apiece
June 11, 2010 in print edition on B3
The Boston Celtics have tied up the NBA finals, and they owe it more to “Big Baby” than the Big Three.
Who’s on the ballot?
June 11, 2010 in print edition on A5
The following is a rundown of Democratic and Republican candidates for this year’s primary and general elections.
Pump patrol
June 11, 2010 in print edition on A3
The Journal-World found gas prices as low as $2.43 at several stations.
Wildflower walk to give look at prairie
June 11, 2010 in print edition on A3
Residents will once again have an opportunity to experience native prairie wildflowers at this year’s wildflower walk sponsored by the Kansas Land Trust.
Hummus as mayo swap, and a weight-loss idea
June 11, 2010 in print edition on C3
What is hummus? Is it healthy for you?
What other KU coaches are saying about Perkins’ retirement
June 11, 2010
Football coach Turner Gill: On Lew Perkins: “I am saddened and I love him. Lew has done some great things for the University of Kansas and all of college athletics during his career. He has had a tremendous influence on all student-athletes he has had contact with. His leaving doesn’t affect the vision our staff has for our football program. We are here to build relationships with our fans, alumni and everyone associated with the university and to bring excellence to our football program.”
Obama policy on Iran is hurting U.S.
June 11, 2010 in print edition on A9
In announcing the passage of a U.N. Security Council resolution imposing sanctions on Iran, President Obama stressed not once but twice Iran’s increasing “isolation” from the world. This claim is not surprising considering that after 16 months of an “extended hand” policy, in response to which Iran actually accelerated its nuclear program — more centrifuges, more enrichment sites, higher enrichment levels — Iranian “isolation” is about the only achievement to which the administration can even plausibly lay claim.
More oil spilling; BP may burn some of it
June 11, 2010 in print edition on A8
The Obama administration on Thursday doubled its minimum estimate of how much crude oil was gushing from the Deepwater Horizon oil well, saying a panel of scientists had concluded that 20,000 to 50,000 barrels, or as much as 2.1 million gallons, were pouring into the Gulf of Mexico every day before BP sheared the well’s riser pipe on June 3.
KU responds to questions over report
June 11, 2010 in print edition on A7
Prior to Thursday’s announcement that Athletic Director Lew Perkins would retire at the end of the upcoming school year, Kansas University’s chancellor was presented with a host of unanswered questions about Perkins’ involvement in an ethics scandal.
Companies share data to speed brain research
June 11, 2010 in print edition on A6
In an unusual step, a dozen competing drug companies have agreed to share data on thousands of Alzheimer’s patients in hopes that the extra information will spark new ideas for treatments.
Net Worth: Wild antics earn drummer Internet fame, ridicule
June 11, 2010 in print edition on C2
I spent the entirety of my 20s earning a living as a full-time musician. No waiting tables. No selling retail.