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12:00 a.m.
A pitch is lobbed to the plate during a game between the Kemira Phog Dogs and Those Sons of Pitches Aug. 18 at the Clinton Lake Softball Complex.
Diamond devotees: Lawrence fans show up to support their softball-playing partners
August 31, 2009
Sarah Shaffer enjoys both the competition and comedy. Lenette Hamm treasures the memories, both past and future. Lauren Trower cashes a paycheck, soaking up the atmosphere that only ag lime fields and aging major-league wannabes can provide. And Amy Lee? “It’s a change of scenery,” exhales the exhausted mother of Maya, 3, and Cami, 1. “It’s something to do. An activity.”
6:00 a.m.
Is using a center turn lane to merge with traffic illegal? It isn’t, but that’s not what they’re there for, city officials say. Repaving project on tap for 23rd Street
August 27, 2009 in print edition on 1A
Crews from Topeka will be tearing up a 1.2-mile hunk of 23rd Street, dragging away more than 40,000 square yards of pavement and replacing it all with more than 5,000 tons of fresh asphaltic concrete.
10:00 a.m.
Bud Light is selling special edition cans of beer in Kansas University colors. The beer is only sold in a 24 pack, which also features the colors of KU. Crimson and blue Bud Light cans make appearance on Lawrence liquor store shelves
2:42 p.m., August 31, 2009 Updated 5:17 p.m. in print edition on 1A
Crimson and blue Bud Light cans on the shelves of Lawrence liquor stores have Kansas University officials seeing red.
6:00 p.m.
A public meeting Monday allowed residents to meet with engineers and consultants regarding the city’s planned reconstruction of Kasold Drive south of Clinton Parkway. Jeff Jones, left, with Bartlett & West, explains design plans to neighbors John Martell and Billie Archer. The meeting was Monday night at the Holcom Park Recreation Center. City gathers input on Kasold reconstruction
September 1, 2009 in print edition on 4A
Before a contractor is hired to rebuild the southern stretch of Kasold Drive, city officials want to know just how much inconvenience nearby residents might be willing to endure.

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Rodriguez knows gravity of situation
September 1, 2009 in print edition on B2
Rich Rodriguez looked like a beaten man—and the season hasn’t started yet.
Pump patrol
September 1, 2009 in print edition on A3
The Journal-World found gas prices as low as $2.34 at several locations.
Wheeler’s reports stolen truck
September 1, 2009 in print edition on A4
Wheeler’s, 792 N. Second St., on Saturday reported an auto theft.
Obituaries don’t ignore human failings
September 1, 2009 in print edition on A7
Forty years after the Summer of Love, the summer of mourning is coming to a close.
Fair taxation
The idea of annexing the Lawrence Energy Center is worth investigating.
September 1, 2009 in print edition on A7
City officials have made a convincing preliminary case in favor of annexing Westar’s Lawrence Energy Center, and the matter certainly warrants further consideration.