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Should high schools be grades nine through 12 or grades 10 through 12?

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New GM about to emerge
July 10, 2009 in print edition on A9
The new General Motors is about to roll off the assembly line as a leaner, greener model, maybe even a profitable one, too.
Phelps breaks 100 fly world record
14-time Olympic gold medalist sets mark at U.S. Nationals
July 10, 2009 in print edition on B2
Four months after deciding to keep swimming, Michael Phelps took ownership of a world record that had eluded him for years.
Raiders fall, 2-1
July 10, 2009 in print edition on B6
The Raiders fell to the K.C. Bullets, 2-1.
In the game
Renewable energy legislation and progress on a major new electricity transmission line has made Kansas far more attractive to wind power developers.
July 10, 2009 in print edition on A10
T. Boone Pickens is looking for a new home for almost 700 giant wind turbines, and Kansas apparently is on his list.
Frenemy, locavore among newest words in Webster’s
July 10, 2009 in print edition on C10
Do you use a sock puppet to secretly keep track of your frenemies?