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Wetlands development cause for concern

January 20, 2009


Editor's note: Today's letters to the editor are from Southwest Junior High students learning about persuasive writing.

To the editor:

I am deeply concerned that the Baker Wetlands may be coming to a sad end, all because of a highway. According to an article written in September by Journal-World reporter Mark Fagan, the South Lawrence Trafficway has the money to start to build the highway, but not to finish it. So why start at all? The animals have a peaceful home at the wetlands and the South Lawrence Traffic Way might destroy their harmony and maybe ours, with the way the money is being handled.

Someone would disturb the peace because they thought they were doing a good thing for the people, but the people need to worry about themselves and see the money burning from their wallet from doing this. The taxes will increase when construction starts.

The animals from the Baker Wetlands have been there for a long time like the river otter, which has been reintroduced after 10 years, now we just got them back we do not want to lose them again. If they do build the SLT across Baker Wetlands there would be an increase in road kill, and in your automobile insurance. So ask yourself is a highway really worth the trouble and killing an animal?

Chelsea Sinay,

Southwest Junior High


WWoftheW 9 years ago

No growthers is a term created by the developement community as a way to cry wolf when a project is forced to follow process and the rules. Most of the so called no growthers are people who understand that growth is needed and required, but needs direction and needs to follow what the community wants not just big bucks for some guy who doesn't care about LAwrence.When a development works with the community it is amazing how Lawrence gets a better project than greed alone can build.

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