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More choices for lunch

January 20, 2009


Editor's note: Today's letters to the editor are from Southwest Junior High students learning about persuasive writing.

To the editor:

I think most people like to have a variety of choices for lunch. When I asked a few kids from my 8th hour Young Adult Reading class, and a teacher, 5 out of the 5 wanted a variety of lunch options.

As I think we all know, when people miss lunch or breakfast it makes them more irritable. You also perform better in sports with a full stomach. For example let’s say you had dinner at 6 o’clock the evening before, but missed breakfast. I know my class doesn’t eat until 12:10, that’s 18 hours with no food. In those 18 hours your body is starving for food. And what’s worse, when I get to lunch and there’s nothing left to eat, or there originally was nothing good to eat.

I’m not saying we need a gourmet lunch or anything; its not like it will be free, we will still be paying for it. But it would be nice if we could have a choice, maybe just two or three times a week. So let the kids have a few more options for lunch.

Annie Hierl,

Southwest Junior High


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