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Animal adoption helps

January 20, 2009


Editor's note: Today's letters to the editor are from Southwest Junior High students learning about persuasive writing.

To the editor:

Did you know that every hour in the U.S. more than 2,000 dogs and 3,500 cats are born compared to 415 humans? There are too many animals that are in shelters or that are homeless. If you have a pet, then you should get the animals sprayed or neutered, especially if you don’t want any more pets or you can’t take care of any more animals.

People think that it costs too much to have your animal spayed or neutered, but it costs only $60 for dogs and $40 for cats at the Lawrence Humane Society.

The Humane Society does it best to find homes for all the animals it takes in. The American Humane Society estimates that more than 15 million healthy, friendly dogs and cats will be euthanized this year simply because they are not adopted.

You can save lives and help solve the pet overpopulation tragedy by neutering or spraying your pet. This will help dogs and cats.

Taylor Edmonds,

Southwest Junior High


Leslie Swearingen 9 years, 3 months ago

Taylor, I got my cat, Deion from the local shelter and I was very impressed by how well they do. They put in a chip that allows him to be tracked should he ever get lost. Of course he is neutered. I don't know if people are lazy, don't care, what, but animals were not put here for us to do whatever we want with them. They are living beings who deserve life.I am making sure that one animal from the shelter is home tonight, warm and fed, secure and loved.

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