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Colbert Report picks up on Lawrence hedgehog story

The Colbert Report will visit Lawrence on March 9 to interview Mayor Mike Dever and the city’s rising celebrity and sixth-grade hedgehog lobbyist, Judson King.

February 25, 2009


The Colbert Report will be coming to Lawrence March 9 to interview Mayor Mike Dever and the city’s rising celebrity, sixth-grade hedgehog lobbyist, Judson King.

Since early January, the story of Judson and his new pet, Little Luke, has reached a national audience, boasting coverage by CBS, CNN and Fox.

A member of the Report’s staff contacted Dever earlier this week about the shoot.

Dever, a loyal fan of the Comedy Central show, said he was curious - but not concerned - about the focus of Colbert’s coverage. He said he has his ideas about the premise of the story, but he knows it will at least be funny.


d_prowess 9 years ago

I do love the Colbert Report, but we all know these interviews rarely paint the interviewees in a good light! Who knows though since a child is involved.

Or could the hedgehog be a new addition to the Treat Down!?!?!

geniusmannumber1 9 years ago

Oh, I wouldn't worry about the kid looking bad. Dever, on the other hand....

Chris Ogle 9 years ago

wonder if Dever can talk himself out of this one.

Jersey_Girl 9 years ago

I'd be less concerned with the kid and more with the town/state.

LA_Ex 9 years ago

It's comedy people, lighten up. If you can't laugh at yourself.....

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