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Journal-World All-area girls track team

June 15, 2008


3,200 Meter - (4A) 1. Heather Garcia, Baldwin; (6A) 6. Kyra Kilwien, FSHS

1,600 Meter - (4A) 1. Heather Garcia, Baldwin; (6A) 5. Kyra Kilwien, FSHS; (4A) 8. Katie Hirsch, Perry-Lecompton

800 Meter - (4A) 2. Heather Garcia, Baldwin; (5A) 2. Whitney Hartman, Mill Valley; (4A) 3. Christy Weller, Tonganoxie; (6A) 4. Jennifer Taylor, LHS

400 Meter - (6A) 1. Kristina Taylor, LHS; (6A) 6. Jennifer Taylor, LHS; (4A) 7. Jodi Mundy, Santa Fe Trail

200 Meter - (5A)3. Alexis Butler, Mill Valley; (4A) 7. Jodi Mundy, Santa Fe Trail

100 Meter - (4A) 6. Jodi Mundy, Santa Fe Trail

100 Hurdles - (5A) 5. Alaina Fairbanks, Mill Valley; (4A) 6. Emily Ballock, Eudora; (4A) 7. Tracie Hileman, Tonganoxie

300 Hurdles - (4A) 1. Emily Ballock, Eudora

3,200 Relay - (4A) 1. Baldwin (Calleigh Durr, Connor Twombly, Corinna Papps, Heather Garcia); (5A) 3. Mill Valley (Whitney Hartman, Jasa Dumontelle, Katie Maybell, Kelsey O'Hara); (6A) 4. LHS (Jennifer Taylor, Shelby Clark, Alexis Scheibler, Kristina Taylor

1,600 Relay - (5A) 4. Mill Valley (Kirsten Moore, Khalila Smith, Jasa Dumontelle, Whitney Hartman); (4A) 4. Tonganoxie (Andie Jeannin, Megan Puhr, Christina Rubio, Christy Weller); (6A) 5. LHS (Jennifer Taylor, Shelby Clark, Emily Davidson, Kristina Taylor)

400 Relay - (5A) 1. Mill Valley (Alexis Butler, Brianna Childs, Alaina Fairbanks, Khalila Smith); (3A) 4. Wellsville (Ashley Brousseau, Madison Chambers, Meghan Rush, Carrie Shirk); (4A) 7. Eudora (Alisha Wingebach, Kendal Abel, Emily Ballock, Tianna Dunnaway)

Pole Vault - (5A) 3T. Ashley Bowman, Mill Valley; (3A) 6T. Kylie Hoffman, Wellsville; (4A) 9. Allison Hoover, Eudora

Javelin - (4A) 1. Roxi Grizzle, Tonganoxie; (4A) 6. Chrissie Jeannin, Tonganoxie

Triple Jump - (5A) 1. Katie Bauer, Mill Valley; (3A) 4. Nicole Rockhold, Oskaloosa; (3A) 5. Carrie Shirk, Wellsville; 8. (4A) Tracie Hileman, Tonganoxie

High Jump - (5A) 3. Jasa Dumontelle, Mill Valley; (4A) 6. Tracie Hileman, Tonganoxie; (3A) 7T. Nicole Rockhold, Oskaloosa

Long Jump - (4A) 6. Tracie Hileman, Tonganoxie; (3A) 9. Meghan Rush, Wellsville; (5A) 14. Katie Bauer, Mill Valley

Shot Put - (4A) 1. Kearsten Peoples, Ottawa; (4A) 2. Ronnie Grizzle, Tonganoxie

Discus - (4A) 4. Kara McFarland, Ottawa; (4A) 6. Allison Howard, Baldwin; (3A) 6. Sara Calvert, Wellsville; (4A) 8. Kearsten Peoples, Ottawa


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