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6:00 a.m.
Two KU students hang on to their sled as they catch some air over a bump on slopes Wednesday near Potter Lake. Overnight snowfall in Lawrence led to the cancellation of KU classes and local schools. More snow isn’t (all) fun and games
February 6, 2008 in print edition on 1A
The snow came. The salt didn’t. Lawrence street crews are expected to run out of road salt sometime today, meaning that snow may be sticking around on city streets longer than anyone wants. “We can get plenty of sand, and it churns up the snow, but it doesn’t melt it,” said Dena Mezger, the city’s assistant director of public works. That will make the city’s street plowing operations more critical, Mezger said.
8:00 a.m.
Supporters of Sen. Barack Obama, of Illinois, count themselves during a caucus on Tuesday at the Douglas County 4-H Fairgrounds. More than 2,200 people turned out at the fairgrounds site. On Wednesday, one analyst suggested that more caucus sites should have been set up around the state to handle the crowds. Party planners evaluate caucuses
February 7, 2008 in print edition on 1A
It was a party that came with both logistical hiccups and political enthusiasm. Kansas Democratic Party leaders on Wednesday said the excitement surrounding more than 36,000 people who participated in Tuesday’s caucuses also provided a tutorial on how to handle traffic and capacity problems. “I don’t think our staff could have done much better in execution, although I know we’ll be criticized by the people standing outside,” said Larry Gates, the Kansas Democratic Party chairman.
12:00 p.m.
KU Chancellor Robert Hemenway talks with wounded soldiers Wednesday at Fort Leavenworth. A new program will allow wounded soldiers to earn their master's degrees while remaining in the Army. KU to offer program for war wounded
February 7, 2008 in print edition on 1A
In just five months, an idea to offer wounded soldiers the chance to obtain advanced degrees at Kansas University moved from concept to reality. During a ceremony Wednesday at Fort Leavenworth, KU Chancellor Robert Hemenway and U.S. Army Secretary Pete Geren announced the first eight soldiers who would be eligible to receive master’s degrees at KU, in exchange for agreeing to serve a few more years in the Army.
4:00 p.m.
Kansas University assistant coach Danny Manning starred on the 1987-88 Jayhawks, who won the national championship, 83-79 against Oklahoma. Then and now
February 7, 2008 in print edition on 1B
Danny Manning, who led Kansas University’s basketball team to the 1988 NCAA title, believes the 2007-08 Jayhawks have what it takes to cut down the nets April 7 in San Antonio. “Absolutely,” KU assistant coach Manning said Wednesday. “But we are one of quite a few (teams) who could say the same thing.”
10:00 p.m.
A federal plan would construct a new medium-security federal prison in Leavenworth, which would operate alongside the existing U.S. Penitentiary, above. Prison could boost economy
February 7, 2008 in print edition on 1A
Anticipated construction of a new medium-security federal prison in Leavenworth would be welcome news for the area as the economy continues to slow. “We’re talking millions and millions of dollars in expenditures, in construction,” said Charlie Gregor, executive vice president for the Leavenworth-Lansing Area Chamber of Commerce. “This would be for several years, tying up almost all the local contractors with various contracts: concrete, carpenters, wood framing.

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NBA Roundup
February 7, 2008 in print edition on B6
Scores from around the league.
Diverse crafts for sale at Chocolate Auction
February 7, 2008 in print edition on C1
Sunday’s annual Chocolate Auction isn’t all about the sweets and goodies.
Beasley brilliant again
Freshman scores 35; KSU routs Nebraska
February 7, 2008 in print edition on B4
The pink warmup shirts and black patches were for Vanessa Stewart. So, too, was the win.
Notre Dame finds signing-day success
Miami, Alabama also considered to have among the top recruiting classes in the country
February 7, 2008 in print edition on B2
All those ugly losses didn’t stop Notre Dame from landing a beauty of recruiting class. Same goes for Miami.