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12:00 a.m.
A packed house at the Douglas County fairgrounds for one of Lawrence's three Democratic caucuses Tuesday night. Tsunami Tuesday ends first wave of campaigns
February 6, 2008 in print edition on 8A
As a former president might put it, maybe it depends on what the definition of “win” is. Was it winning states or winning delegates? Was it coming closer than expected and winning delegates all the same? Was it losing where a candidate was expected to win or winning where a candidate was expected to lose?
9:00 a.m.
Kim Patton, Lawrence, rallies her side of the room for Sen. Barack Obama as caucus-goers file into the room at the National Guard Armory. More than 1,200 people participated in the caucus at that location. Overflow crowds jam caucus sites
February 6, 2008 in print edition on 1A
Steady rain and blowing winds did not deter 4,872 Douglas County Democrats from caucusing Tuesday as the three sites across Lawrence saw large crowds and overwhelming support for Barack Obama. Statewide, Obama was set to pick up a majority of the 32 delegates at stake, but the state party leaders had not released that calculation late Tuesday night with a few caucus sites yet to report results.
12:00 p.m.
Kansas University freshman Kent Szlauderbach, 19, bundled up this morning for a walk to the campus library to study. KU canceled classes today - the first time since February 2004. Storm forces cancellations
4:39 a.m., February 6, 2008 Updated 12:58 p.m.
The snow caused several local and area schools to cancel classes today, including Lawrence public schools, Kansas University and Haskell Indian Nations University.
4:00 p.m.
Workers sort beans at the Cafetin coffee facility in Costa Rica, owned and operated by Kansas University graduate Tim O'Brien. O'Brien says he's working to pay fair wages for his employees. Social stimulant
February 6, 2008 in print edition on 1C
Tim O’Brien is growing his form of social change from the ground up. The Kansas City, Mo., native and graduate of Kansas University, is using the coffee plant to change lives in the Costa Rican hamlet of San MartÃ-n.
10:00 p.m.
Two KU students hang on to their sled as they catch some air over a bump on slopes Wednesday near Potter Lake. Overnight snowfall in Lawrence led to the cancellation of KU classes and local schools. More snow isn’t (all) fun and games
February 6, 2008 in print edition on 1A
The snow came. The salt didn’t. Lawrence street crews are expected to run out of road salt sometime today, meaning that snow may be sticking around on city streets longer than anyone wants. “We can get plenty of sand, and it churns up the snow, but it doesn’t melt it,” said Dena Mezger, the city’s assistant director of public works. That will make the city’s street plowing operations more critical, Mezger said.

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February 6, 2008 in print edition on B8
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