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12:00 a.m.
Table tennis players Terry Pentecost, left, watches as Jonathan Paretsky serves during a match Thursday. Paretsky built a custom room in his home that was painted, lit and designed specifically for playing table tennis. Let the games begin: Lesser-known Olympic sports have Lawrence fan base
August 3, 2008 in print edition on 1D
It’s not often that, say, water polo or fencing gets face time on ESPN. So for fans of some lesser-known sports, the Olympics are a big deal. It’s their chance to watch their beloved sport on the largest of stages. Here are four of those sports, and the Lawrence residents who love them.
6:00 a.m.
Ten-year-old Tanner Wendt, of Fox Lake, Ill., hides out in the family pop-up camper with a handheld computer game as his father, Greg, mother, Diane, and sister Taylor set up on the grounds outside at Lawrence Kampgrounds of America. According to KOA park manager Harold Hays, the campground is attracting more vacationers from communities closer to Lawrence such as Topeka and Kansas City because of the high cost of fuel. Fuel costs modify vacation plans
August 4, 2008 in print edition on 1A
Greg and Diane Wendt didn’t let high gasoline prices keep them from taking their three children on their annual family summer vacation. On Friday afternoon, the Fox Lake, Ill., couple parked their van and pop-up camper at the KOA Kampground, north of Lawrence.
2:00 p.m.
After running through a scene, stage manager Rebecca Stamberger, second from left, goes over lines and directions that need correction with performers for this year's Renaissance Festival. Re-creating some Canterbury tales: Festival brings 16th century to life
August 4, 2008 in print edition on 3A
Scene four rehearsals open as lovers Hermia and Lysander, from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” run away into a forest infested with fairies. In between lines, calls of directions can be heard from the entertainment director who sits on a bench in front of the unfolding scene. Across a courtyard, Gypsy boys with tambourines in hand rehearse a synchronized dance routine as drums keep the beat behind them.
10:00 p.m.
Former U.S. Sen. Bob Dole, R-Kan., entertains guests gathered for a forum on health care policy that took place Monday at the Dole Institute of Politics on Kansas University's West Campus. Dole gathers health care suggestions at bipartisan forum
4:27 p.m., August 4, 2008 Updated 11:13 p.m. in print edition on 1A
The overriding issue in discussions about health care reform isn’t so much whether anything should be done, but where to start. And so the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Leadership Project on Health Care is taking a look at all issues surrounding health care to get an idea why the U.S. system is breaking down.

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Defy the odds
Unlike voters in some parts of Kansas, Douglas County voters have several important primary races on Tuesday’s ballot.
August 4, 2008 in print edition on A7
It’s no surprise that the Kansas secretary of state is predicting a low voter turnout for Tuesday’s primary election, but Douglas County voters have every reason to defy that estimate.