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Party Cove, Labor Day 2007
Why do you think Lawrence growth is lagging?

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Poor government policies
We’ve reached our natural limit
It’s the economy’s fault
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3:02 a.m.
New residential development west of Sixth and Wakarusa streets is one of the quickest growing areas of Lawrence, shown here in this file photo. City slowdown
September 4, 2007 in print edition on 1A
We’re not James Dean. We’re not too sexy for our shirt. We’re not the cat’s meow. There are lots of ways to say it, but as city leaders ponder another set of numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau showing that Lawrence isn’t growing nearly as fast as it used to, City Manager David Corliss has his own way of saying it.
9:00 a.m.
"Act Now," is one of Gary Hinman's works in his "Toast to Lawrence" exhibit, a tribute to the breakfast staple. Art that’s best served with butter and jam
September 4, 2007 in print edition on 3A
All the elements seemed to weave, or rather bake, together for Gary Hinman’s first exhibition in more than a decade. The Eudora High School art teacher’s show, “Toast to Lawrence,” is at Wheatfields Bakery, 904 Vt., until Oct. 7. The show blends Kansas’ reputation as the world’s breadbasket, Wheatfields’ role as a bakery, and a breakfast staple - toast.
1:00 p.m.
Online chat
Chat about Kansas University's efforts in Greenland to predict the effects of global warming
September 4, 2007
Data gathered at Kansas University's Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets is helping answer one of the world's most pressing questions: How fast are the ice sheets melting and why? Since the center was formed at KU two years ago, it has sent researchers to Antarctica and Greenland and collaborated with schools and organizations across the globe. The technology that is being developed at KU has uses that extend to other planets. Chat with David Braaten, the deputy director of the Center on Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets, at 1 p.m. Tuesday.
4:00 p.m.
Tammi Weems, center, and Easton Weems, 7, bottom right, both of Ozawkie, watch 12-year-old Levi Saving, of Baldwin City, jump into the water while their boat is anchored in Party Cove at Perry Lake in this file photo from September 2007. Boaters right at home at Perry Lake hot spot
September 4, 2007 in print edition on 3A
Frank Tucker calls it front porch syndrome. But instead of potted flowers, swings and patio furniture there are rafts, inner tubes and boats - lots of them. The street address: Party Cove, Perry Lake.
10:00 p.m.
Johnny Landa Teen faces murder charge in girl’s death
September 5, 2007 in print edition on 1A
Johnson County prosecutors filed a second-degree murder charge Tuesday against a 19-year-old De Soto man, accusing him of recklessly driving away while his 17-year-old girlfriend, who later died from her injuries, fell to the ground.

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Bush makes surprise Iraq visit
President envisions troop cutback but gives no timetable
September 4, 2007 in print edition on A6
President Bush hinted at U.S. troop cutbacks in Iraq on Monday, saying security conditions are improving to the point “where I’m able to speculate on the hypothetical.”
Lawrence Datebook
September 4, 2007 in print edition on A4
Events around Lawrence
Generation me
Some studies indicate collegians have an inflated sense of self; experts and students say claims are exaggerated
September 4, 2007 in print edition on C1
College may be considered a time for personal development, but concern is growing that the current generation of undergraduates is too self-involved.
Ryan Wood’s KU football notebook
September 4, 2007 in print edition on B3
Money tip
September 4, 2007 in print edition on B9
Here’s Consumer Reports’ five-step plan for collecting rebates: