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Trick or Treaty’ DVD sparks fears at Haskell

Some of new president’s changes questioned; allegations that school will close flatly denied

November 12, 2007


"Tricks or Treaty" information

A listing of possible issues with Linda Warner, president at Haskell Indian Nations University Enlarge video

Just eight months after starting her job as president at Haskell Indian Nations University, Linda Warner is being scrutinized.

She is making a lot of small changes across the campus, but combined they have raised eyebrows. The biggest concern seems to be a possible 376 percent increase in student fees. Many think such an increase would decrease enrollment, or at worst put the university at risk of closure.

Concerns such as these have been articulated on a DVD titled "Trick or Treaty," which began circulating on the campus on Halloween. The DVDs were folded in an orange piece of paper that said "Justice is blind. Haskell is in danger of being closed. Do not fall for their tricks."

"Trick or Treaty" contains a 30-minute documentary that accuses former Haskell President Gerald E. Gipp of attempting to shut down Haskell in the 1980s. It also has a short segment, "Parallels of a Dictatorship," that implies that Warner is trying to do the same.

"I've cried every time I watch it," said Connie Hudson, a senior in American Indian studies.

Hudson said she just wants some openness and honesty about the changes Warner is making.

Those comments worry Warner more than the DVD.

"What I think should be of the biggest concern to people, not just me, is the fact that people are afraid, for some reason, to engage in face-to-face conversations and debates," she said.

Warner added that she couldn't imagine wanting to close Haskell, which has about 900 students.

"I've never talked about doing anything but adding programs to this campus," she said.

Student fee increase?

What seems to be of biggest concern to students and on "Trick or Treaty" is talk of raising student fees from $210 to $1,000. A petition has been circulating, and some students are concerned that the increase will take a toll on enrollment. It was a hot topic at recent Student Senate and Haskell Board of Regents meetings.

Warner said there is no proposal and the issue is just "under study." She said she wouldn't propose an increase without the support of the Board of Regents.

"I am sure the board will talk about it again and make a proposal or whatever, and once they make a proposal then it would go to (the U.S. Department of) Interior," she said.

Kevin Skenandore, acting director of the Bureau of Indian Education, said Warner can increase student fees. However, he said she "would need to consult and have discussion with the Board of Regents."

Small changes

"Trick or Treaty" questions some of Warner's changes, such as why she took the football concessions away from students, why faculty and students can't send campuswide e-mails, and why Warner's executive assistant was appointed as an adviser to the student newspaper.

Warner said football concessions were contracted out because of problems with staffing and supplies.

"I took the recommendation from staff that we would contract out the concessions and try it out for a semester and see how that worked, and essentially the students would get the same amount of money but wouldn't have to work," Warner said. "It seemed to me like it was a win-win for everybody."

She said if the students wanted to control the concessions, she would give it back to them. Warner added that the Student Senate was supposed to run a concession stand Nov. 3 during a basketball game, but nobody showed up.

"So, there was an arena full of people and there was no soda, no water, no anything," she said.

As for campuswide e-mails, students and faculty were able to deliver one themselves until recently. Now, campuswide e-mails go through Lori Tapahonso, executive assistant. The policy changed because some people were sending files too large, causing the college's computer system to shut down.

Tapahonso also was appointed to serve as an adviser to the staff of The Indian Leader, Haskell's student newspaper, because of her journalism background and because Cecil Dawes, adviser for The Indian Leader, is retiring this semester. Warner hopes Tapahonso, also Haskell's public information officer, will help improve the newspaper because quality has been a concern.

Jimmy Lee Beason, The Indian Leader editor, said he wasn't happy that the staff had no say in whom the adviser would be. He said he was afraid Tapahonso might try to influence the paper. But so far, he said, she hasn't done that.

"Trick or Treaty" also states that Warner illegally hired a relative. Not true, she said, but added, "I could hire every one of my relatives as long as they are not a direct report to me and that's not against the law."

Skenandore agreed. He said the president has the authority to hire and fire personnel.

Fear of talking

Warner wishes those behind "Trick or Treaty" would have talked to her before circulating it on campus.

"If you had a real concern, you would come in here and ask me or you would stand up and say, 'I think X, Y or Z.' But they are not doing that," she said. "So somebody is encouraging people to be sort of almost terroristic in their tactics."

James Mountain Chief Sanderville, 54, who made the original 30-minute "Trick or Treaty" documentary some time ago, said he wasn't responsible for the section on Warner or it circulating on campus. But he thought is was "wonderful" it was being watched.

"People need to know the history of Haskell," he said. Sanderville was student body president in 1982 during the Gipp administration. Gipp was cleared of claims of nepotism and conflict of interest in 1989 by the Department of the Interior and moved to a position in Washington, D.C. Today, Gipp is the executive director of American Indian Higher Education.

Sanderville said he continues to fight for justice for American Indians at the federal and tribal levels. He said he wished that people could more freely question decisions that are made, but understands why they don't.

"You don't see activism in Indian Country," he said. "I really see what a whistleblower faces. If anyone starts questioning in Indian Country, they face internalized depression."

While students and faculty didn't want to go on record for the story, Skenandore said they are welcome to contact his office. They should contact Spike Bighorn, chief of staff at the Bureau of Indian Education, at (202) 208-6123.


stopsign 10 years, 2 months ago

How objective is this? Why report on something unfounded and then proceed to interview students who have been outspoken against President Warner. Unfortunately folks will take this as the truth....more facts please......maybe the person or group who made the DVD will give an interview....

OldEnuf2BYurDad 10 years, 2 months ago

"why she took the football concessions away from students"

Because it shouldn't take 40 minutes in line to get a hot chocolate, I'm guessing.

pace 10 years, 2 months ago

Warner seems oblivious that the students are talking to her. She doesn't like them talking amongst themselves and to her. She calls them terrorist because they aren't following her. That is the worst attitude I have heard from a public official in a long time. First control the paper and emails, Then when you need to, step on their necks. Good for the students. It is not terrorist behavior to oppose or discuss what is being done. I bet her public meetings are going to be real discussions. She wants everyone who might oppose her "tentative" plans to come in one by one to her office where she will explain that there is no reason to be alarmed.

samurai_5 10 years, 2 months ago

You know what, I have supported haskell in the past but I have to admit that the students are taking Linda Warner and her crew to task. The students aren't blowing up buildings or holding hostages, they are simply bringing to light things that did happen in the past because they don't want to see it happen again. That is not terrorism. Now Linda Warner is correct in saying that the Board of Regents has to okay a fee increase for the students but judging from the last time this issue was adressed, I think it's safe to say that the Board is not concerned with what the cost will be to the students who can't qualify for financial aid. The Board of Regents would support the fee increase which would exclude many students from going to haskell. She wants to raise the tuition and doesn't want to hear any opposition about it, good luck with that one. And lets be real for a second, the soft drinks being cut from curtis hall's menu was not because of the "healthier haskell" initiative, it was done because the school doesn't want to pay for students to drink soda. If Linda Warner wanted to make her student's feel that they could approach her and have an honest dialogue, refering to them as terrorists isn't the way to go about it. Yes, she wants to initiate good changes for the school but part of being a good leader is listening to what the people want and what their concerns are. Obviously, she can hire and fire as she see's fit but would it be a good idea to have all of your relatives working for you? Probably not.

samurai_5 10 years, 2 months ago

Yeah, and it's time to uphold the treaties too but you don't see THAT happening

Rainydaze49 10 years, 2 months ago

B3 works at mcdonalds.

DonQuipunch is the assistant manager where B3 works.

And yes, I would like fries with that.

Steve Jacob 10 years, 2 months ago

Haskell, I think anyway, is a fine school. I'd also guess if it did not exsist, many students would not be going to school at all. Knowing that this school is mostly paid for by the government, looking at the fees, I am sure the government gives less and less. Raising fees probally is a must, and the food stands I think nobody wanted to step up. The newspaper thing you have to admit sounds bad for the president.

And samurai-5, we for sure have done alot more making up to Native Americans then we have African-Americans.

Rainydaze49 10 years, 2 months ago

oh B3, you're reply is so seriously lame. Almost to the point where I want to say "if you look up 'lame' in the dictionary'....

But whatever, ya know what they say about fighting on the internet and if ya dont, google it.

Anywho, Natives know better than to act surprised by the Lame, tired, hateful responses from the many ignorant of Kansas. Kansas, might as well be right next to Alabama.

Pitamyalon 10 years, 2 months ago

Dr.Linda Warner has never had "Open Communication," with the student body of Haskell. She was suppose to have a forum with the student body, but withdrew and had the Student Senate address the student body. Dr. Linda Warner has also been making a lot of decisions for the whole student body with the student senate, and has been bypassing the whole Haskell student body. We the student body have been in the dark since this semester started in August. Each week something new comes along like; Student Senate fee reimbursement, Homeland Security, Haskell being changed to a closed campus, fee increase, concessions taken away, Student Senate president being are "Board of Regence representative", Wetlands SLT, Healthier Haskell jive, and appointing people here and there on Haskell staff. If anything, Dr. Linda Warner is causing division within the student body and within the Haskell staff.

maxcrabb 10 years, 2 months ago

'sort of almost terroristic tactics'....

OK, truth be told, I don't think this piece goes in depth enough on either side of the story.

I've heard Haskell called everything from 'a great school for great kids' to 'a detainment camp to wash kids of their heritage.' Two very different extremes.

My personal experience is that they have nice facilities for a school with only 900 students. And the students themselves range as much as they do at KU in terms of being decent people.

Once again, however, the Journal World has taken what was a wonderful chance to enlighten the public to the importance of this university, and why these problems affect the whole community, and instead made a sensationalist piece of crap that accomplishes nothing but spreading fear.

But I could be wrong. You tell me.

snacks4me 10 years, 2 months ago

I believe Dr. Warner is doing a great job. She interviewed for the position stating that she would come into Haskell and make some changes. Changes that needed to be made. So you spoke to Connie Hudson...she has been at Haskell for how long now? Why don't you interview the Student Senate President. He sits in on the Board Meetings each week. If the students have a concern, why aren't they being addressed through him? Well, perhaps he is hiding issues from the Students of Haskell. Why did his tuition get reimbursed and no one knew about it? Because he didn't tell them! I think the current Student Senate at Haskell is doing a crappy job. Elect new officers who will tell you the TRUTH!! Onward Haskell!!

samurai_5 10 years, 2 months ago

"And samurai-5, we for sure have done alot more making up to Native Americans then we have African-Americans."

Really? Have you read any of the comments about the SLT on these pages lately? That should give you a good idea about how Lawrence, KS feels about the Native American population in this town...

Indigenous 10 years, 2 months ago

Students have been asking for an open forum meeting with Dr. Warner, to discuss concerns from the fee increase to concession sales for at least four weeks. It was stated she would not meet with students in an open forum. The concern was that students would not speak openly and honestly. All that is communicated is second or third hand information, he said/she said dialogue. This "closed communication" is causing a lot of hostility and division on campus; we need to have open communication. An open forum with Dr. Warner would provide the opportunity to, perhaps, clear up a lot of misunderstandings.

Jennifer23 10 years, 2 months ago

why is this student body president from 1982 (25 years ago!!) distributing a DVD on their campus?? His version of the "history" of Haskell is distorted. He left out how he jumped up on stage to disrupt a graduation ceremony and was arrested. That may be the entire motive behind his 25 year old grudge.

Connie Hudson clearly has more serious issues if a DVD is going to send her weeping. Give me a break!!!

rowdygirl 10 years, 2 months ago

It is rumored that this new president was brought to this school solely for the purpose of cleaning house, at any means neccessary- Which was backed by skenandore comments in this article. She can hire and fire as needed, including hiring her own family if she wishes. Lets take a short walk down memory lane for a moment. Before Warner's reign, this school was a holy mess and its still is. Now! All employees, except for a few, are being held accountable and have been forced to walk on egg shells (many should be replaced, especially the ones who have been here for years that have done little with their time and that are complacent in their jobs). However, Warners approach has been less than warm. She does not have an open door policy with the student who attend HINU. There have been several student who requested to meet with her, but were never given an appointment by her secretary. She refuses to have an open forum with the student body of HINU to discuss these problems, creating even more friction amongst the students. She reembursed the student senate school tuition which has never been school policy in the past. She had physical fitness equipment be taken out of dorms and placed in the new Jim Thorpe fitness center without notifying the dorm counsel or its residence who used this equipment on a daily basis. When dorm counsel requested the equipment be returned, their request was denied, period. And WHY the hell is HOME LAND SECURITY ON THIS CAMPUS? IS IT BECAUSE SHE FEELS WE ARE TERRORIST? GIVE ME A BREAK LADY! These are just a few examples of the inconsistencies of this president. Dr Warner has conducted business that has alienated the student body and the student body wants her to be accountable for these inconsistencies. But because she has the direct support of the Bureau of Indian Education in Washington DC, shes running a dictatorship, similar to her pedecessor and long life mentor Dr. Gipp (hummm). It is clearly understood she has a lot to clean up, but she needs to remember without the students, this school would BE SHUT DOWN (as if she would really care due to the fact she is a government employee, she would be reassigned elsewhere. Furthermore, she does not have any history with HINU, except that she is an American Indian person).

Jennifer23 10 years, 2 months ago

"... (many should be replaced, especially the ones who have been here for years that have done little with their time and that are complacent in their jobs)."

I agree, some of those teachers... "professors".. whatever you want to call them, have been there for years. Dan wildcat probably wrote his book during Haskell hours. That man could phone in his classes by now.

Warner promised to clean house but its going to be hard to make improvements with all the teachers that have been there forever and are Federal employees.

parody 10 years, 2 months ago

Am I missing something? From reading this article I gathered there are three main issues that need to be ironed out. None of the issues sound like that big of a deal. As a matter of fact, I would say they sound pretty manageable. If both sides would put their emotions aside and just be REASONABLE you can probably come to a conclusion before sunset. Come on people, why all the drama? Someone "Indian Up" and reach out to the "other" side. Get it out of the way. As Indian people we have more serious issues. Why waste your time on the small stuff? If you're not a part of the solution, you're a part of the problem. Which are you?

Hadji 10 years, 2 months ago


Ok, I think there are a lot of communication problems going on there. I think a lot of the history is being lost for a lot of the decisions going on right now. When I was there, Cecil Dawes, the last Indian Leader "Advisor," (and believe me I am using that term and his name in the same sentence very loosley), took money from the Indian Leader account and did not repay it. (via a charge account at a photography store) He was using Indian Leader money to pay for supplies for his classroom, which is a program, not a part of the Indian Leader. The Chief Editor and I caught him and we raised hell about it with the administration. They "seemed" to hear us but we never got an answer about how to get the money back from the program, or what disciplinary action the school was taking against Cecil.

As for Frida Gipp, I would say you have someone in that position now, which I (an admitted activist from 2000-2004) would trust a helluva lot more than Cecil Dawes. She has a rich knowledge of legislation as it applies to Universities and I can probably guess that if she doesn't know something about the journalism field she'll research it till she does. She had a VERY good grasp of Student Rights when she was the Student Court Advisor. She supported all of our decisions to dismiss cases. I was a student court justice and we did dismiss cases when the student's rights were being trampled. More importantly, Frida equipped all the student court justices by having a terrific orientation where all were exposed to procedure, and precedent-setting cases in relation to student rights. She went to the source to provide us with information.
Terri Love, the next Student Court Advisor, made a mockery of the role of Student Court Advisor in my opinion. At least one subsequent, and frivolous, student lawsuit against Haskell while Terri was there will prove that point.

And do not think you will just get to stroll in and see the President. She is supposed to remain objective to a lot of issues. How she does that is anybody's guess, but don't try to predict how a slug crawls over a razor blade either- just know that they do it very carefully. I know, it is a precarious walk across the tightrope of trust, but make your student senate work for their positions. Most importantly, take your Board of Regents to task. The power is in your tribes to influence those people who just seem to show up one day and make a decision on behalf of the students and TRIBES. The board of regents are probably more tribal representative than they are student representatives. Yes they hear you, but they are there on behalf of Tribes. CONTINUED

Hadji 10 years, 2 months ago

PART II Continued from:before.

As for the dorm fitness equipment going to the wellness center, somebody needs to tell the President that everything that was in Winona Hall needs to go back (Go Honor Dorm!). We got money from the school AND we fundraised to get every piece of fitness equipment we had. So give back the 50% of the treadmill that we put into it. And then she can pay for the maintenance that was put into a machine that she just took out the door. Did any of the other dorms have similar practices? Ask (in written form) the administration to produce receipts for the equipment if you have reason to believe that your dorm council bought things and the school took it away.
See? The communication needs to go two ways. Up the chain of responsibility and down the chain. President-down and Student-up.

If you feel you really need to get your point across, do like I did. Send written correspondence to the person you are trying to reach. It's there for them to answer, but more importantly, it is recorded if you do that (send certified, yes even across campus). And I did arrange to meet with Karen Swisher a couple of times. It can be done. Just don't walk in holding an eighty-pound-helping-of-anger.

Yes bring your issues. No do not fight every battle, choose them carefully. Yes make written requests. No do not let your board of regent member make decisions for you without your input. And Yes FOLLOW UP after the board of regents leave to see what they did. Then report to your tribe how your Area Tribal Board of Regents Member did.

A lot of things will never change. How we react to change can be positively affected if we are told what is going to happen. Remember the rule of business. Tell your employees about an impending change THREE TIMES before making the change. It takes organizations an average of three times to make sure the change will be accepted with a minimum of grief. Dr. Warner, did you catch that? It all comes down to communication. Dr. Swisher and I talked and she bluntly told me what she could do and what she wasn't allowed to do. It made accepting changes or lack of changes a lot easier for me. Let your students know what you can do, what you will do, and what your obvious Federal employee limitations are.

And if none of that works for you, just show up in "Dr. King's" office on Fridays during lunch, because after King Buffet, not much else seems to matter as much as it did before.

Go Haskell! (and Manny too!)

(the DVD? well, it wouldn't be my first choice to address the administration, but if it works, if it gets people talking, maybe it won't be such a bad thing in the end. Make a bottle of wine with their sour grapes!)

Hadji 10 years, 2 months ago

Oooops!!!! my bad! Lori Tapahonso is the new advisor!!! Thought it was Frida Gipp. Same Same, better than Cecil Dawes!

geekin_topekan 10 years, 2 months ago

The concession controversy is laughable.The students have demonstrated their inability or willingness to operate it.

samurai_5 10 years, 2 months ago

"The concession controversy is laughable.The students have demonstrated their inability or willingness to operate it."

Actually, I think it's laughable that the President of the school would only inform 2 students about concessions and leave the rest of the students in the dark about it, and THEN blame the students for not participating. She's the president of the school, maybe she should have made sure that someone was going to be there rather than assuming that someone would show up. I don't think it's fair to blame the students when they weren't informed. There have been issues with the student senate president and with miss haskell working on behalf of Dr. Warner, having their fees reimbursed and going on trips on the schools expense. When these issues are brought to light by the students, the so called "leaders" act as though they know nothing about any of it, and these two work very closely with Dr. Warner. They were appointed by the student body and should be working on behalf of the STUDENTS. Having spoken to students about these issues and what's going on, it seems that the lack of communication is coming from the President. Most students will tell you about her "approachability" due to her presence at the student senate meetings.

brizhunter 10 years, 2 months ago

one more topic, for those of you who think Jim S. is such a great guy: ask him this one thing will you? when was the last time he aided a student or teenager who wanted to go to haskell but couldnt pay or even get to lawrence, when did jim step up to the plate and assist? yea he is quick to critize and call for activism, but what has he done for the youth of our community? document that, and then and only then, do you have substantial grounds for his support. is this really what our youth have come idolize? the rantings of a self promoter. if so, count me out, say i never attended Haskell, because i do not want to carry that flag or one associated with him. Activists, yes they are needed. but only ones with documented proof of their arguement, not just assumptions.

geekin_topekan 10 years, 2 months ago

Has the word "President" become synonomous with the word "mother"?

samurai_5 10 years, 2 months ago

No, it has become synonomous with "dictator".

parody 10 years, 2 months ago

"They were appointed by the student body and should be working on behalf of the students."

Hmmm, so unappoint them then! Geez whiz people, it's not that hard to take action. You're not hostages so why act like helpless little victims? Take action, do away with the drama!

geekin_topekan 10 years, 2 months ago

"..the President of the school would only inform 2 students about concessions and leave the rest of the students in the dark about it, and THEN blame the students for not participating." +++ Well for crying out loud!You want her to hold your hand while she's at it?She put the ball in the students court and gave them the opportunity to rise to the occasion and lead themselves.Then what happened?

brizhunter 10 years, 2 months ago

amazing, the notes written here. all the way from dr. warner has no history with haskell, to she does not listen, to she is a dictator, and worse. where do you people come from? dr. warner has worked at haskell before and throughout indian country. my guess is that no one who has bothered to post here, can say the same. she has spent time away from her family, given of personal time without compensation and worked very hard to make sure that people of indian dissent have a voice in the world today. walk a mile in her shoes before you critize her work. because you do not agree does not mean you attack. seek to find the truth. why do you think we lost all of our pride and home lands many, many years ago? no leaders in indian country, too much division! Students today need to take action, do something, stand up and be heard, take action to better haskell, spend your personal time to improve the campus, to ensure her longevity for your kids and grandkids. do you really think in your infantile minds that a Professor who is published and has lectured all over the world needs to come to Haskell to better her career? WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she came to help the students, and this is what she gets? COME ON, surely the world has more important issues to deal with. Why not stop poverty, why not stop crime on campus, why not stop unwanted pregnancy, why not spend your time wisely by going to class and working harder to further you community's progress? as for the honor dorms comment, should only you be entitled to have a work out facility? HELL NO! this is not the way of our community, no real indian would deny his neighbor the use of his home let alone his work out facility. where do you come from and you say Dr. Warner has no history!!!!!!!!!!!! WAKE UP STUDENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! do those of us who have been to haskell before you need to come there and show you what it is to have pride, what community and family mean? these are petty issues and you are airing your dirty laudry in public. Stop, Get an Education and make a contribution. One crazy man is enough.

hudson 10 years, 2 months ago

hey just want to let you all know that when i said that i cried everytime i saw the dvd, it was of course misquoted and only about half of the sentence....... i cried because i never knew how many schools have been given, then taken away from native students over the past 30 years. yes i have been here a while and in the student senate and i have never seen anything like the new administration, the SS board has kept things from us and when we motion for them to find out "he" says you can't make me find out or "i'll have to ask Dr. Warner" But we are all busy, with school and activities, so everyone is banking on us to not have time to address the seriousness of the issues that are really hovering over our heads. The fees, the wall, the SLT we are basically on our own, being concerned and thinking about them without any real leadership. Dr Warner made a point in saying she could manage this school with the funds alloted already. That's all we have ever asked of the admin is what do you do with what you already get to run this school? and we have never gotten a clear answer, as a student I believe we have the right to know where our "student fees" go and we should have a say as to where it goes.So you know what? I graduate this next spring and I will become an alumni and I plan on being a part of that organization. A University is as good as their alumni is. You who know me, know that I may have cried over this dvd, but you also know that after I cried I got mad and my loyal for this school, has grown stronger, I don't ever want to see this school close. I want to see it grow and become the harvard of tribal schools, there is much opportunity in that happening. But we need good Harvard like admin people too, the faculty already surpasses that. I don't know where Dr. Warner got her information from; but the Student Senate and the clubs have done football concessions for the last four years and they did a great job! whoever said they didn't wasn't there. And the SS Pres does not and has not, since his term began, properly represented at least 2/3 of those who go to school here. Anyways...........

Indigenize08 10 years, 2 months ago

To Jennifer23: Two things- It's not "teachers" it's "professors" that teach at Haskell Indian Nations UNIVERSITY, and two- Dr. Wildcat has done a lot for Haskell, probably more than people will ever conceive anyone doing for a tribal collage. He has traveled many places promoting Haskell and building bridges for people to even acknowledge what Haskell consist of. If you ever have known him, you would know that but obviously you don't. He is a leader, an educator and a very well-known Indigenous scholar. Who cares where and when he wrote his book, the issue is that we have a dictator among us and we, as students DO need to take the stand. Yes, we have issues and for years we have just depended on a handful of students to stand up and do it by themselves. This has been the first semester since I've been here that students are actually getting involved and learning how to fight for their rights. There are a lot of things that people outside of Haskell need to understand about the "system" of Haskell and how it can get corrupt behind your back. And when it comes to student rights, its the professors that are more for the students than anyone on the that campus. So just so you all know, the corruption is not within the professors. Whoever is throwing Mr. Dawes' name out there, it seems like that's more personal than a money issue. This is a wake-up call for Haskell students, and it is about time! This a new year to make things happen, and to stand up for ourselves by setting things straight and being heard. We realize that we have to pave the way for the future generation and keep this school going like it should. NO TO CONFORMITY!

stuckupSDgirl 10 years, 1 month ago

I am a graduate from Haskell. I will always be a part of the Haskell Family. I agree changes need to be made at the University level, as well as within the administration. There is always room for improvement. While being a student there I had seen how every staff member had a particular dream and goal for the students and University but all had their own way of accomplishing these. Student tuitions should be raised to better things for the students. Students always want to complain about things but what have they done to better things for the students as a whole. I'll tell you what "those" students did: they all got together and complained about it, wrote all their complaints down, and anonymously distributed those thoughts across campus. The complaints of a handful of students are not that of the entire student body. Where were these students when the concession stands were empty? Where were they during Student Senate elections?

Some students need to realize that things are going to change and you're not always going to like it. You have to do what you can and fight for what you believe in. Slandering people is not fighting. Bush slanders people, we Native people do not. When I was a student there, I was never on my own. You have to have realistic dreams in order to get support for them. Not one student has the power to change a University, and if you don't have enough support maybe you should re-think your plan. There are more important issues on that campus, like lowering the drop-out percentages and raising the graduation percentages, employment after graduation, and the number of students that go on to grad school. If you take care of Haskell, Haskell will take care of you. As a former student of Haskell and a graduate, I am doing my part by showing that not all "Indians" live off the government, and Haskell graduates are dependable and successful.

P.S. Dear Mr. Hadji, Cecil Dawes was merely an advisor. He gave advice when asked. All money he used to purchase supplies for his photography class was paid back with photo supplies for the Indian Leader. I know this because I was the Secretary/Treasurer. The Indian Leader used a lot of his photo supplies for the student paper (before digital). This probably raised from a former student who took advantage of a this organization and racked in hundreds of dollars from writing editorials in every Indian Leader issue so they could vent on issues that they personally had with the University. Cecil Dawes is a very loyal and traditional man. I have much respect for him and the things that he has done for the Indian Leader as well as the University. Students pushed him away from advising. Why advise when no one listens, that is why he only advised when asked....

Indigenize08 10 years, 1 month ago

I think you raise a good point about Haskell having to change at some point but what my main concern about the fee increase is that there were decisions being made without the proper procedures and students are not being considered as part of the "changes". As a current student, former Indian Leader member and a parent, I think that students are finally coming and voicing their opinions. I am glad I am graduating and I have Haskell to thank because I don't think I would have gotten this far without learning about Haskell. I adore Mr. Dawes, he is one of top advocate for students here. One thing I wanted to mention to you, is that I don't think that the administration here has given any kind of thought to the parents at Haskell. There are a significant amount of students at Haskell that have children and families that they take of and some are the main provider of their families. With a fee increasing, how do the parents benefit? The parents that have their children at Little Nations Academic Center (Daycare on campus) pay out of their own pockets for childcare. Those fees alone cost $250-$600 per month, so how is a $1,000 fee increase going to help? They say it's going to come out of everyone's pell, well that pell is the only financial pull these parents have that pays for daycare. They can't have SRS assistance because they are not a license daycare. I, myself have a child there and once you add up all the payments we pay to that place, it's way more that what we pay for Haskell plus books and supplies all four years. This is something to think about, I don't know when you graduated and what updates you are aware of but Little Nations is at the end of their string and they are not being treated as a priority like they should. To me, that's Haskell's future and it's like no one cares. The administration has never step foot in Little Nations and it seems like they have no regard where students keep their children. We choose to take our children there mostly because it's close and we trust the teachers. Trust is number one when it comes to your own child/children. I hope to change how Little Nations is being treated before I graduate in the spring only because I believe in the future of Haskell and I think that Little Nations can be better. I am against the fee increase because of our children and the future student/parents of Haskell; I believe in student rights and against being controlled by people that give no regard to students' ware fare. I'm glad to hear from someone that took up for Mr. Dawes and stressed on the success of Haskell alumni. There is no doubt you succeeded and that you continue to love Haskell I know that I will when I am gone. Have a great day

stuckupSDgirl 10 years, 1 month ago

The fee increases are well needed throughout the campus. When the grants were written for Little Nations, the intent was to set up fees for the program based on your income. The person who wrote the grants brought in over 3 million dollars to Haskell to build Little Nations and the Haskell Cultural Center and Museum. That person was not considered to be hired as a Haskell employee because of the "native preference" rule. The University and Staff need to learn how to WRITE grants (however, I know a lot do) not just look for grants, to provide for the student. There may not be grants out there that currently exist but the money does exist you just have to know how to find it.

Another note, at other Universities finacial aid is based on how much the student has to pay for school. If your not paying much, your not going to get as much. And I do understand that a lot of tribes don't give tribal members money for school because I never did (This is for all those hill billies that think INDIANS live off the government!!). No one said going to college was going to be easy. I totally agree that students do need to get involved and fight for what they need and want, but I do not agree that a DVD needs to say it!! If "Indian" people learn how to work together (for once!! lol), and get out of being stuck in their ways then things will turn out. Hopefully those students that are fighting fairly will make it easier for the future students. Dr. Henry Roe Cloud fought hard and long for Haskell so it could be where it is today, so its only a matter of time before this Haskell generation does the same.

parody 10 years, 1 month ago

You guys still carrying on about this? Amazing!

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