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Salina man recovering after Cat Tracker collision

March 21, 2007


Cat Tracker accident victim making improvements

Four months after the accident involving Kansas State's Cat Tracker fan bus in Lawrence, a passenger whose stuck his head on an overpass continues to defy the odds. Enlarge video

— A man who suffered serious brain injuries when his head struck an overpass in Lawrence while on the roof of a Kansas State football fan bus four months ago is slowly recovering, his family says.

Christian Orr, who suffered a brain injury so severe doctors gave him almost no chance of survival, is at home with his wife in Salina and undergoing intense therapy, his family said.

Another fan, John Green, 27, was killed in the Nov. 18 incident while the bus was traveling to the Kansas State football game in Lawrence. Both Orr and Green were standing on the upper deck of the Cat Tracker bus when their heads hit the bottom of the overpass on Iowa Street between 19th Street and Bob Billings Parkway.

Orr was in a coma for about four weeks and was kept heavily sedated.

When he regained consciousness, he was unable to speak because of a tracheotomy surgery. He then spent several more weeks at a hospital undergoing rehabilitation.

Orr was released about a month ago and returned to his home in Salina to be with his wife, Stacey, and two sons, ages 7 and 11.

"He is doing very well. He's doing better than expected at this time," said his mother, Joan Orr.

Christian Orr undergoes therapy with doctors in Salina three times a week.

The doctors do not give a prognosis because they don't want to give false hope, Joan Orr said.

Christian Orr has some trouble with short-term memory and balance. He stumbles and is unable to bend over. He doesn't recall the accident and is having trouble remembering recent acquaintances but can remember his childhood friends.

"He's been an amazement to his doctors," said his father, Jerry Orr.

The owner of the bus, Manhattan attorney Robert Pottroff, has said the No. 1 rule on the Cat Tracker is that there is no standing on the roof deck.


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